Monday, June 08, 2009

Getting To Know Dan Maloney ...

WHO: Dem. candidate for Greece Supervisor
WHAT: Interview
WHEN: Wed. evening at 8PM
WHERE: Cable channel 12


Anonymous said...


From John Auberger
TO: Time Warner

Get these guys off the air quick

They have people on with opinions I don't like and are not good for the public to see.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear what Dan has to say.
I want to hear what all our candidates have to say.
How long will I be allowed to do that?

Anonymous said...

I saw Dan interviewed on the news tonight. He says Greece needs a new police chief. I say Greece needs a total enema.


Anonymous said...

Did the brilliant UAW official happen to mention just how he intends to replace a Civil Service Police Chief unless Rahn is indicted or Convicted of a charge?

Mr Meloni evidently has no concept of how Greece Town Government is required to function. Perhaps someone can get him a copy of Government For Dummies.

Anonymous said...

You hate it when he's good, don't you? Your green is showing!

Anonymous said...

3:43 - My undertanding is that Brian only offered this opportunity for free airtime to the Democrats just like he did last year.

Sadly, it just shows his preference for one particular political party. That's his "personal" perogative but he has no business in "public" broadcasting let alone demanding a taxpayer salary to run political advertising campaigns for ANY party.

It's good for the people that he's being replaced with something better.

Dave Garretson said...

to 9:19

With all due respect, you could not be more wrong. "Public Access" means exactly that -- everybody in the public has access to put something on the air. You, me, Republicans, Democrats, everybody. And Brian will let you use his studio or borrow his equipment to record your show.

Last year I was a candidate and recorded a segment to air on the channel. Brian made it clear to me (repeatedly) that my opponent had the same opportunity, and our segments would run together if the other candidate chose to participate.

None of the Republican candidates aired segments on the channel in 2008, but they were welcomed to do so. Instead they complained about "bias" because only Democrats were shown.

Brian's channel is not being replaced with something better, it's being replaced with... nothing. That public access show I suggested you might air? Now you'll need to record it with your own camcorder and deliver it downtown to Time-Warner.

Anonymous said...

"Now you'll need to record it with your own camcorder and deliver it downtown to Time-Warner."

Oh the humanity! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!

On the other stuff Dave, it must be true if you say so. ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

To the 9:19, 10:38 smart a## poster let me make it perfectly clear.
Mr. Garretson is 100% correct.
Mr. Caterino has been very up front and consistent with his policies as long as I can remember and this comment is from a 40 year republican.

Opionions are fine - dishonesty is not.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone woke up on the angry side of the bed today.

Anonymous said...

I liked Dan's show. He had some good ideas on the police force. HE seemed like someone approachable and interested in the people of Greece

Anonymous said...

I can tell you from personal experience he is approachable. I recognized Mr. Maloney at Mr Read Wegman's the other day. He stopped and talked for a minute even tho he was carrying a toddler (his daughter or maybe grandaughter?)

Nice guy and pretty sharp. I'm not crazy about the UAW thing and don't know if he will win but I came away impressed.

Contrast that to John Auberger who runs away like a scared bunny when he sees me coming.

Anonymous said...

"has no concept of how Greece Town Government is required to function. Perhaps someone can get him a copy of Government For Dummies."

HAHAHAHA! And John Auberger knows how to run this town??? That's FUNNY!

Tell me - Jackie boy wrote that dummies book too, didn't he? HAHAHAHA!

Thanks for the chuckles SCATS! This is worth keeping!

Anonymous said...

So Charlie, since you're in the know. Can you describe exactly all the correspondance, in detail, that Caterino has sent out to the other candidates? this year and in past years? He hasn't done so to support his claims so maybe you can help him out. And please don't angrily curse at me too. You've made statements you claim are fact. I'm just asking you to prove them, instead of wanting us to believe you, well, just because I guess.

'Consistent with his policies' seems to mean that Caterino has consistently used public tv to promote the political campaigns of one particular party.

I guess that IS consistent.

Charlie Hubbard said...

I spoke to Mr. Caterino's 'policy'.
If you are truly concerned (which I doubt you are) give him a call.

It does not hurt to accualy talk to someone face to face IF you want a straight answer.
If your objective is to just trying to be 'cute' take it somewhere else.
If Mr. Caterino does not give you a satisfactory answer THEN feel free to give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Missing files. Sounds like another Auberger investigation. Either shredded, or diverted. Nick Joseph style - how's that workin' out for you?

If Caterino said he notified them, he did. The Town of Greece administration and cronies have NO credibility. None. Zip. Zero.

Nothing to see here. Move along.