Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuesday Is Board Elections & Budget Vote

Tuesday, May 19, voters will decide on a $195,486,351 budget proposal and elect three Board of Education candidates. Polls will be open from 6AM - 9PM at each of the elementary schools. This year's budget will not increase taxes. There are four candidates running for school board. They are:

Roger Boily
Joe Grinnan
AnnMarie Stenglein
Julia VanOrman

SCATS endorses Joe Grinnan for the BOE
SCATS recommends a"NO" vote on the budget

This endorsement is based upon dissatisfaction under BOE leadership with Boily/VanOrman at the helm. Mr. Grinnan's performance during Candidate's Night showed him to be the only alternative worth pulling a lever in favor of. If you can't vote for Joe, then at least please consider NOT pulling the lever for Roger Boily. He's the individual responsible for hiring Schwab, Rahn AND Achramovitch, jeopardizing every aspect of our community's future with ongoing scandals, corruption and wasted money.

The recommended budget vote is due to many factors, not the least of which is that this budget fails to provide equitable educational opportunities at ALL district schools while continuing to waste millions on unnecessary bussing for a minority of students.


Anonymous said...

I plan to pull the lever just once, for Grinnan. By skipping the other three I think his chances are better. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Yessiree! A bullet vote (voting for just one) is more powerful because it concentrates the vote on that individual. Voting for multiples splinters it.

Mr. Greece Central said...

SCATS says to vote no? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so surprised. hahaha well, hopefully you will understand when it gets passed with a large margin.

SCATS said...

To 12:30PM ~~ Please try to distinguish the difference between recommending a no vote, as I did, and forecasting the future which I didn't :)

Anonymous said...

I don't plan to waste any gas to go and vote on Tuesday (for the first time in my 40 years of residency in Greece). There is not one candidate for the school board who deserves a vote (including Grinnan who went along with Roger too many times to suit me) and the budget will pass whether I vote yes or no.

On top of all of that even if I wanted to vote, I have no idea where to go this year. Contrary to what was said in the literature mailed out, I did not get any voting information. Since in the last three years, I have voted at three different places, I have no idea where to go this year, even if I cared.

So much for the wonderful efficiency of the Greece Central School District. I can see no bright future for our kids, at least until we can get some intelligent people on the board who are not "civil" and will demand some answers from administration on why our kids are failing and who will keep demanding until we see some changes. We don't need these "everything is wonderful" people, like Julia and Roger and two more who agree with them.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Greece Central:

I predict the lowest voter turnout in the history of Greece Central. The budget will pass by a large margin because Town Hall employees will be calling all the senior citizens in town to get out and vote yes on the budget. Most of these seniors have no clue what is going on, but will do it as a favor to Roger who once visited their home and shook their hand.

By the way, those town hall employees will be making the calls while being paid on the taxpayer's dime.

Out of about 2,000 voters 1,975 will vote yes. Big surprise, Ha Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

@2:20 Any proof that this will happen? Please share.

SCATS said...

To 2PM ~~ You just caused me to realize that I did not receive the usual voter info mailing telling me the date & poll hours and location ... hmmm ...

I wonder what is up with that. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

For the record, the board approved Achramovitch unanimously. There was a second vote, so you can thank every board member for the selection. And he's not a bad choice in my book.

Anonymous said...

According to the budget literature mailed out everyone was supposed to have been notified of their polling place. Not so, in my case.

I think its a ploy - They are going to round up all the senior citizens, put them on school buses and drive them all over town until they find the right polling place (something like they do with the kids every day).

Anonymous said...

I have no proof this will happen, but it has for the past several elections and I have no reason to believe it will change this year, unless, in their arrogance, they don't think it will be necessary.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Roger put the arm on the board to hire Achramovitch and it was a split 5-4. Once he was a sure thing the others had no choice, he was already hired. Get real! He's even worse than Walts, and that's going some.

SCATS said...

To 3:55PM ~~ Saying someone isn't "a bad choice" isn't the same as saying "he is a good choice."

Anonymous said...

to being buzzed on the job in the GCSD!

The Board President thinks its okay, so lets enjoy it while it lasts. Eventually someone who cares about the safety and well being of the children will take the helm and swing the pendulum back.

Anonymous said...

