Saturday, May 23, 2009

Senate Passes Bill To Rename PO After Fallen Greece Marine

Senators Chuck Schumer & Kirsten Gillibrand announced a Senate passage of legislation: to have a post office named after Lance Corporal Brian Schramm.

The Post Office at 3245 Latta Road will be renamed the "Brian K. Schramm Post Office Building" (story)


Now a fallen local hero, Brian Schramm graduated from Olympia HS a few years back. Recently, Olympia is reported to be struggling with esteem, image and morale issues. Also, a suggestion was made to rename Apollo to pair it to Olympia the way the other HS/MS buildings are paired by name.

What I propose is that Olympia High School be renamed "Brian Schramm Academy" (or possibly Schramm Olympia High School or something similar) and Apollo be renamed "Schramm Middle School" (or similarly ... Schramm Apollo Middle School).

What are your thoughts or ideas? Please discuss and/or respond to the poll :)


Anonymous said...

Scats before again you start something-try thinking first. Think of the numerous kids that were killed in action in Vietnam. There was even a Medal of Honor winner from Olympia! (who works for the district).What about the marine from Arcadia killed in Lebanon. Please don't disrespect the memories and the ultimate price that these students paid for their country and try to use it to this site's benefit.

SCATS said...

To 2:59PM ~~ Actually, I gave this a great deal of thought over the last few weeks. I happen to think this idea might provide the boost in the arm Olympia HS needs. Thanks for asking :)

Now it's YOUR TURN to THINK. Please explain EXACTLY HOW my suggestion "disrespects" anyone??

And then EXPLAIN how this site will "benefit?"

It's not like I am getting ANYTHING, not money, not personal recognition, nothing. I don't even put Google ads on here to make a few cents each month.

Based on your twisted assertions, the Post Office will be "disrespecting" all those who died in battle ... from the time man invented and used his first weapon onward. And then they will "benefit" from it every time they deliver a letter or sell a stamp.

By the way, voting three times is a bit overboard, even for you!

Anonymous said...

2:59 represents that screwball mentality so many only in Greece could display. Naming the school after a war hero isn't something people like them could ever appreciate. On the other hand, I bet "J-Mac High School for the Challenged" is a name they could really get behind. It suits them perfectly.

Anonymous said...

We try to not name schools after people. Some unknown reason. We only name them after mythical creatures and entities or streets or places in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Who is "we" 4:51? Only the school board can adopt a name that administration recommends. District policy excludes nothing. I looked it up.

Policy 5633: Naming of School Buildings and Facilities -
"The Board of Education shall have the responsibility for approving school/facility names, at the recommendation of the administration."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that the people who try to dismiss SCATS as being insignificant on the one hand fear SCATS will succeed on the other hand? I think it's very amusing lol

SCATS said...

To 5:01PM ~~ Thanks for the reminder. I looked at the policy on school names a couple weeks ago. It gives no guidelines at all for choosing names.

To 4:51PM ~~ It doesn't mention avoiding naming buildings after people either. It's about as non-restrictive as a policy could be :)

To 6:05PM ~~ Yes, I've definitely noticed that, too. There's always a few who want to have their cake and eat it too ;) After 3+ years you'd think they would realize SCATS already is a success.

To 2:59PM ~~ I'm still waiting for answers to my questions.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea!! Very fitting with the holiday weekend too. How do we make it happen?

Anonymous said...

I would rather leave the names as is. There is too much subjectivity and a lot of politics in deciding who is important and who is not.

Someday someone might want to name a school after Roger Boily.

Anonymous said...

Roger can do it now. Better to rename it after a real hero so it would be more difficult to change down the road.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a good idea and fully support it. I know others who will share my sentiment.

For all you naysayers, remember that people should assume Schramm's family is reading what is posted here. You can disagree with the idea without using the putdowns.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Scats 2:59-Lets start with who's making assertions-you are,as usual. I never said anything about the post office being named. Two-I reminded you of many other brave kids and nothing was done for them.

Why are you looking at Olympia-Didn't I read Athena just had a security guard assulted?

Scats always publishes negative and never talks about anything good going on in the schools.

Don't accuse me of twisted assertions, if there was ever a place for that-this is the place!

SCATS said...

To 8:42AM ~~ YOU still haven't stated how I'm "disrespecting" anyone's memory. Those are YOUR words and they are twisted indeed.

By your logic, naming anything after a person "disrespects" anyone else who didn't get something named after them (just like the PO since I have to spell it out for you). That is total BS. You know it and I know it.

