Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parrinello Seeks Hearing In Response To Rahn Charges

“We are going to categorically deny each and every charge, each and every specification and we are going to demand a hearing." ~~ John Parrinello, Rahn's Atty

Rahn acquaintance Richard Gangale never charged in 2004 homicide investigation that Rahn immediately declared "self defense"

Rahn had suspect's handcuffs removed and gave him a cell phone connected to a defense attorney that is purported to have been John Parrinello


Parrinello's (Rahn's) Response To Charges

SCATS ~~ Imagine that! Rahn's pal literally got away with murder! Looks like it's time for Rahn, Auberger to both step down!

Parrinello Calls Out Auberger On Rahn Case


SCATS ~~ Get ready folks. I think these boys are going to get down and dirty ;)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Parrinello Publicizes Charges Against Rahn

165 page document outlines 46 charges that Parrinello calls "petty"
Complaint says Town records were shredded, many while Rahn watched

"They never tell you what was shredded. If Deputy Chief Mackin was shredding his grocery list, you do not know." ~~ John Parrinello, Rahn's atty.

Parrinello plans to respond to the charges so that a public hearing can be set and the Town Board can decide the punishment.

“These charges do not amount to any one or more incident that would justify terminating Merrit Rahn." ~~ Parrinello


According to Loszynski document


End Of School Year Coincides With Vandalism, Car Break-In Spree

Greece Police Reports: Numerous car break-ins were reported to police between June 16 and 23.


SCATS ~~ Is this rash of crime coincidence or connected?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Driver indicted in death of teen

Tia M. Gerstner, 18, of Rochester has been indicted in the death of Joseph Mueller, 17, that occurred after a car crash in which she was driving.

Gerstner, who was charged with driving while intoxicated after a March 28 crash on Ling Road in Greece, is now charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter, DWI and driving while ability impaired by drugs and by the combined influence of drugs and alcohol. (D&C)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Districts Send Muddied Messages At Year's End

Control Issues, Dysfunction Abound Related To Graduation Practices

Several articles caught my attention as the school year winds down. They seem to scream "dysfunction" at various local school districts.

The debate over class rankings, GPA calculations and weighted courses has become an annual rite this time of year. So much effort is put forth to assure there are no numerical rankings, valedictorians, salutatorians etc. that it boggles my mind. Could someone please explain why it's perfectly fine for our schools to name someone "Player of the Year" or "Most Valuable Player" on a team sport but find that it sets up "unhealthy competition" to name its top one, two or three academic performers? In Greece, we have no problem letting the world know that the hockey team is "Number 1" in all of New York State and that player Joe Blow is to credit for it, but please don't anyone dare say that one student academically outperformed their classmates at a given school! No wonder we can't get get the graduation rates out of the basement. Our priorities are screwed up!

More proof seems to be that salutatory speech-delivering honors have been bestowed upon a Greece "student athlete" with a 3.65 GPA on a 4.5 scale. And please ... I won't take any flak for highlighting this example when we all know that there are probably dozens of kids with higher GPAs and less athletic prowess who deserved to give that speech for their ACADEMIC PROWESS. God forbid should we recognize a kid for the reason he/she attends school!

If class rankings don't cause a district to show its dysfunction, then censoring student speeches probably will. It's bad enough the content of the speeches given by the "top chosen" students is washed clean of any message that might not be politically correct. Sadly, it doesn't stop there! Monroe High School saw fit to eliminate the possibility of giving credit to a few good teachers by name! Why? Internal politics related to a teacher reapplication process ... and it might hurt the feelings of the teachers who weren't named! Could the teachers and school administrators behave any more childishly than this? I hate to ask ...

Finally, I want to give "Survivor of the Year" honors to a mom/son "team" who overcame the odds and the Greece district's dysfunction to make it all the way to graduation day. Odyssey student James Piccarreto and his mother Carla have made it through 13 years of an often uphill, public battle against district policies, practices and political correctness, despite the extra hurdles of dealing with autism. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Olympia Student Arrested

I received an email today informing me that a 17 year old Olympia HS student was arrested in relation to the recent Kwik-Fill gas station incident. Apparently, the Resource Officer at Olympia recognized him from a sketch. The teen is alleged to have stolen $75 and the vehicle he used in the incident.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Supreme Court Rules On Arizona Strip Search Case

The justices ruled 8 to 1 that Safford Middle School officials violated the 4th Amendment ban on unreasonable searches with their treatment of Savana Redding who was 13 at the time. Additionally, the court ruled that the Arizona school officials cannot be held financially liable for their search.

