Thursday, June 04, 2009

Drug Bust Rounds Up 25 From Rochester & Greece

25 Arrested in international ecstacy & marijuana trafficking sting;
Charges include conspiracy to distribute ecstacy, methamphetamine & marijuana;
Authorities executed 22 search warrants resulting in the seizure of about 70 pounds of marijuana, ecstacy pills, approximately $70,000 cash, 7 handguns & 2 shotguns

SCATS ~~ I wonder if GPD still claims there are no drug problems in Greece?


Anonymous said...

Gosh, the drug bust business is really going downhill these days.

I recall a single dealer getting busted over around 2nd Ave off Long Pond a while back with over 100 pounds of pot and near $400,000 cash.

Must be the OBAMA economy.

Anonymous said...

The drug bust business goes "downhill" these days when 10% of your police force is in jail, you have no chief, and your "Public CYA Director" is fighting with defense attorney's and causing yet further lawsuits so the taxpayers can be sued.

Thank you John Auberger.

Anonymous said...

what are you guys talking about Don't you know it always morning in Greece
or is that mourning.

It must be true because the chamber of commerce and our government tells us so.

There is no unemployment in Greece no one on welfare and all mortgages and credit cards are paid. We don't even think about crime

Everyone is above average

Anonymous said...

Congrats to our area police for making this bust and getting these people and their drugs off our streets. This is why we shouldn't get rid of the Greece PD or any other department.

Anonymous said...

This bust wasn't made by GPD! It was done by the Greater Rochester Narcotics Enforcement Team.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! 1:49PM - do you feel stale?

High-5 to 2:47!

SCATS said...

I believe 2:47PM meant to say it was a bust accomplished by
GRANET ~~ Greater Rochester Area Narcotics Enforcement Team. I do believe GPD has an officer or two that is part of that team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SCATS. I didn't think I needed to specifically add the breakdown of GPD membership on the team to 2:47 and 2:55. But i'm sure they would have found some other way to ridicule me and act demeaning. You're a couple of real winners.