Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loszynski & Aide Work Out Of Town Hall

Joseph Loszynski's Pay = $425/day
John Wood's Pay = $375/day
Six additional aides = $325 each/day = $1950/day

GRAND TOTAL = $2750/day
Plus expenses!


SCATS ~~ For this kind of money would it be too much to expect them to actually visit Greece Police HQ?


When Did Rahn Know His Pistol Was Missing? Did He Falsify The Theft Report? Investigation Takes A New Look.

"Rahn had not earlier realized the gun was stolen because he had been home recuperating from broken wrists suffered when he fell while hanging Christmas lights, Parrinello said." ~~ D&C

SCATS ~~ In the movie version of this story, I envision Chevy Chase playing Rahn's part.


rj said...

This should be deducted from Auberger's pay since he is responsible for this entire fiasco. He has to be such a control freak and have his hand in everything.

Anonymous said...

Well first they have to clean up the files in the Town Hall before the migrate to the police HQ. Of course, Rahn already got a jump start on that clean up!

Wonder if he's had time to have lunch with his old RPD buddy, Maggie's husband, Bob Wiesner?

Anonymous said...

more movie casting: Auberger played by the little mole guy from the Simpsons

Anonymous said...

ok,can someone tell me why this investigation cannot be done by the Active State Police Department,FBI, or the Attorney Generals Office that are funded Departments through our tax dollars?
Maybe because John Auberger does not want us to know the real truth of the matter.
The real truth is that John A, turned his back on some of the goings on in the Police Department because he did not want to upset the Conservative Party leadership for his own political sake.
These hired investigators are going to turn their findings over to whom? John A who will then pick and choose the information given to the tax payers and I bet John's release of information to the publie will relinguish him from any wrong doings.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "I am him" has deleted the constituent records that John A uses to direct his re-election plans. Like who is registered republican or democrat, who should receive public services first before others. Who door should be knocked on when door to door happens. That is what consituent services was created for. Oh they are also proficient in stuffing political envelops. TAX DOLLARS AT WORK

Anonymous said...

It's time for Rahn to take down Auberger. let's end this and save the taxpayer millions.

C'mon Merritt speak up now.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me how they are conducting this investigation from Auberger's office instead of from GPD headquarters on Island cottage Rd? It makes no sense to me. What are they doing, calling up and asking someone to bring over a certain file folder? Jeeze!

Anonymous said...

I just saw Jeff McCann on the channel 8 news with a Nixonian 5 o' clock shadow looking haggard.

When asked where the money is coming from he says they have money because 8 (I think) positions are currently unfilled.

This raises more questions than it answers.

Why hasn't this information been disclosed before?
Why are positions unfilled? What positions are they? There are many double dipping cronies and overpaid stuffed shirts like McCann and Firkins who are paid big bucks for CYA. No money for those who actually serve the public?

or is he own of Greece having financial problems that we are not being told about.
If so then, how can this cost be born.
If there is no problem why are these positions unfilled?

It about time we opened up Greece town finances.
How about it Greece Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Have no fear, mother Maggie is near!

They could care less how much they spend. There is no price more valuable than protecting jackass...err I mean Jack's as*!

SCATS said...

To 6:22PM ~~ Thanks for the heads up on that item :)

To 7:26PM ~~ Careful! I won't tolerate anyone insulting God's innocent animals.

Anonymous said...

SCATS you really are a hypocrite. Just admit it and move on. We won't mind and will still love you. ;)

SCATS said...

To 1:29AM ~~ Maybe it's not so much that I'm a hypocrit as it is that you assumed what I meant by "God's innocent animal."

Anonymous said...

I hope Merritt Rahn gets sick of this and rolls over on Auberger.

IT would save both time and money and do a good deed for the people of greece.