Why wait for the pendulum -- the time is now.If we send Auberger and his crowd out we will weaken the political logjam in this town

Anonymous said...

While the list readers pine over the prospect for change and berate those that DO step up to serve the community, let us remember one very telling truth:

C.A.R.E. (or whatever they are calling themselves these days) can't field candidates to meet their oppositional agenda. Those that are fielded, quit mid term.

Is it possible that those that agree with "change" are in the minority?


Anonymous said...

CARE has served its purpose and it is time for them to move on. We now need to think for ourselves and find a way to say that the voters of Greece, not the Rotary or Chamber of Commerce will select the candidates for the school board and town board. If we cannot step up and make rational decisions on budgets and boards, then we deserve what we get. I agree with 11:18 about bullet votes. I also agree with 2:20 about the machine calling voters and promoting the status quo candidates.

Anonymous said...

Slight change of topic...Is anyone else curious about the rationale behind a drop in pupil enrollment, a drop in teacher headcount, yet an increase in administrators and supervisors? I'm not an educationist, and I don't even play one of TV, but it doesn't seem logical for the admin headcount to rise when the teachers and student population decreases...

Anonymous said...

where is there an increase?

Anonymous said...

DOH, both phone systems, Town Hall and GCSD are programmed to provide a record of outgoing calls, and print same if somebody files a FOIL for it.

Johnboy Hamburger is scared somebody might do exactly that. Oh wait, I wasn't supposed to mention that. NEVERMIND!

SCATS said...

From O'Keebler to Hamburger? You people are too much!

Anonymous said...

8:50, according to the Greece Post, there are 190 fewer students next year, 29.6 fewer teacher positions, but 66.8 MORE support staff jobs/full time and 2 MORE administrative jobs.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but did anyone notice Auberger's editorial reply to Denise Santiago's piece in the Democrat and Chronicle.

They certainly cleared a space for him to reply. You or I would never get similar treatment. They must be panicking down at Camp Auberger.

My favorite part is when he says he will continue to concentrate on the positive in Greece.

Me too.

I'm positive Auberger should go.

Anonymous said...

CARE can't field candidates because it is almost impossible to raise the $20,000 or so needed to defeat the partisan political candidates fielded by the Boily bunch.

Since they made money an issue in the school board race, qualified candidates who would make excellent school board members, can't afford to spend that kind of money to take a volunteer position.

Ergo, you get the wonderful, Boily, Hauer, VanOrman, Smith, O'Toole type of people. Nothing of any consequence to improve our academic standing in the county has occurred since that bunch came on board.

Just take a look at all the signs all over town (they cost a lot of money) - What a Waste!

(For your information the CARE candidate you refer to, quit one month before the end of a 3 year term in total frustration over the lack of any progress on the board, and realizing more could be accomplished as a private citizen.)

Anonymous said...

ONLY vote for Joe. One vote only!! (Or also write-in Chuck Hubbard!)

Anonymous said...

Cost per student: UP 4%
They forgot that calculation!!!

Anonymous said...

9:55 -
Charlie Hubbard quit mid term.
Joe Moscato quit mid term.

Both are viewed as Rock Stars on this blog.

SCATS said...

To 3:41PM ~~ You are wrong twice over. Joe Moscato quit about a month prior to the end of his term to take on the task of trying to end Walt's health care which he is still working on. Charlie Hubbard completed his second term on the BOE. It was during his first term that he left early.

There are no rock stars here, but there might be a few people who are appreciated for trying hard to do a better job than many of their colleagues. Some of them succeeded.

Anonymous said...

I think 6:22 yesterday must have just moved into Greece.

First of all those that "DO" step up (as you say) to serve the community are totally funded by the Chamber/Rotary/Business People of Greece. Not one of their candidates put up one cent of their own money to (as you say) "serve". And if you call "serving" attending meetings and accomplishing nothing in three years to improve our academic situation and graduation rates, then I think they have not stepped up, but should step down.

Your so-called CARE candidates funded their own campaigns with their own money to further their "oppositional agenda" (as you say). Yes, their opposition to having our district at the bottom of academic standings in the County of Monroe; their opposition to millions being spent on a CIP project, rife with fraudulent contracts and poor workmanship, their opposition to former superintendents being given life-time health care and $60,000 in benefits to which he was not entitled, their opposition to a school superintendent who caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in law suits brought by teachers illegally harrassed, their opposition and the list goes on and on.