"What was missing from the suspected facts that pointed to Savana was any indication of danger to the students from the power of the drugs or their quantity, and any reason to suppose that Savana was carrying pills in her underwear. We think that the combination of these deficiencies was fatal to finding the search reasonable." ~~ Justice David Souter wrote in the majority opinion


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Armed Robbery At Taco Bell, W. Ridge Rd. (City)

Cashier & Customer Both Robbed at 1:30PM Today

Suspect described as a black man, 18 - 24 years old and about 6 feet tall. He was wearing black jeans, a puffy coat and had a scarf over his face at the time of the robbery.



"To date, this two-month internal investigation has cost Greece taxpayers more than $94,000." ~~ WHEC.com



Early Morning 20 Minute Exec. Session Rescinds Pay For Two Top Cops

Investigation Determined They Violated Departmental Regulations
Rahn Faces 40 Charges
Mackin Faces 30 Charges


BOE Questions Administrators Over "Success" Of Sports Policy

Tydings, Hauer Drill Staff On Particulars Of Grades-Based Policy

"How do we define success? Is it being able to play again, or is it something more sustained?" ~~ Patrick Tydings

BOE May Expand Policy To Certain Other Extra-Curriculars

SCATS ~~ Gee, Patrick! I'm glad you asked that question! Too bad the respondents sounded foolish and unprepared.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greece Dem. Candidates' Website Is Up & Running

Awhile back, I posted a listing of prospective Democratic candidates for Greece. Now you can read their bios and obtain other related news on their website: http://www.greece2009.com/

Supervisor candidate ~~ Dan Maloney
Receiver of taxes candidate ~~ Kathleen Trimmer
Town justice candidates ~~ Bill King & Deborah Indivino
1st Ward Council candidate ~~ Karen Byfield
2nd Ward Council Candidate ~~ Joe Moscato
3rd Ward Council candidate ~~ Shawn Lavin
4th Ward Council candidate ~~ Karl Nielsen

Parrinello Addressing Claim That Cervini Was Shot In Back

Court Papers Filed To Address The Issue

(41) "I truly believe that if Scott were not black, and the deceased white, there would have been no immediate arrest for murder and perhaps a complete investigation which would have indicted Mr. Scott."

(42) "This case is yet another example of the inefficiencies of the rank and file of the Greece Police Department."


SCATS ~~ I COMPLETELY agree with Parrinello's assertions as stated above! After reading through the 42 statement document, I also agree that it depicts the events exactly as I understood them to occur that night based upon the statements made to police by all involved.

Roderick Scott was used by GPD to "make an example" at a time when they needed to get the focus off GPD's internal affairs troubles. Unlike Gary Pignato, Nick Joseph and numerous others in our community since then who were free (not a single day in jail until conviction) before their trials, Mr. Scott was jailed, shackled and paraded in front of media for the better part of two weeks! He's already "paid" any debt to society he might have owed given the circumstances.

Any sane person would assume that someone entering the cars of strangers at 3AM in the midst of a nasty storm was likely in possession of a weapon, especially when they boldy charge the person who confronts them, tells them to Stop" and warns that the police are on their way. Was the whole thing sad? Indeed! It was also a wonderful lesson in how an individual's stupidity can cost them their life. The three teens deserve a "Darwin Award" for their actions that night.

Could Meg's Days Be Numbered?

Clarkstown Budget Defeat Was First In 15 Years

Despite having the "lowest budget-to-budget increase in 15 years"

Revote Succeeded Last Week

SCATS ~~ I gleaned the above info from Clarkstown news headlines I searched on:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cable Ch. 12 Property Vandalized


It looks like we were the victim of vandalism at Ridgeway ave here Friday night.

Someone damaged one of our satellite dishes. My engineer looked at it and he thought it had to have been done deliberately. The amount of force needed to do the damage was not likely weather related or accidental.

We filed a police report so there will be a record.

