Sunday, May 31, 2009

That's A Great Question!

Anonymous said...
A little off topic, but speaking of wasted dollars, and after reading this morning's D&C article about the upcoming Vision Summit, I would like to ask the board whatever happened the the $150,000 2020 Summit held a couple of years ago? Several of our present board members raved over the much-heraled Fitzpatrick Report as a blueprint for success for our 2020 graduates.
I'm sorry, but Achromavitch's public forum on the future direction of our schools is two and a half years too late and the act of man desperate to save his job. I think this community has had enough of your incompetence with the hiring of $200,000 consultants to do the job we pay you to do. This translates into more than $400,000 a year for nothing.
Another huge example of wasted tax dollars. 5/31/2009 12:03 PM

GCSD Vision Summit
Next Sat. 9AM - Noon
Arcadia MS

The Supt. needs help answering these questions:
"Much of this will be achievement-related, some about citizenship and the type of people we're trying to develop in our schools. We want to look at the questions of 'Why do we exist?' and 'What do we want our graduates to be like, what knowledge and abilities do we want them to leave here with?'" ~~ Supt. Achramovitch


SCATS ~~ He expects the Greece community to figure out "Why do we exist?" within 3 hrs on a Saturday morning? Will clergy be attending?


Anonymous said...

Yes and "What is the meaning of Life?"

Anonymous said...

Can there possibly be a greater waste of time and energy than all of these people sitting around stroking each other? Where was the need for these summits 20 years ago, when the district actually produced results? Just teach the freakin' kids. Hold them and their parents accountable for their actions, and teach em! It's not rocket science, and cetainly doesn't require this sort of crap. Does ANYONE need these freakin' mission statements? There nothing more than ploys intended to divert attention from the problems here. Everyone walks away feeling good about all they just accomplished at the summit. Worst of all, this is the crap the D&C covers! No, there not "owned" by the establishment at all ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to hold the administrators and teachers accountable too. Ut-oh! I almost forgot. That's not possible!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh so true! They keep setting goals, mission statements, retreats and seminars, all to no avail. What good are they, they never produce any improvement. Our schools keep going down, down, down while Achromavitch fiddles.

I agree with 1:03, just teach the freakin kids!!!!

Stop stroking yourself with all these touchy, feely vision summits that accomplish nothing and are a total waste of time and effort.

I can guarantee that after next Saturday's program, they will come up with their final vision statement for approval by the board in September, and in September 2010, we will be worse off than we are now. I'll bet my fortune on it, any takers?

Anonymous said...

Bring in the ministers. Everybody hold hands. Pray for divine guidance and intervention. At the end of three hours sing Kumbaya. Proclaim the meeting a success and adjourn. Meghan will cover it 10 days later.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much education it takes to qualify to hold the post of Superintendent? Does anyone know how many Doctor of Education holders Greece has?

Does anyone know how much salary and benefit money is spent on these people, yearly?

With such a brain trust, you'd think that they could produce a vision statement and then lead the district to fulfill it.

No. They want it to come from Joe Plumber. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this:
Joe Plumber is called to unclog some pipes at Steve's house. Instead of getting to work, Joe calls on educators to meet to have them tell him what his vision and goal should be.

When the meeting is over, he still collects his full fee, despite having done nothing.

Over the next year he will "do busy stuff", and await a plumbing inspector to come by to "test" the outcome of those things. If unsuccessful, he'll say that he can't be compared to other plumbers and that he'll try to fix the problem in the upcoming year.

Yeah, Steve would put up with that.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of scarey that so many people don't understand the concepts involved with school improvement but they have lots to say anyway.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as the board seems to have no vision perhaps 'others' will help.
It will certainly 'feel' good.

Anonymous said...

6:21 - Why is it that all the concepts involved with school improvement waste time and money while performance continues to spiral on a collision course with disaster? Please don't tell me I need some advanced degree and a background in educational research to understand. I think I understand just fine. My wallet is empty and so are the graduates heads!

Anonymous said...

The fee for the consultant and vision seminar is couch change compared to the attorney fees Julia will rack up to defend HER faith committee.

Anonymous said...

