Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Left Court In Handcuffs;
Will serve 2 1/3 yrs. minimum

Judge Affronti ~~ "any law abiding citizen would have remained at the scene. You (Joseph) consciously fled in the dead of night knowing exactly what you were doing. You were speeding, drank alcohol and ingested cocaine. Your flight constitutes the most egregious transgression that evening. That flight in my opinion was the epitome of selfishness. You only cared about yourself."

Attorney Lawrence Andolina ~~ "Joseph has been punished. He lost his job, his health care and can no longer support his family."

Nick Joseph ~~ "I'm 44 years old. I never hurt anyone in my life. It's devastating. I have deep remorse. Every day I pray for the Sharp family."


* Other sources are reporting the sentence is 2 1/3 to 7 years

Al Joseph Video (this is a "must see!")

ADA Sandra Doorley Video

Atty. Larry Andolina Video

John Auberger Statement


Grand Jury INDICTS PIGNATO In 2nd Bribery Case


Anonymous said...

Da Judge has a short memory.

Did he forget Big Al helped him out back when somebody else's baby boy was in trouble?

Maybe the Statute of Limitations on that one expired.

Anonymous said...

His dad's video is a hoot. Someone needs to give him a chill pill.

But Nick Joseph could end up serivng very little time.

Anonymous said...

this is just small town minded people living in the realworld. another case of good old boys being called out for what they have done wrong for years. these people think that they are above the law, above the rules and owed something because they looked the other way on other's illegal actions. a bunch of corrupters getting what others like them deserve.

Anonymous said...

Shammerhorn screwed up as the lead cop at the seen - his punishment was?
The other cops on the seen did not look for Joseph (the driver of the other car) - there punishment was?

Rahn knew there was a problem with the investigation - and did what?

Auberger knew there was a problem with the way this accident was handled and he did what?

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, this sentence is pretty mild given the harsh words the judge used to describe Joseph. I can't wait for Chapter 2 where daddy gets his "guarantee" that the appeals court overturns Affronti's sentence.

Schamerhorn's up next.......

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh at Auberger's schoolboy statements about justice.

Will he say the same thing when hid day in court comes?

Anonymous said...

Auberger states that "justice has been served." A bit to late. The justice to be served was failed when he hired this cop knowing full well the bagage that this cop was bringing to the job.

Anonymous said...

Justice will be served when we watch Auberger leave in shame.