We were able to fix it but it seems curious that the incident comes at this time.
As you may or may not know I've been subject to some personal attacks on local conservative blogs. One silly person even took a picture of my yard (my house not educable) with Dollinger and Garretson signs as proof that I am some evil being. So I am suspicious.


SCATS ~~ I'd be VERY suspicious, too! Especially after the way the Greece Town Council treated you and your supporters on Tuesday night. I wonder if Meaghan will ever get out a story on that. It's five days later ... tick ... tick ... tick ...

A-PAC: Will It Ever Be "Right?"

$1 Million Lawsuit;
Ongoing Repairs
Plague This White Elephant

“We have been working with architects and engineers to properly plan for the remediation work and we’re ready to move forward.” ~~ Laurel Heiden, GCSD


Friday, June 19, 2009

BOE Plans Special Meeting Tues. @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation (While you're in there, try to review the Supt's performance for the past year, something you overlooked doing last June!)

Agenda Items of Interest

Athletic Policy/Extra-curricular Policy (Will this make it against policy to drink & coach yet?)
ELA & Math Improvement Plan Updates
Approval of Literacy Contract

Financial Oversight
Family Support Center Contract
Approval of Engagement of Attorney
(Sounds like you are trying to make some sort of backroom deal/decision look legal. Are you?)
Approval of the Audit Committee Charter

Appointment of the District Board of Registration

SCATS ~~ Since you have no "Old Business" listed, let me remind you that a citizen still awaits your response regarding the written legal opinion on whether "release time" in the contracts falls under the Taylor Laws and Triborough. How about answering the question? It's been over 6 weeks!

Rahn-isms ...

"I do not believe I have done anything wrong." ~~ regarding his suspension with pay (Keyword: "believe" ... many of us "believe" you did!)

"You can only investigate what you know." ~~ regarding the Joseph & Pignato cases (No wonder GPD resolves so few crimes! If they don't know who did it, they can't investigate it!)

"But I don't need my attorney here. If I'm asked a question, I'll tell the truth." ~~ regarding Loszynski not allowing Parrinello to "participate" in Rahn's interviews (But will it be the WHOLE truth? And nothing but the truth?)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Loszynski Interviews Rahn For Third Time

Parrinello Issues Letter:
"I once again experienced an example of a violation of Chief Rahn's Due Process rights."

Let's Help Lt. Wise Solve A Crime


Yesterday, the HSBC Bank in Ridgemont Plaza was robbed by a white male, 20 to 25 years old. He is described as 5 feet 8 inches tall and around 170 pounds. He was wearing a grey, long sleeve T-shirt, khaki cargo pants, sunglasses and a dark-colored baseball hat. I also read that the dye packet in the bag of money exploded shortly after he fled the bank.

I'm not sure why, but I noticed that only a couple of our many media outlets showed this criminal's pic. Only one mentioned the suspect sported a goatee ... incomplete reporting by the majority, or an error by one? I don't know.

I would think that Lt. Wise and the GPD would be flooding the airwaves with this person's photo and a complete accurate description, hoping to resolve this crime quickly. They aren't. So, let's help them out. I mean afterall, they are kind of under-staffed right now with so many behind bars, awaiting trial, suspended without pay or answering questions while under investigation by some highly paid ex cops in suits. If they capture him, I'll even hang a ribbon in front of my house to honor their fine work ;)

** The pic in the top left corner of this page

A Worthwhile Read ...

I received three lengthy additions to an older thread that I want to bring to your attention. The first entry begins below. You can read it in its entirety along with the other two that follow it by clicking on the date link at the end.

Anonymous said...
Remarkably enough I stumbled across this. A few weeks back I was at the Latta Road Post Office waiting in line. One of the clerks spoke across the isle to this rather "large" gentlemen who it turns out is a Monroe County Sheriff. About 5 or 6 of us had an intellectual conversation right there in the post office (go figure!).

He knew all about Lt Wise, the GPD and the balderdash of "Safest community" which comes essentially through research that is applied quite incorrectly in the case of a township.

The Dewey Ave. corridor has witnessed continued escalation of crime for many years. From heaps of car break-ins to escalations in drug dealing and now towards robbery. Kwik-Fill's, Hess, A+ etc. along the Dewey corridor. The GPD knows this, the city police know this.

