Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loszynski Holds Press Conference

Predicts investigation into shredding incident will be completed within days; report on it will be ready in 2 weeks

The investigators are looking into nearly a dozen allegations of wrong-doing; some are from the original cases; others have developed

Says 8 of the 12 complaints against Pignato happened while he was with GPD

Schamerhorn investigation is underway

Says he saw no need to set-up a hotline; claims they've received phone calls, letters and walk-ins

Investigators still have dozens of leads to complete; he could use two more teams to follow-up those leads

Says taxpayers in Greece "are getting a good kick for their buck" with his investigation

"Don't prejudge me." ~~ Loszynski's plea to the community


Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything about this press conference. When and where was it held.

SCATS said...

To 2:28PM ~~ It was held at 1:30PM at Greece Town Hall.

SCATS said...

I just located and posted a video of the press conference from one of the media outlets ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you this was fascinating.
Especially when he said about Pignato being off duty so no one was in peril from him as an officer now, but he would see if there was a "tacit" allowing misconduct to go unchecked. Isn't that the whole problem. The tacit blind eye to the misconduct at all levels. So not only would the offending officer be at fault but also those that allowed the behavior to be unchecked. It is hard to believe that no one else in the department knew about this behavior and the complaints from women.

Anonymous said...

I see Moscato and Maloney are claiming town staff tried to physically prevent them from entering the press conference. It looks like channels 10 and 8 were there along with some others I can't make out.

They should have footage of what occured and assumedly will air it tonight. If they don't, Moscato and Maloney should FOIL the tapes and run their own press conference announcing what happened. and they should press charges.

Someone must know some media people that would love to cover this story.

Charlie Hubbard said...

To 5:43 - your blog content is garbage. I was also there and none of that happened.
If you are saying Moscato and or Maloney claimed this happened, please come forth with some evidence.
It did not happen while i was there and frankly i think 'you' are full of ###p.

Anonymous said...

I saw Loszynski on tv it sounded like he was acting as a political spokesman for the town. He was telling people why a town policy to hire extra staff should be accepted. That is not his job. It needs to be defended by our public officials.

Where was John?

SCATS said...

To 6:11PM ~~ A town policy to hire extra staff for whom & to accomplish what? Are you referring to the extra help (6 more) hired for his investigation?

Anonymous said...

Basically, Joe Loszynski says basically basically too much, basically.

Anonymous said...

I would hope Auberger would stay "completely" out of it until the investigation is over.