Friday, May 22, 2009

Strehle & Moscato To Update Walts' Health Care & The CIP


I wanted to let you know that Bev Strehle and I (Greece Citizens In Action) will be on Channel 12 this evening at 8:30 with an update on Walts' health care and the CIP. This program will be rebroadcast on Monday at 7:00 p.m. and at various times next week.

If you think this might be of interest, feel free to post this on SCATS.

Have a great weekend!
Joe Moscato


SCATS said...

I missed this. Did anyone see it? What was the upshot?

Anonymous said...


I saw this. Joe presents the evidence he found that Walts and others took equipment without any real authorization. Bev reported on meeting with the attorney general's office and the lack of action so far. Joe also talked about the problems with the 2000 CIP such overruns and about getting some of that money back and Bev pointed out we still seem to be on the hook for repairs for the mistakes made in the original construction.

I thought it was very interesting.

SCATS said...

To 4:43PM ~~ Thank you. I was able to catch most of it tonight (Monday).

Anonymous said...

Hello again Greece. I contacted you in November and you were kind enough to send some info my way, Prince William County needs your help again.

I would like to talk to someone from C.A.R.E - Bev or Bob if you'd email me I'd appreciate it.

You can also check out our facebook page Our Schools.


Of course I'll be happy to give you my personal info and fill you in over private message / phone.

Thank you!