However... What your not being told is where its coming from.

Your common belief would say, "Its coming from over the city border".
6/18/2009 6:30 AM

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Odyssey, District Sports, Arts Funding & Fairness ...

Anonymous said...
Students should never within a public school have a "specialty school" as it is simply unfair to all other families in the community irregardless of cost.
All students should have an equal opportunity at the same levels of education. To not do so is at the very least questionable and at the very most unconstitutional, students are citizens.
In regards to finances. I am sure if Odyssey were closed the other schools could absorb the student body. Perhaps the cost savings help put back in place vocational programs, arts. I've found it funny (not) that the School District continues to fund sports, even Hockey yet when it comes to Arts, vocational training they whack it.
Is every kid who plays soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey etc going to get a job in sports? Pretty unlikely. In fact, I'd bet more kids (who were) in vocational classes, arts find jobs there or in related business then sports players find in that industry.I understand parents like to see their kids "play ball".
I understand kids like to "play ball". But parents and the kids need to realize that its a tough world and its going to get tougher. Our children need be prepared with marketable skills .vs. the ability to hit a ball with a stick. Not to mention that MANY more kids dont play sports than do!The charge of Public Schools is to teach our children and give them marketable skillsets without disallowing any of them opportunities.
Odyssey by nature disallows other children within the community the same opportunities. Reduction or axing of classes needed to represent ALL students prospects in favor of funding sports and/or Odyssey is another example of this unfair district set of policies.
Educators who work at Odyssey should never have their own children be allowed to attend, there's a real no brainer, yet doesnt happen that way. Both of the Principles children are graduates from Odyssey for example.
If a specialty school is warrented then it should be for troubled kids. A place where resources are expended to get them on a more productive path for a future while removing the disturbance from mainstream schools. Watch how many of the Odyssey educators would stay on THAT ship. They'd jump off instantly. This says much.It says much about what the school is.
It says much about the dedication of the teaching/administrative staff. 'As long as we get the "right kids" we have the "Academy"'. Bring in the troubled kids as a whole and, "This is not what I became a teacher for" will occur.
In these difficult times here's my solution for families:
1. Odyssey be Closed.
2. Each High School has one sports program Olympia maybe Football, Arcadia say Basketball, Athena say Baseball. If the district wishes they can "Take the best" from all hish schools for each team. So we have the "Greece Central Football team" etc.
We'd also have the best sports teams in the area. So parents can "woo woo" on that and so can Greece Central Press.
With money saved, restore vocational programs, fund the arts properly.
Now we are TRULY giving our students ALL a fair chance. After all, as I said... How many sports kids get the big leagues or even minors? Few. So... A life lesson right there. Of three high schools only "nn" will "make the cut. Thats life... And maybe some of that "fine cut" will have a better shot at making real careers in sports since the best of all the high schools are "one team".
Meanwhile the rest of the kids can benefit from the money saved and give them opportunties since after all, they are the majority right?
Our school district stinks of the same garbage as Greece local government. Aristocracy that doess all of us tremendous injustice and it needs to change. 6/17/2009 7:38 PM

HSBC Bank Ridgemont Plaza Robbed

Greece Police are looking for a man who robbed the HSBC Bank just before 12 p.m. It happened at the branch on West Ridge Road in the Ridgemont Plaza.

The suspect showed a note demanding cash and left on foot with an undisclosed amount of money.

He is described as being 20 to 25 years of age, 5’8”, 170 pounds wearing a long-sleeved gray shirt, Khaki cargo pants, a dark colored ball cap and sunglasses.
Anyone with information is asked to call 911.


Joe Moscato To Discuss Taxes Spent For Public Safety

Tonight at 8PM on Cable Ch 12

How our tax dollars support public safety in Greece as well as Monroe County

Swine Flu Hits Greece Schools During Exams

Although no cases of H1N1, formerly known as swine flu, have been confirmed within the Greece Central School District, students at some of our schools have recently been excluded from school due to the presence of symptoms that could be caused by H1N1.

District leaders are in ongoing contact with the local and state health departments as well as our district physician. We ask that you do not send your child to school if he or she is experiencing any flu-like symptoms, such as sore throat, runny nose, cough, fever above 101 degrees orally, fatigue, and or muscle aches. Anyone with these symptoms should contact their health care provider.

