Sunday, May 10, 2009

Street Gangs: NOT Just A City Problem Any More

City of Rochester Has 50 Gangs With 1600 Members

Monroe County Crime Analysis Center estimates that 10 gangs operate in Monroe County suburbs

Signs of gang activity include empty cocaine & marijuana baggies, broken liquor bottles, bullet holes, members hanging out on streets & sidewalks

Greece police have one gang intelligence officer who tracks gang-related incidents that are connected to Greece

Greece police spokesman Lt. Steve Wise said GPD is not aware of any organized gangs like the ones in the city


SCATS ~~ I remember one of the D&C bloggers interviewed on TV while holding a large baggie filled with small drug baggies she found on the ground in her Greece neighborhood. I'm sure it was all just her imagination, right Lt. Wise? I also remember a shooting near Adeline Park where the victim was found dead beneath a tree that had a gang tag on it. NOTHING to worry about at all ;)


Anonymous said...

I've seen gang symbols spray painted on traffic signs and buildings around Greece for a number of years.

I guess our police aren't looking for them.

Anonymous said...

Those tags are very prevalent around Olympia High School and the surrounding neighborhood. Check out the 390 bridge and underpass on Maiden Lane, the RGE switch box across from Heritage Drive, the one in front of OHS, the pedestrian bridge on 104.......

Anonymous said...

How about the constant gang activity at Dewey/Stone/Maiden intersection. Definitely a presence and fights. And the gang shooting at Aldine park behind Lady of Mercy.

Anonymous said...

Olympia has been well aware of the problem for a couple years. They have been instructed on what to watch for. So far they've done lots of watching - but havn't really done anything about it yet.

Anonymous said...

But really everything is great in Greece

Anonymous said...

Not true-Scats, talk to people who know-Approximately 73 gangs in city 45 active. Your number indicate about 35 per gang. Find out what law enforcement defines as a gang. 3 people convicted for criminal activity is the definition for a gang.

While people may seen spray paint on signs gang activity in the town is limited, I not saying that there are no kids in gangs, but how they act in Greece is totally different then in the city.

Remember you don't see kids on street corners of Greece selling drugs. That is what alot of the gang are doing.

I would estimate 75 kids between grades 7-12.

Call the city PD and ask what the names are of the Greece gangs.

SCATS said...

To 8:59PM ~~ I'm not sure what you are disputing ... the numbers I posted? They are taken straight from the D&C article. I'm sure their reporters check ALL the facts first ;)

PS ~~ There ARE street corners in Greece where kids sell drugs. Thank God some good people in the surrounding neighborhoods are fairly proactive and try to keep them shut down. Sadly, that just moves the drug sales off the streets and into the schools, parties and other indoor gathering spots. This was also discussed in the article.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Wise is like the Good Witch of the East.

"Close your eyes really tight. Click your heels together three times and repeat after me: "There are NO gangs in Greece. There are NO gangs in Greece. There are NO gangs in Greece.' "

Anonymous said...

Scats: to followup on your 11:36 post-name the street corner or streets-name the neighbor hoods under gang control-give me the names of some gangs........

rj said...

The teenage kids are selling drugs in the Kwik Fill Parking Lot. And their parents are buying from them.

Check out the graffiti at the Beverly Pappas Mamorial Park on Bennington. It is everywhere.

SCATS said...

To 6:43AM ~~ WHERE did I say we had "neighborhoods under gang control" in Greece? I said NO SUCH THING!

Anonymous said...

Lt. Wise is correct in his statment "that there are no street gangs in greece". What he is referring to is that greece does not have gangs that resemble the organization and higher archial characteristics held by city gangs.
Yes there are greece middle and high school "Wanna bee's" who emulate gangster characteristics and yes there is graffiti on park buildings and others around town that resemble gangster symbols but not to the extent that is found on the city streets.
One of the reasons that greece has not fallen victim to organized gang activity is because greece for the longest time had the youth bureau storefront cops program. Located right in the heart of Dewey/Stone community, police officers, truant officer and counselors tracked street rumors, contacting young people and parents involved to varify rumors and behaviors. These fact finding missions deterred many young people from going in the wrong direction.
This program and the positions have all been dismantled by the Auberger administration. Mr. Auberger considers troubled youth to be the reponsibilty of the school district. Remeber that kids cannot vote for Mr. Auberger.
Mr. Auberger cannot make the connection that toubled kids equate to trouble in a community which equates to law bidding citizens becoming innocent victims which equates to good people moving from the town, which equates to higher crime.
The City is a good example of what happens when there is an absence of active preventative services.
I have heard people refer to Greece as a city, I hope that they are comparing us only by size and not criminal behaviors.