Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Anonymous said...
Before you think that I'm another "Mr. Greece Central", establishment-hugger, please know that there is NOTHING farther from the truth. That being said, the fact is that both Joe and Charlie quit prior to completing elected terms.
Citing Charlie's own words, "They spit on the vote." Those that voted for them to carry forward their oppositional agenda (I use the term without is what they were elected to do...shake things up) were left with nothing. nada.
It doesn't matter what the reasons for abandoning their constituents were. It doesn't change the fact that they did.
Additionally, if CARE could get their folks elected without Boily's war chest once, then they can do it again. The problem is: nobody cares anymore. People are worn out from broken promises and ineffective "cures".
The point that I'm trying to make is that the "winds for change" seem to have stopped blowing in Greece. The community's mantra has become, "We suck, and it's ok because the Police department sucks worse."
I mourn that sad fact. Greece was once a great community and school system.
5/17/2009 11:41 AM

SCATS said...
To 11:41AM ~~ You wrote: "It doesn't matter what the reasons for abandoning their constituents were." I disagree, especially in the case of Joe Moscato. By resigning early, he was better able to obtain "the truth" as a citizen filing FOIL requests than as a BOE member. To this day (a year later!), it appears to me that he is continuing to work for his constituents on the Walts' health care issue.
Regarding: "Additionally, if CARE could get their folks elected without Boily's war chest once, then they can do it again." I tend to agree with this. Many people would do whatever CARE told them to do if they were given that "guidance." I attribute that to the fact that many people came to trust CARE.
Regarding: "The problem is: nobody cares anymore. People are worn out from broken promises and ineffective "cures"." Yes and no. SOME people don't care any more. Some believe there's no one they can really trust. The bigger problem is that it takes FIVE VOTES to accomplish anything on the BOE. Sadly, CARE's elected voices often found themselves on different pages even when they had the same goals. Other times, CARE backed people they never should have trusted! They were easily duped by words and chose to ignore previous track records of some of their candidates. In reality, people rarely change and when they do, it's usually in small ways, not in complete philosophies. CARE trusted the wrong people much too often. It's their dysfunction as a group.
Regarding: "The community's mantra has become, "We suck, and it's ok because the Police department sucks worse.' " I think they believe we "suck" because: an audit showed a corrupt school district, we have buildings falling down, we have a former Supt. and his pals getting away with criminal acts, we have cops who have been getting away with criminal acts, we have politicians who refuse to address their constituents aside from shaking hands with the elderly, we have a town council who ALWAYS says "yes" to Auberger, we had an assessor who ripped us off but our taxes remain the same while he is serving time in prison ... yada, yada, yada. 5/17/2009 12:49 PM


Anonymous said...

I am not a member of care nor am I affiliated with it in any way. I think the members of CARE still care, but they seem frustrated. I think that they expect too much out of politics too soon. Many issue groups become impatient with the resistance of entrenched political power. They need to settle in for the long haul. Change sometimes takes more time then we wish.

Anonymous said...

And sometimes it is just easier to move someplace where people care and one party hasn't been in power so long that they run things with absolute power. I do not blame those who leave.

Anonymous said...

To 5:17: Many CARE members were active as early as the mid-late 1970's with various efforts to improve our schools. Many go back to the CEAC days. Please define what you mean by "settle in for the long haul".

The Boily Bunch raised $20,000, bought their board seats first time around and are continuing with that "business model". Unfortunately not one of the Bunch has done anything except take the district to even lower levels of integrity, performance and accountability. Entrenched political power = the election of bad people, bad governance and bad results for our kids. A pathetic group of people only rivaled by the pillars of our town government. And of course Boily gets a "twofer".

One can only wonder if 5:17 has "paid their dues" in trying to make our school system better for kids and taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I think 11:41 must be new to this town. They certainly have all their facts wrong! CARE has not been able to go up against the money machine Boily bunch since they first ran. They have endorsed candidates, who they trusted who once under the power of the machine turned into the do-nothing board that we now have.

As SCATS said, it takes five votes on that board to accomplish anything and, unfortuantely, for the Greece School District, the five votes are the funded candidates, two of whom are running again and who will be elected.

CARE used to contribute a couple of hundred dollars, if that, to the candidates who usually put up their own money, painted their own signs and had a real agenda for change and improvement in our sadly lacking academics. That no longer is the case, not since Roger Boily and the politicians became involved and we all know what the politicians have done to this town in the recent past.

From the first day of the announcement that Roger Boily was running for the school board (a press conference illegally held in the school board room, I might add), I knew this was the end of any progres for the better in Greece and as it turns out, I was absolutely right. We have gone in the opposite direction.

What good is it if board members stick out their terms, say like Carolyn Hauer. The board would have been better off had she quit and a few others there who are completely useless and are just taking up seats. There is not one forward-thinking person on that board with perhaps the exception of Frank Oberg.

Anonymous said...

The Greece School Board was never a political body before the election of Roger Boily.

The board was comprised of private citizens who volunteered their time and effort to make Greece Central the best district possible. Unlike the City of Rochester, where board cnadidates are elected by political party and are paid a salary, that was never the case in Greece. That is, until the politicians became involved in the district, destroying it completely and ending the chance for caring intelligent citizens to become involved.

If you don't believe me, just try to get elected without the sponsorship of the Republican Party in Greece. Even if you could get on the board, you could do nothing, because the majority of five incompetents rule the roost.

Anonymous said...

11:41 is so wrong. It is obvious they have no idea how things are done in Greece Central. I am surprised that anyone who really cares about this district could sit on that board and watch the absolute and utter nonsense that goes on.

They have two or three members whose only purpose on the board is to vote as Roger (not Julia) tells them. Have you ever heard Mr. Smith enter into any intelligent discussion on the board, or heard Mrs. O'Toole speak of anything relevant other than her own family situation, and, of course, there is always Mrs. Hauer, need I say more (all elected by the political money machine).

I can imagine how hard it must be to sit there and listen to the bull that goes on. With that majority, no one has a chance in hell of getting anything worthwhile passed and that is why, I am sure, Mr. Muscato and Mr. Hubbard quit. You can do more as a private citizen than you can sitting on the board where you are restricted by rules from acting on your own.

I say Hurray for those who had the guts to do the right thing!

So 11:41 in this Town there is no sense and certainly no virtue in "sticking it out" and your admiration for those that do is sadly misplaced.

Anonymous said...

11:41 writes:"They have two or three members whose only purpose on the board is to vote as Roger (not Julia) tells them".

If they voted as Julia told them, they wouldn't be voting at all. She would just do as she pleases and turn board meetings into Show and Tell Tuesdays. Last Tuesdays debut: "My Favorite New Bedtime Story"

I'll take heated debates and arguments over nonsense like that any day.