The Monroe County Health Department has assured us that there is no cause for undue concern as this flu has behaved similarly to seasonal flu and severe cases can be treated with prescription anti-viral medication.

Greece school leaders are taking every precaution available to keep students safe. Our cleaning procedures are in line with the CDC recommendations and classrooms and common areas are routinely sanitized. We understand the importance of vigilance surrounding this new strain of influenza and continue to follow the direction of the health department in how we can help reduce the spread of this disease.

SCATS ~~ The above message failed to state: "We are aware of the concerns parents have medically, and because of the implications such an absence could have on final exams for secondary students. Schools are making arrangements for affected students to complete their exams while not exposing other students to illness." It also fails to tell parents that health experts recommend: " Stay home if you are sick for 7 days after your symptoms begin or until you have been symptom-free for 24 hours, whichever is longer. This is to keep from infecting others and spreading the virus further."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greece Town Board Opts For Time-Warner Over Edu-Cable

Auberger & Pals Get "Earful" First;
Residents Complain About
Lack Of Public Hearing;
Lack of Public Discussion on PEG TV Choice

SCATS ~~ This reminds me of another group ... oh yes! The Greece BOE!

Note To Ron Newell ~~ Get A Trampoline!

SCATS ~~ If any of you believe, as I do, that the DEC botched this attempted "rescue," then please email the Commissioner and tell him so. I did ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Town Board Meeting Tuesday @6PM

is on the agenda!!

Blogger Dave Garretson says:

Your chance to see first hand how your town government doesn't care what you think
For almost two years, John Auberger has been refusing to hold public hearings or invite public comment on what residents of Greece want on their public access channel. On Tuesday evening, the new bare-bones service he chose without your input will be approved.

Have you ever been to a town board meeting? This is your opportunity to see how Greece operates, and how little effect you and your neighbors have on your elected representatives. The issue of PEG (public access TV) is on the agenda. This means it is already approved, just not voted on publicly yet.

You'll see citizens walk up to the podium to speak. You are free to be one of them. John Auberger and the town board will sit there stone-faced without uttering a word or engaging anybody in dialog. Afterwards there will be a vote. The agenda will indicate who makes each motion and who will second it. Every item on the agenda will be approved. You can go home now. Your input was not welcome and made no difference.

SCATS ~~ Dave makes some excellent points! Will media be there?

Dewey Ave. Kwik-Fill Robbed Sunday

A neighbor to the Kwik-Fill located at 2734 Dewey Ave. emailed me to say this gas station was robbed Sunday at approximately 6:30PM. The thief took off in a car traveling at a high speed down Dewey Ave. headed into the city. The attendant on duty just began work there last week.

SCATS ~~ I wonder why stories like this don't make it into the newspaper but the "feel good" fluff pieces ("Teachers try to keep kids focused as school year winds down") do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Neighborhood Group Supporting GPD

Group Hopes Ribbon Campaign Boosts Morale

"Their morale is so low I can't imagine having to go to work day in and day out with everything that's going on. It's gotta be so difficult. There's a lot of police officers that are working extra hard to keep us safe, and we need to show that side of the story." ~~ Rebecca Jaffarian, Northgate Neighbors Association


SCATS ~~ I'm all in favor of recognizing a job well done, but maybe this effort is a few weeks too early. Until the investigations are completed and with maybe 12+ cops under scrutiny, how do we know which cops are "good cops" and which ones aren't?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lt. Wise (GPD) To Speak To Northgate Neighbors

Northgate Neighbors Community Meeting
Wednesday, June 17th at 7:00PM
Our Lady of Mercy Community Center
36 Armstrong Road

Lt. Wise will talk about crime issues in this area. He will also introduce the police officers who patrol the geographical boundaries of Northgate Neighbors. The group will discuss how the Town of Greece will manage the construction project at Northgate Plaza (should it ever begin).

Friday, June 12, 2009



From RNews ~~ Greece Police say the incident occurred when the 17-year-old and another student became involved in a verbal altercation. That's when police say two security guards intervened and restrained the 17-year-old.Police say the student became upset and struggled with the guards. In the process, one of the security guards hit his head on a locker and injured his back. The guard was taken to Unity Hospital for treatment.
The 17-year-old was arrested. He was sent to the Monroe County Jail on $1,000 bail. The district put the high school in lockdown during the incident. No one else was injured.


