Friday, May 29, 2009

Will It Be A "Good" Surprise, Or A "Bad" One?

“I think there will be findings that will surprise you greatly.” ~~ Joe Loszynski regarding investigation outcome

“If something is there for the public's sake, we need to get to the bottom of it and address it. If nothing is there for the sake of the people involved we need to get to the bottom of that and get that out too.” ~~ Mike Green, DA regarding criminal investigation into Nick Joseph case & possible cover-up


"Frankly, I can't believe Loszynski didn't announce during the conference that he was reinstating Merritt Rahn." ~~ John Parrinello



Anonymous said...

By 'surprise', I think he meant we will be pleased to see how many hours of work they did for the money spent. He was tooting his own horn.

Anonymous said...

Parinello is delusional. If Rahn gets re-instated the GPD will continue to go right down the sewer.

Joe Moscato said...


I hadn't planned on responding to this, but it's gotten out of hand as other sites have picked up on the wrong information.

As a result of my Channel 13 interview, you reported that I was in favor of abolishing the Greece Police Department. That is patently untrue. For the record, I have never advocated for abolishing our department. We have many fine dedicated men and women on our department who do a great job in our community.

What I did say to Jane Flasch and which never got aired was "I believe the members of the Greece Police Department are getting a bum rap. I feel for them."

When they asked me about Metro Police, I did say I have been an advocate for the metro concept for the past 35 years. I have been involved in this issue since 1972. Read my bio on

I will be laying out a plan for consolidation that allow the Towns with police departments to continue to do so, but with substantial and beneficial savings for the taxpayers of these towns.

By the way, I was greeted well by Ms. Firkins and Jeff McCann at the press conference as was Dan Maloney and Charlie Hubbard, the only three non-media people present, I think. There was absolutely no confrontation as reported.

SCATS said...

To Joe ~~ I appreciate that you wrote to clarify things on your end :) I apologize for any role SCATS may have played in conveying any misinformation. Hopefully, you noted my comment left on the thread about the GPD where I explained that WHAM had posted ONLY a written version of the news story about what you and Bev said as of the time I created that BLOG. Later, I was informed that a video was posted on their website. The video wasn't exactly the same script nor did it present the info in the same order as the written version. I want to emphasize that SCATS NEVER MENTIONED METRO POLICE ANYWHERE in relation to that item. The ONLY reference to that came from an anonymous comment that posted to that thread.

As far as yesterday's press conference is concerned, I received a signed email from a person I trust stating that you and Dan Maloney attended and that: "They tried to close the door, and make it a closed room meeting with the press, but Moscato wouldn't allow it - he and Dan were going in - no matter what - AND DID." I wrote that you "insisted" on attending. Someone else took that to mean a "scuffle" happened.

I see that as of today, some misguided and politically inept bloggers have used the above to misconstrue your stance on some important issues. Hopefully, they will get their act together as they gain experience.

Anonymous said...

Joe: I accept your post explaining your position on metro police. However, given the sorry state of affairs the GPD finds itself in, it might not be a bad idea. The Department is a political mess internally.

I'm willing to bet that you don't know this fact. All command officers that live in the town are members of the Greece Republican Committee. They include Lt. Patrick Phelan, Lt. Steve Chatterton, Lt. Steve Wise and Acting Chief, Brian Ermacher, to name a few. There is a web site (I'm sorry but I don't have it at my fingertips right now) where this can be verified along with how much they contribute to Auberger's political action committee or PAC.

SCATS said...

To 3:53PM ~~ Perhaps you are referring to Project Sunlight, a website run by the NYS Atty General's office? Here's the web address: