Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greece PD Officer Arrested For Stalking

Officer Christopher Allen arrested May 11th;
faces criminal charges

"Basically the allegations are that he separated from his wife and that over a period of time starting in January this year and it culminated on May 11. He was stalking his wife, calling her repeatedly, going to her house, knocking on the door, and following her to sports events for the kids." ~~ Monroe County DA Mike Green


SCATS ~~ Let's see ... 7 out of 92 sworn officers are now in trouble. Is GPD hiring yet?


Anonymous said...

Geez.......we have a bunch of wing nuts working for GPD. This is really scary. I must say though if it was not for the investigations into GPD this wing nut would have never been arrested.

Anonymous said...

When will we clean out this departmnet for good.

Perhaps it is time for the Sheriff's office to take over?