Fight appeared to be brewing after lunch
Student arrested by Greece Police after hitting security guard in face;
Charged with felony assault


The "Secret" To Odyssey's Success Is Out!

I think I've finally hit upon the "secret" to Odyssey's success! On another thread (relevant entries shown below) someone pointed out Odyssey has so many "disadvantages" by not offering a full selection of courses. Someone responded that the cited "disadvantages" were actually an advantage because it let's everyone focus on less. I think that is a very astute observation! It's easier to be successful when you have fewer directions to tend to. Fewer sports programs, fewer extra-curriculars, fewer foreign languages and fewer electives helps keep Odyssey students, teachers and administration focused on ONE GOAL ~~ EDUCATION! And the best part of all is that it should cost FEWER DOLLARS because it requires FEWER RESOURCES :) Think about it! We could cut the budget by at least one-third, maybe half and get ALL FOUR HIGH SCHOOLS ONTO NEWSWEEK'S LIST!

Anonymous said...
1:28 -Please enlighten me about the disadvantages an Odyssey student faces. Aside from lacking their own football team, I've found none! 6/11/2009 1:55 PM

Anonymous said...
To 1:55:A major disadvantage that Odyssey has is because of its small size, the types of subjects offered are limited. The other schools offer classes not available to Odyssey students, many in the technology and language areas. A recent example is the elimination of French. Spanish is the only foreign language now offered. 6/11/2009 7:05 PM

Anonymous said...
7:05- what you call a disadvantage might well be an advantage! By focusing resources on one language I'll bet more students perform better. 6/11/2009 8:00 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prosecutor Raises Hoffman's Bail To $2500

Former teacher faces numerous counts of statutory rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse & endangering the welfare of a child

“At this point we are dealing with numerous felony offenses where he's facing some serious time in state prison that's why I requested the increase in bail to ensure he will be making his appearances at this court.” ~~ Sarah VanStrydonck, ADA


SCATS ~~ Wow! An increase from $500 to $2500 should really send a message. NOT !!


From Email ~~

"I was in an office today and started to read an article on the rankings of area high schools. According to the article 19 area high schools were ranked in the top 1500 high schools in America.

This is the ranking with Odyssey Academy ranked as the highest in the area at 95 in the country. This is a great honor and we all should be proud and I sincerely mean that. Now having said that, my point is that not one Greece High Schools made the list. Thus not one Greece High School is in the top 1500 in America.

My point is that Odyssey is an Academy not a high school. Students are selected. To compare Odyssey to a regular high school is nuts. Look at the schools on the list. I don't have the article with me and we did not get paper yesterday. If I am right there are some rural/city schools on the list, Canandaigua comes to mind. I think R-H was on the list. They have 25% minority population. One of the arguments in Greece is our increasing minority populations and that Greece is more like a city. R-H does it with 25% minority. Look at some of the districts to make a guess as to who we should be ranked with. Good average sub. communities.

I think you could make a posting.

SCATS Note ~~ R-H is #1102 and Canandaigua is #1110. Why can't ALL of Greece's high schools be among the top 1500?

** Newsweek's Top 1500 High Schools List

Two More Accuse Gary Pignato

Police looking at new claims while internal probe & DA continue investigations


BOE To Hold Special Meeting, 6:00PM Tonight

It is anticipated that the Board will go into an Executive Session at 6:00 pm in E40 to discuss the employment history of particular person(s)

SCATS ~~ This must be VERY important to be held only two days after a Regular Monthly Business Meeting. What could the Clown Posse be up to now? Hmmm ...

Westside Towns Switching Public Access To Cable

Already approved in Gates, Chili;
Greece expected to switch at June 16th Town Board meeting

"Pulling the plug on independent television reeks of desperation. It's a last-minute move and purely political." ~~ Brian Caterino, Edu-Cable


Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Odyssey is ranked #95

on Newsweek's list of the nations best schools

SCATS ~~ Greece has FINALLY made an academic accomplishment that is newsworthy! What a shame that everyone who wants to attend this school can't :(

Power Struggle ...

Will Tonight Be Julia's "LAST STAND" As BOE President?

