Sunday, May 31, 2009

Get Ready To Pay Hundreds More

New Taxes & Fees To Start Soon
They Include:
Rising income taxes
Increased taxes on energy
Car insurance will cost $5 more
Replacing a lost driver's license will be $50 extra
Registering your car will cost $11 more.
Registering your ATV - $2.50 more.
Registering a motorcycle? $3.50 more.
Registering a motorboat --$18 in new fees.
Driving a taxi -- also an additional $18.
Want a fishing license? Tack on another 20 bucks.
It's also another $20 for a hunting license

"I want to make sure people know about this, so those arrogant New York City leaders aren't able to ram through something like that in the budget again." ~~ Sen. Joe Robach (R-Rochester).



Anonymous said...

So things are pretty much the same as when you and the repubs ran the senate/Albany - right Mr. Roebach?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain the obligation our State feels toward helping those that refuse to help themselves? Why is it that our government gives and gives my money to these people, but asks for nothing in return?

Anonymous said...

$8 billion in increased taxes and $9-10 billion in increased spending? That's gotta be a new record even by Albany standards!

Charlie Hubbard said...

It's FREE - don't you people understand it's FREE money from Washington.
Ya gotta love FREE $$$

Anonymous said...

A little off topic, but speaking of wasted dollars, and after reading this morning's D&C article about the upcoming Vision Summit, I would like to ask the board whatever happened the the $150,000 2020 Summit held a couple of years ago? Several of our present board members raved over the much-heraled Fitzpatrick Report as a blueprint for success for our 2020 graduates.

I'm sorry, but Achromavitch's public forum on the future direction of our schools is two and a half years too late and the act of man desperate to save his job. I think this community has had enough of your incompetence with the hiring of $200,000 consultants to do the job we pay you to do. This translates into more than $400,000 a year for nothing.

Another huge example of wasted tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

This from the self-proclaimed "King of Pork".

I would rather see my money go to tangible items than a stupid overpriced underground bus fumigation center called Ren Square, or MILLIONS of Dollars in COMIDA funding going to move Nothnagle Realtors 2 miles down the road to a new headquarters, or in Joe-Joe land, a multi-million dollar donation to St. John Fisher to fund a law school for a PRIVATE university.

Way to go Joe! (not)

Anonymous said...

A few billion, a few billion there and pretty soon we are talking real dollars! I wonder how many posts will need to appear in this blog before the "leaders" in Albany understand that the voters are fed up and ready to vote them out of office. It does seen frustrating that no one seems to be able to change these people who love to spend my money for someone who will be as responsible with it as I try to be! Maybe more people need to move out and leave them the mess they have created. Maybe when they are forced to pay more out of their own pockets, and really cut the perks down to something the taxpayers can afford (like NOTHING!) maybe they will understand.
Joe, and all you friends and colleagues in Albany, your days in office, spending money like there is no end to it, are OVER. You leaders have taxed the citizens of New York to the point that whoever is running against you, if they have a pulse, they will get my vote. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to move, I have to stay and vote. Maybe you can sense how I will vote.....

Anonymous said...

Albany needs to, and can, cut spending. There's definitely waste. As bad as pork spending is, it's worse watching Assemblywoman Susan John directing her pot to New York City. At least keep it here in Rochester!