Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Greece town board approved hiring an additional six investigators

"Town leaders say a majority of the retired investigators are from outside Monroe County and are not considered employees of the town." ~~ RNews

SCATS ~~ There must be LOTS more bad news coming to require EIGHT investigators! There go our taxes.


Anonymous said...

So who are they?

Anonymous said...

Ask Maggie's hubby. I bet he knows.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond believable. Holy police force, what did they discover? Maybe they will have some extra time and money to prosecute Walts and co-conspirators for their crimes against the state!
Greece residents are out a fully investigated $2 million+ and no one will prosecute. They must be a lot more ticked off at Rahn than they are at Phelan and Walts.
Will the D&C sleep through this, wink wink, or will they do some serious investigative reporting?

Anonymous said...

If Auberger resigned we could all save a lot of money as well as I am him's very generous salary

Anonymous said...

This is beyond ridiculous.

How much exactly is this costing us?

Isn't this interfering with the DA's investigation?

I'm calling Green's office first thing in the morning. This needs to be stopped.

Auberger needs to be jailed for crimes against the community!

Anonymous said...

You Greece democrat party people need to make up your mind. Do you want investigators to get to the bottom of this or do you just want an issue to exploit for your political campaigns.

Greece residents can care less about your little fight with the republicans and are tired of you crapping all over this community for your selfish goals.

Anonymous said...

I hope 9:28 knows that there are medications that will control paranoia. You don't have to live like this!

Anonymous said...

Thank god for Nick Joseph and his coked up drunken ride on 390. Without him, we wouldn't have any investigation going on, not criminal and not internal. He changed the status quo with his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how much the GPD investigation costs! We have already paid millions of dollars in salaries for bunch of corrupt cops and their leader. I would rather spend a million to rid these bastards of our community so we can really be safe and those who break the law will not be given special treatment based on who you know or what favors are owed. Gerry Phelan are you reading this??????

Anonymous said...

Too bad for 9:28 that his "God" is Auberger - the criminal mastermind behind hiring all of these people. The supervisor extraordinaire who let Schwab take off with all our money and never give a dime of it back to US.

Maybe the residents of Greece are tired of him crapping all over them for the sake of Maggie Brooks' wallet.

Too bad he stopped dating her on Minarik's orders - they could have owned the world by now! HA!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Too bad for 9:28 that his "God" is Auberger"

Your average person of faith doesn't worship a human being as a god.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the comment posted by 11:57PM for attempting to impersonate me. And a poor attempt, too.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Auberger! Batman with no wings!

Anonymous said...

With 6 do we get eggrolls?

How many rounds of golf will the Magnificent 7 need to play before they discover anything?

How many of the Jacque Cluseau Society will be able to find Greece?

How many of these supersleuths were involved in chasing Bucky Phillips for how many weeks before a Pennsylvania Cop caught Buckey?

Why does anyone have faith in the Graybacked Ticket Spitters? Come to think, why isn't State BCI doing the investigation they regularly get paid for?

Sorry, I've lost faith!

rj said...

The Democrats definitely want an and NEED an issue for their policitcal platform. So they are indeed loving all this.

Anonymous said...

Actually I did a little math

Using the daily rates provide by the fishwrapper the total per day for all investigators is $2750. I think thats $13,500 per week, which gets in the neighborhood of $600,000 on a yearly basis.

Don't forget the four officers on suspension at full pay. Given Chief Rahn's salary that has to be well over $200,000 per year.

The bill is getting in the $800,000 plus category.

We pay our taxes to run a district attorney's office so that we can investigate such things. Why do we need to pay this extra money for Auberger's CYA operations.

Since Mike Green is at least nominally a democrat, I wonder if this isn't done to preempt his investigation and clear Auberger.

So in short we are paying for Auberger's legal investigations to protect himslef.

What a great con suckers

Anonymous said...

To 9:28:

Like having your assessor steal over 2.5 million dollars from the taxpayers while Johnnie sat around admiring himself in the mirror all day wasn't enough?

Where's the refund on that one? Oh that's right - we don't get one.

Or houses of prostitution. Many of them with Town Hall workers being some of their best customers.

Or shootings, or drugs.

Where do we start? When does it end.

You have no one to blame except for Johnnie "pretty boy" Auberger.

Perhaps if he didn't sit around all day wondering "should I shave my moustache, or should I keep it?" he would have been able to stop some of these crimes that through his own negligence, he perpetuated.

And in the case of Nick Joseph, Gary Pignato, Thomas Schammerhorn, and all the broken wrists in between, that's "Pretty Boy" Auberger's direct hand, in deciding that a dose of crud is what the community needed.

Can you spell incompetence?

Can you spell the end is near?

Can you see the door?

Don't let it hit you! And while you're at it - open up the windows in that town hall and let some FRESH air in!

Anonymous said...

9:51 forgot to mention the coverup of the fire at the senior center a few months after it opened, the coverup in the investigation (GPD involved) into the school district and thefts back in the late 90s, the payoff from Kodak .... there's so much dirt under the rug we're going to need a few stairs to get atop it!

Brian said...

Don't for get he ongoing public aces scandal.
They won't pay us and whne they bids it we have the lowest bid for facilities and operations and they have tried to disqualify us.

Guess they needs the money for "investigations"

Anonymous said...

Response to Anonymous 5/20/09 9:28 pm
I don't see how you can assume the individuals who are commenting on this blog are only those who value the democrat philosphy rather then the republican philosphy.
I for one follow neither but follow first and foremost those values and morals that have been instilled in me.
Why make this political when what really has been violated here is the values and morals of the social norm by our town supervisor, town board, county manager and followers.
Your response, clearly defines you as a person who values a political philosophy over sound morals and values.

SCATS said...

To 11:36AM ~~ Don't let them try to get you caught up in some sort of philosophical argument and distract you from the REAL issues here. People who change the topic like that (or who "confuse" the facts on purpose) are usually part of the problem and involved in their own CYA efforts ;)

For the record, SCATS doesn't endorse or support any particular political party. Doing what is right, what is honest and what benefits the masses (i.e. taxpayers regardless of political affiliation) is what catches our interest.