This is the LAST regular BOE meeting before the July reorganizational meeting where newly elected BOE members are sworn in and board officers are elected. Carolyn Hauer is leaving her seat which will be filled by the hockey mom, Anne-Marie Stenglein.

Will there be ANY shift in control or will Julia be re-elected to serve as the Clown Posse Prez?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Getting To Know Dan Maloney ...

WHO: Dem. candidate for Greece Supervisor
WHAT: Interview
WHEN: Wed. evening at 8PM
WHERE: Cable channel 12





“There’s nothing that says romance like a rendezvous in a mini-mart parking lot in the city in August.” ~~ William Gargan, ADA

“What we have here based on the credible evidence is a consensual act between two grown people.” ~~ Scott Green, defense atty.



Wind clips, hollow walls to be fixed this Summer;

Cost unknown;

Lawsuit filed against project architect who blames GCSD & Christa Construction

"the district will ensure that taxpayers don't have to pay twice for work that should have been done right the first time." ~~ Julia VanOrman, BOE Prez


Anonymous said...
Are you going to pick up on the story about Christa spinning off a bunch of their crooks to start a new scam? This is done so that they can bid on multiple contracts from a single client that would otherwise be required to be placed with two separate vendors. Now Christa IS TWO separate vendors and can rip us off with the open hand and turn around and belt us with the back of their hand! Nice arrangement, huh? Where is the outrage over that, sleepyheads?
6/08/2009 8:53 AM

SCATS ~~ Let's see, Julia. You ensure we won't pay twice to fix a problem with an unknown cost that is contingent on the unknown outcome of a lawsuit that will take years to complete, have I understood that correctly?? Could you read my fortune, too?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

"Racism At Olympia High School"

A Student Produced Video by Davné McCleary

Notes: My video is about identifying and dealing with the racism in Olympia High, as well as everywhere else. My name is Davné McCleary. I am 14 years old and am a freshman at Greece Olympia High School. I've been doing YEPP for 2 years and I've completed 3 video pieces so far and I hope to continue in the video production field. I would like to give thanks to Mrs. Daun Nicholas, my YEPP instructor, all those who volunteered to be in my piece, and a special thanks to Ann Marie White and Shelley Figueroa for allowing my group to do this project.

SCATS ~~ Thank you to the bloggers who brought this item to our attention.

NY Div. of Human Rights Finds Probable Cause

GCSD Discrimination Case Headed For Public Hearing

Investigation shows there are no African-American teachers of the 80 English Language Arts teachers employed in Greece, and all of the full-time English teachers hired since Niles first applied were younger

"This ruling gives me a sense of relief." ~~ John Niles, Former substitute teacher in Greece


SCATS ~~ Looks like some things haven't changed!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Regular BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:00PM to discuss the employment history of particular person(s).

Agenda Highlights

Board Committee Reports
Finance Committee
Transportation Committee
Audit Committee
Approval of Audit Committee Charter
Community Faith Committee (Let's pray for a short report!)
MCSBA Property Tax cap Post cards

Supt's Reports
Vision Summit Update
Fund Balance Update
EXCEL Project Update
Athletic Policy Update
Extra-curricular Policy Update
Replacement of CIMS HR/Finance Systems Update

Old Business
Update on APAC (Will it fall before ALL the graduations are completed?)

Financial Oversight
Finance - Treasurer's Report & Budget Status Report
Construction Status Report
Resource Report
Family Support Center Contract
SEQR Determination
Approval of Final Corrective Action Plans

New Business
No Items

First Read Policy 8272 District Web Site & Web Pages
First Read Policy 5632 Facility Design & Contruction
First Read Policy 1335 Appointment and Duties of Internal Claims Auditor
First Read Policy 1321 Duties of the Pres. of the BOE (You mean they are just making this up now??)

Second Accuser Takes Stand Against Pignato

"He's a pig! He was demeaning. A pig!" ~~ Second woman's testimony

Pignato's Ex-girlfriend testifies ~~ she broke up with him after she found out about the allegations that lead to the trial.