Under the direction of his "political advisor", Roger Boily, Achromavitch has been conducting a last minute campaign to try and save his job. In addition to the Vision crap, our hermit Super has come out of his third floor bunker and has been seen working the schools recently. He has been seen shaking hands, back slapping, patting kids on their little heads in front of staff and parents. You know, "baby kissing" of sorts.

This man is a lame duck, actually a dead duck, and he and his ally Roger Boily both know it. Thus, the last minute campaign strategy to reach out to staff and the community. It's too late. He was a mistake in the first place.

The irony here is that Boily is responsible for hiring two previous bums, Merritt Rahn and Chuck Schwab while Supervisor, and Achromavitch while on the school board. Three strikes and you're out, Roger. It's time to hang 'em up. You are a loser and even lost to VanOrman. That had to hurt!

Anonymous said...

One more response to poster 6:21 -

The Board of Education is responsible for goals and direction. They have one employee- the Supt.- who is hired and paid to find the programs needed to implement the Board's goals. It sounds so simple; set the Supt's goals to improve graduation rates, cut the drop out rate (using real amounts, with real datelines, and real measures that anyone with the data could understand and determine if the goals are met). If he does it, then he continues. If he cannot find the programs that work within the cost limitations set for him, then the Board looks for someone else. That's not education theory- that's business management theory. Maybe it's time to run the schools like a business.

Anonymous said...

Might just be the Big Stevie would be a whole lot more receptive to folks stopping by his house at 18 Countryshire Dr for a conversation. What the hell he owes $100,000 to M&T for the place so he might as well get some use out of the house before he has to put it on the market and look for a new job.

Things being what they are taking along a package of hotdogs and some buns would be a nice gesture.

Oddly I find many political types are very receptive when a constituent shows up at the door. They all seem to feel folks just don't love them cause nobody comes by the house. Steve would probably love a bring your own picnic at his place.

Anonymous said...

9:05-- you're way out of line. If you work for M&T, you should be fired! I don't care what he owes--just how well he serves.

Anonymous said...

Why would Steve need Joe Plumber to clean his pipes?

Anonymous said...

Chill out 10:24. There's nothing out of line. All that information is public knowledge and found on the county clerk web site.

Anonymous said...

OH DARN, I can't attend that meeting due to a prior comittment.

I do have an idea how GCSD can improve its academic standings and graduation rates though. All they need do is around November of every year expell the bottom quarter of the class. It would also save some money.

Anonymous said...

Yes these 'vision' things are boring and take up too much time. I would think that the Board would hire someone that would already share their vision for the District.

Such a summit makes sense:

1. At the beginning of the hiring process for a new Superintendent. The idea is that you hire a candidate that shares your vision. or

2. Immediately after hiring a Superintendent. The new Superintendent can fine tune his goals to reflect the needs if the board/community. He then shapes the District in a way that aligns with those goals.

Whether you liked Sreve I or not, a least there was vision and direction.

With Steve II we have been waiting for years to get some sort of vision. Well now it looks as though it may finally come, not at the beginning of his term, but at the end!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you post someone's address or supposed adress(9:05)-I forwarded that to the state police and asked if anything bad happens-can this site be held accountable. By the way Scats whats your address?

SCATS said...

To 6:31AM ~~ Forwarding that to the State Police will only make you look rather foolish and uninformed. Please find a real hobby :)

Anyone with internet access can look up such information. All you need is the person's name. It's all PUBLIC INFORMATION. You'd have to hold Cheryl Dinolfo responsible since her website (Monroe County Clerk's Office) makes that (and much more) available to the masses.

Anonymous said...

To 6:31AM 6/1/09........have you ever gone to Monroe County Clerk's online web site??? Anyone that has ever owned property, taken out a mortgage, gotten a gun permit, had civil action taken, gone through a divorce and so on, is ALL A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD!!!!! You ought to go to the site and check it out. It will show YOUR NAME and all the property and mortgages YOU have owned since the 70's and the addresses and other public docs under your name. Their is also the "Daily Record" newspaper that has the same information in it. How do you think people found out about Gerry Phelan's quarter of a million dollar bankruptcy in Federal Court???????