Friday, May 29, 2009

Here's Why Arguing With SCATS Won't Pay ...

Recently, a couple of you have chosen to read into, debate, confuse and/or analyze nearly every word written here. I assure you that I am very precise about what I write and I choose my words carefully. Despite that, some of you seek to argue with me. If only you would put your misguided energies into either: 1 - pressuring the "real" media into doing a better job of investigative reporting, or 2 - questioning the "powers that be" about their ongoing questionable activities/policies/behaviors, there would no longer be any need for this BLOG. In an effort to encourage you to do either 1 or 2 above, Comment Moderation will remain in use for as long as, or whenever I see fit. Comments intent on engaging in an argument with me will not be published. I really would like to see you put me out-of-business :) In fact, I challenge you to do so! So then, put your time into use where it will have a bigger impact than getting my delete button warmed up.

Yes, of course you may inquire about what I've written if you think there is an actual error or if you need something to be clarified. If you ask nicely, I may decide to reward you with a response.


SCATS said...

By the way, there's really NOTHING for any of you to comment on regarding this particular topic ;)

Anonymous said...

No need for you to get cranky SCATS, it could be as simple as a problem with change of diet.

My experience with older felines indicates there are a few considerations.
Have you changed to a Sr Cat Diet lately?
Have you been to Dr Vet for the 100,000 meow checkup?
Did Dr Vet do a fecal flotation test?
Did Dr Vet check for a urinary tract problem?

These are all very important, the cat who runs my life says so!

SCATS said...

To 2:58PM ~~ Your comments were so funny I just had to post them! Thanks for the laughs!

PS ~~ Sr Cat Diet? There are NO "cougars" here!!

Anonymous said...

to 2:58,
You left out the most popular test- the CAT Scan