Jury expected to begin deliberations Monday


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Drug Bust Rounds Up 25 From Rochester & Greece

25 Arrested in international ecstacy & marijuana trafficking sting;
Charges include conspiracy to distribute ecstacy, methamphetamine & marijuana;
Authorities executed 22 search warrants resulting in the seizure of about 70 pounds of marijuana, ecstacy pills, approximately $70,000 cash, 7 handguns & 2 shotguns


SCATS ~~ I wonder if GPD still claims there are no drug problems in Greece?

Pignato Filed No Police Report On Domestic Call

Prosecution Witness Calls Into Radio Talk Show
Ex Boyfriend May Not Get Chance To Take Stand Now

“I'm the previous boyfriend, the one that got called on the phone to go pick her up, if not she was gonna go to jail. The one who watched all the action, the one that's gotta testify for the state. I'm the secret witness." ~~ Pat Mantese, accuser's ex-boyfriend

“You know we have no right to tell witnesses who to speak with, who to not speak with. They have the ability and right to speak with whomever they want to.” ~~ Bill Gargin, ADA


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

He Said ... "I Am Him" Said ...

Parrinello Issues Press Release After He Was Threatened With Arrest During Rahn's Interrogatory

"I have sent written requests to Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger asking him to send to me written confirmation that Loszynski had been appointed Director of Public Safety and to also send me a copy of the duties and obligations of the Director of Public Safety. That has not been done.

There is no doubt in my mind that this investigation has turned into a malicious witch hunt of Chief Rahn."
~~ John Parrinello

Town of Greece Responds Via Kathryn Firkins

"Attorneys for those being questioned in administrative interrogatories have no standing in the proceeding, this is a fact known and acknowledged by any of those familiar with the process." ~~ Kathryn Firkins

End May Be Near For Westside Public Access TV

RochesterTurning reports Gates, Chili Town Board agendas reveal move to switch to Time-Warner

Pignato Made Mental Health Arrest of Accuser

Woman attempted suicide 8 months before meeting Pignato for sex

Neither defense or prosecution has mentioned the prior arrest yet

"The judge said the attempted suicide arrest was not supposed to be public. It was part of the trial because the defense subpoenaed all reports of this woman from Greece Police, and the mental health arrest was included.

The judge said it should have been sealed, but he reluctantly unsealed it today.

Greece Police say based on the subpoena, they were right to include it in the package they gave the defense."


Loszynski Threatens Parrinello With Arrest

Investigator claims Parrinello was disruptive during questioning of Chief Rahn

"He was given repeated warnings not to interrupt the proceedings, which he ignored." ~~ Jeff McCann, Deputy Supervisor


NY's assessment system "is neither uniform nor equitable"

State should let counties require their municipalities to all assess property at the same percentage of value

Most localities that have gone the longest without a general reassessment (and have the most outdated values) are in Westchester County & Long Island

Yonkers hasn't done a general reassessment since 1954.

As a percentage of the value of property, New York has the Top 10 property-tax rates in the country. Monroe County ranks fifth at 2.8 percent


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pignato Jury Seated

Opening Arguments Made

Victim Begins Testimony Alleging The Following:
Pignato: You know you could go to jail? You want to meet in 20 minutes?
Victim: Why?
Pignato: Well you don't want to go to jail do you?
Victim: No.
The alleged victim said, "I thought he wanted sex from me so I wouldn't go to jail. It's against my probation to be drinking." She then said they went to Pignato's home and took a bath. "He started kissing me and then he lead me to his bedroom. We had sex. He was rough. I thought about fighting back. I tore his shirt"


Pignato's Attorney Scott Green: "The woman has filed a notice that she plans to sue the town of Greece, Green said, and may have been told by a lawyer that “this is a million dollar case.” "


Monday, June 01, 2009

NY State Math Scores Grades 3-8

Achievement in math in grades 3-8 has improved overall this year, according to 2009 test results announced today by Regents Chancellor Merryl H. Tisch and State Education Commissioner Richard Mills.

Press Release

Has Anyone Checked The Security Videos?

From Police Reports:

Maintenance workers at Greece Athena Middle School found burned materials in a bathroom at the school, 130 Island Cottage Road on May 21. It was discovered that two students had been playing with matches. **

Someone broke five windows at Craig Hill Elementary School, 320 W. Craig Hill Drive, on May 25.

** Please note that the D&C has confused the school name/address in this story. SCATS knows Athena MS is on Long Pond Rd ;)