Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BOE Questions Administrators Over "Success" Of Sports Policy

Tydings, Hauer Drill Staff On Particulars Of Grades-Based Policy

"How do we define success? Is it being able to play again, or is it something more sustained?" ~~ Patrick Tydings

BOE May Expand Policy To Certain Other Extra-Curriculars

SCATS ~~ Gee, Patrick! I'm glad you asked that question! Too bad the respondents sounded foolish and unprepared.


Charlie Hubbard said...

Mr. Tydings question was 'right on' and that 'type' of question should be asked more often.
The items that comes to mind are open enrollment, schools of choice, ect.
How about contracts?

Unfortunatly those running our public education monopoly don't know how to do 'business' this way.

Well done Pat. I hope it was sincere and hope the rest of the board was listening.

Anonymous said...

A policy like this is long overdue! Too bad kids can still fail and play. They need to hear the voice of authority tell them "academics come first." Why is that so hard to do?

Anonymous said...

What the hell part of YOU DON'T PAY- YOU DON'T PLAY is beyond the understanding of the GCSD Board? Do all of these clowns sit around in a small room getting their STUPID on before the meeting? Or do they all catch a good buzz?

Look to HISTORY, and I don't mean the subject your "schools" stopped teaching. Ask around, dig into some old records, and you'll find in the 1960s Regents passing was 75%, and the price of ANY after school activity was an 80% average. If you dig a little farther you'll note there was no shortage of people who could maintain those averages to play.

Fasten those Boardchair seatbelts folks; GCSD is awarding Diplomas to kids who don't deserve them and can't read the damn paper. Here's another revelation, it's called a Board of Education, not a damn Sports Authority.

Anonymous said...

Patrick great attention to detail with your question on "defining success". In this day and age in the town of greece where the school district is being pressured to provide wrap around services to the students and parents (because of a lack of youth services programing from the town)The school board needs to make every attempted to be sure needed services are of the best quality and are successful.
Our students who are engaged in sports can do the academic work, but the motivation is not there and at it's best school wrap-around services cannot do it all.
If you reveiw the student academic and attendance records of those students who are engaged in school sports you might find a direct correlation between grade averages and attendance. You may see an increased spike in grade averages while the sport is being played versus a spiral down effect when the sport is not being played.
It appears that in today's world success is measured by just having a student attend school regularly and nothing more is being asked of the student.
Even if we do not see the student sustain an acceptable average during off playing time the student has still learn something.
Implimenting this policy maybe a great tool to use.

SCATS said...

To 8:34AM ~~ You are a perfect example of how we have "dumbed down" public education by resorting to expectations that are so low! You sound like an ad for the motto:" Student learning (even if it's only barely detectable) is the goal."

By the way, I saw a fundraiser on Ch8 the other night titled: "Graduation is the goal." I immediately thought of the Supt's recent Saturday morning brainstorming session on developing our "mission statement." Well, time flies. WHERE is the new statement? Why not use something simple like "Graduation is the goal?" Or better yet: "Graduation in 4 years with a 3.0 GPA is the goal"?

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent suggestion SCATS. Since teachers will teach, test and score the tests it will be easy to assure the 3.0 average. Now, I just have to figure out how to get students to stay in school long enough to take those tests and actually graduate. Any suggestions along those lines? My cookies smell like they're burning. I gotta go.

SCATS said...

To 7:29AM ~~ Try paying them to attend class ;)