You've already been told several times that you are wrong about CARE candidates quitting mid-term.


Anonymous said...

Before you think that I'm another "Mr. Greece Central", establishment-hugger, please know that there is NOTHING farther from the truth. That being said, the fact is that both Joe and Charlie quit prior to completing elected terms.

Citing Charlie's own words, "They spit on the vote." Those that voted for them to carry forward their oppositional agenda (I use the term without is what they were elected to do...shake things up) were left with nothing. nada.

It doesn't matter what the reasons for abandoning their constituents were. It doesn't change the fact that they did.

Additionally, if CARE could get their folks elected without Boily's war chest once, then they can do it again. The problem is: nobody cares anymore. People are worn out from broken promises and ineffective "cures".

The point that I'm trying to make is that the "winds for change" seem to have stopped blowing in Greece. The community's mantra has become, "We suck, and it's ok because the Police department sucks worse."

I mourn that sad fact. Greece was once a great community and school system.

SCATS said...

To 11:41AM ~~ You wrote: "It doesn't matter what the reasons for abandoning their constituents were." I disagree, especially in the case of Joe Moscato. By resigning early, he was better able to obtain "the truth" as a citizen filing FOIL requests than as a BOE member. To this day (a year later!), it appears to me that he is continuing to work for his constituents on the Walts' health care issue.

Regarding: "Additionally, if CARE could get their folks elected without Boily's war chest once, then they can do it again." I tend to agree with this. Many people would do whatever CARE told them to do if they were given that "guidance." I attribute that to the fact that many people came to trust CARE.

Regarding: "The problem is: nobody cares anymore. People are worn out from broken promises and ineffective "cures"." Yes and no. SOME people don't care any more. Some believe there's no one they can really trust. The bigger problem is that it takes FIVE VOTES to accomplish anything on the BOE. Sadly, CARE's elected voices often found themselves on different pages even when they had the same goals. Other times, CARE backed people they never should have trusted! They were easily duped by words and chose to ignore previous track records of some of their candidates. In reality, people rarely change and when they do, it's usually in small ways, not in complete philosophies. CARE trusted the wrong people much too often. It's their dysfunction as a group.

Regarding: "The community's mantra has become, "We suck, and it's ok because the Police department sucks worse.' " I think they believe we "suck" because: an audit showed a corrupt school district, we have buildings falling down, we have a former Supt. and his pals getting away with criminal acts, we have cops who have been getting away with criminal acts, we have politicians who refuse to address their constituents aside from shaking hands with the elderly, we have a town council who ALWAYS says "yes" to Auberger, we had an assessor who ripped us off but our taxes remain the same while he is serving time in prison ... yada, yada, yada.

Charlie Hubbard said...

To 11:41 (anonymous)

Feel free to take your best shot at me but to sit there and throw a shot at Mr. Moscato for leaving 1 or 2 months early is very worm-like.
Mr. Moscato wanted to get something done on the Walts medical. While others 'said' they wanted something done, they 'did' nothing and that includes administration and were using the 'then' legal firm (who wanted to stay on) to 'block' Mr. Moscato's efforts. It was very clear that the boards 'goal' was to do 'nothing' that would bring about any press. The man was being treated like some kind of 'devil' and how he stayed as long as he did baffles me. The 'point' was the taxpayers were and are getting 'screwed'$$$ thanks to the
actions of prior boards and administration(s).

Joe and I did not agree on everything - so?, but i'll be damned if i will sit here and let someone take a worm-like shot at someone for trying to do the 'right' thing.

As for me? From Aug.07 when 6 people on this board voted to increase taxes without voter approval (what i often refer to as communisum or socialism) (later to be proven UNnessesary) it was very apparent the game was going to be 'politics over principles''maintaining TRUST was not a goal' and of course I was not going to fit in.

So 11:41 (anonymous) if honesty doesn't matter to you then by all means keep taking those worm-like shots. Please note the following.

Anonymous said...

(what i often refer to as communisum or socialism)Well which is it?

Two VERY different ideologies.