Besides making empty accusations towards me that you can't back up, you really need to read more carefully, too. It was NOT Olympia where the security guard was assaulted. It was Athena. And even if it were Olympia, what difference would that make? ALL of our secondary schools have seen incidents of violence over the years. Are you by chance suggesting that one person's poor behavior today reduces a dead war hero's memory from yesterday?

The fact that this sort of thing wasn't done before is no argument for not doing so now. I'm rather shocked to see that the touchy-feely types in Greece (to borrow a phrase from someone else) aren't behind this idea 100%.

Regarding: "Scats always publishes negative and never talks about anything good going on in the schools." WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS IDEA?? Do you think I'm "being negative" by attempting to have the district honor this fellow? Do you think I'm hurting Olympia and/or Apollo with this suggestion? YOU probably do!

I'll bet you're one of the cheerleaders for our schools of choice! You just can't stand the idea that any other school could do something different ;) Your jealousy needs reigning in.

Anonymous said...

Scats: read the 8:42 post-

"Why are you looking at Olympia-Didn't I read Athena just had a security guard assulted? "

Must be you missed it in my post.

Again as I have said two previous posting, I don't have a problem nameing the post office.

Turn on your miracle ear and not your miracle mouth-Why must we name a school or schools after one soldier when there have been many brave student/soldiers who have paid the altimate price?
I'll wait for that answer.................

SCATS said...

To 2:22PM ~~ Since I'm in charge here (hard for you and a couple others to accept, I know), you'll be waiting a very long time. In your first post, you asked no questions. In my response to that posting, I asked you a few which you ignored totally. I won't be distracted by your side issues about security guards and other completely irrelevent nonsense, especially not since you directly attacked me. You owe me an explanation that makes sense or an apology for being off base. So here's my questions once again ~~

1 - Please explain EXACTLY HOW my suggestion "disrespects" anyone??
2 - And then EXPLAIN how this site will "benefit?"

And then later you accused me of ALWAYS PUBLISHING THE NEGATIVE. So I then asked ~~

3 - WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS IDEA?? (Idea = renaming the school)

4 - Do you think I'm "being negative" by attempting to have the district honor this fellow?

5 - Do you think I'm hurting Olympia and/or Apollo with this suggestion?

Once you answer those, we'll move on to attend to your need to discuss the security guard and other irrelevant nonsense that has nothing to do with renaming a school.

Anonymous said...

2:22 - Your reaction is so overwhelming I think there's more than what you've told us.

You seem to favor "inclusion' when it means we can't honor one person unless we honor them all (your definition), but at the same time you say nothing about our failure to accomodate all who wish to attend a lottery school. Where does this idea come from? Certainly it's not in district policy or past practice.

I can't figure out if you are protecting your kids from some possible positive influence towards a military career they might experience if we rename a school after a fallen alumni-hero, or if you are protecting them from letting other students enjoy attending a building that has a special name like Odyssey has. Could it be both?

Graehaven said...

How is naming the frickin' post office more important that finding a way to prevent the post office from RAISING THE FRICKIN' POSTAGE RATES AGAIN?

THAT'S an issue.

SCATS said...

Graehaven ~~ Do you remember that issue EACH time you send an email when you could have sent snail mail instead?

Graehaven said...

Scats, supporting the PO more by using them more (and inefficiently) is NOT the answer. There needs to be competition. Right now the PO doesn't have any competition - well, they do in the sense that UPS and FedEx are competition for package delivery, and some banking/bill pay is now done electronically. The reason the continue to raise rates is that they CANNOT compete. That's the issue!

I have no sympathy for government run agencies that are a big welfare distributor to its "employees." They deliver mail, for crying out loud, they're pay is too high. They need to provide for their own retirement, like the rest of us.

What they are doing is wrong. What they have been doing for decades is WRONG. We need to demand better.

SCATS said...

Graehaven ~~ While using them is unrealistic, using them less will only further diminish their operations. Like the printed newspaper, the days of the PO are numbered ...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the previous "suggestion" for a school name. It would be insulting to past, present or future graduates.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Schramm Memorial High School. Great idea Scats!!

Anonymous said...

as an alumni with al due respect to the heroic scrhamm, i dont think that this is appropriate.
the post office is a great idea.

SCATS said...

To 10:43PM ~~ What makes it inappropriate?

Anonymous said...

If renaming Olympia is "inappropriate" then we'd better switch back Odyssey's name to Hoover Drive School. I like Schramm Memorial High best.

Anonymous said...

all due respect to schramm, what makes it so important that the school be renamed in his honor compared to other fallen military graduates? is there something more?

SCATS said...

To 9:54PM ~~ as a fairly recent graduate, Schramm was known by many in the school community. Since it sounds like you are totally opposed to his name being put on the school, why don't you tell us why and then give us an alternative that you can support?