Tuesday, May 26, 2009

C.A.R.E. & Moscato Among Those Calling For End To GPD

Questions surround whether internal investigation report will be shared with community that is paying for it

"What comes out in the community is controlled by Town Hall…we do not know if there will ever be a report above what they want us to know." ~~ Bev Strehle, C.A.R.E.

"The system which used to work very well in this town has been turned around to where the supervisor has complete authority to hire and fire." ~~ Joe Moscato


SCATS ~~ If the Democrats win the election for Town Supervisor in November, will we have a more open govt?


Anonymous said...

It's been said many times;
Thise who do Not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

Now I'm most certainly not a Republican, and the last Democrat I can tolerate was Harry Truman. I been in Greece since long before Joeey strapped on his gunbelt and saluted the first Italian Greece cop named Phil. Phil became a Greece cop because Albert W Skinner made a phone call and instructed the Supervisor the population of Greece suggested it was a good time to hire an Italian, and that young cab driver Phil would make a decent cop.

Joe damn well knows the Supervisor is the chief law enforcment officer of the town by law, and well recalls when an unnamed Supervisor lost both his car and a Greece Police Department radio installed in the car on a little drinking trip.

Lets cut the crapola coming from the democrats and the uninformed young reporter. The current crop of scandal isn't the first in GPD history. Before Joe ever went to the Academy over in the basement of Iola complex we had a fellow known as Officer Magoo, nice enough fellow other than the tunnel vision that caused the instructors from MCSO to suggest he be dropped, and the Town Supervisor to insist he stay. Magoo had a full carear. Then there was the fellow who sort of borrowed the money bag from the Tax Collectors office when he was supposed to be depositing it in the bank. He got hired cause he passed political muster.

Before Joey got hired he just as every Greece Cop ahead of him had to pay a visit to his Ward Leader and obtain his blessing. Back in those days things were done a littel more openly. Jerry P became TopCop in Greece after another scandal, it ain't NEW.

For those dreaming of Metro Police, look around at Metro Departments, and see how well they are working. If this area goes Metro Greece and every other participating Town will come up short on cops and long on taxes.

For those who beilieve in the Sheriff's Department being pure and scandal free, I can dig up a list of over 25 Deputies that prove that wrong if I can coax my DOS machine to life.

The solution is simple. Every Town Board meeting begins with an open session where the public can open its collective mouth. Get out of the recliner and make noise. Blogs are fun, but they really don't scare Town Politicians.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Moscato -- we need to go back to the way things were a few years ago -- when Merritt Rahn got to hire his buddy Al Joseph's kid Nicky and Gary Pignato.

If we turned hiring over to a "professional" like Rahn, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today!

Anonymous said...

Joe is right on.

We need to end the GPD comedy show
There is no good reason to give the supervisor (or "ward leaders") such control over hiring police. The process in Greece is way too political. It has resulted in poor policing

Using the same logic the president is the chief military officer of the nation. Does he get involved in every hiring? For all the hard boiled realism, you confuse legal fiction with the reality of who should hire.

While I agree that the Democrats ought to be more visible and speak up at town board meetings, the idea that the present public forum is functional is comical.

Auberger doesn't respond to any issues raised and there is not public debate during the forum. He sends I am him to cool down the marks afterward.

Most folks are discouraged that there concerns are unmet. That's why we need the dems to open up this procedure and to show up to metings to demand that the nature of the public forum be changed.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys who say "they should show up at more meetings"...blah blah blah.

I go to every meeting. Most times I am one of only a handful of people there. The last meeting started at 6:30 and was over at 6:41. Another meeting was supposed to happen at 6:30, and upon arrival, the doors were locked - no signs, no notice, no nothing. Earlier in the day I called to confirm the time. I was never told the meeting was canceled.

I've been to zoning and planning board meetings, where the logic is about as fine tuned as a chinese fire drill. You sit and wait and wait to make a comment, only to have them stare at you with a blank look, like they are aliens from another planet.

I've been to the circus show of school board meetings. Another fine example of what this town is. Don't speak, don't show emotion or we'll have you arrested, or at least threaten to.

There is no transparency in government. Those who claim they are "lifelong" Republicans must have voted Democrat when Auberger and Riley and the boys were all Democrats in the days when there was actually something left of this town to be proud of. Once they switched to the "dark side" things changed, and have been downhill ever since.

When you have to feed the master, and the master is always hungry, you'll never satisfy her. When these people in charge owe all of their allegiance to a bigger God than the taxpayers they are supposed to work for, this kind of situation happens. Power corrupts, and these people are about as corrupt as it gets - so this town now symbolizes the pinnacle of the power base of Monroe County. That's why they all have their day jobs working for Mother Maggie, and their "side" income is trying to figure out how to screw us here in Greece to keep themselves in the money, and keep their Master happy.

No more. It's time to wipe the slate clean and vote the bums out. This town needs an enema, and the King of Crap John Auberger and his side show of not so funny comedians are through.

Give this town back to the people who own it. The residents of the Town of Greece.

Take your little acronyms and lame attempts at comedy John Wayne Harry Truman BS lines and leave with them. There must still be room at the inn where Assessor Charles Schwab and John Nicolo hang out. I'm sure Nick Joseph would love some company, and the familiarity of your face.

It's just not funny amymore.

SCATS said...

To 6:22AM ~~ You are incorrect. Both Pignato & Joseph were hired by John Auberger. Pignato came to us a la Parrinello's recommendation. Joseph came a la Weisener's (Maggie's hubby). But both were hired by Auberger.

Anonymous said...

To 2:25 a.m. - Let's set the record straight, you sound like an old-timer and I'm afraid senility is setting in.

During the early 60's I worked in the Town Clerk, Bob Brewer's office and I can assure you that all police department employees were appointed off the Monroe County Civil Service List. That list was made up of candidates who took the Civil Service written and physical agility tests. The Town had to appoint (by law) at least one candidate from the top three scorers on that exam. Moscato, Phil C and one other appointee I can't remember came on at the same time (being the top three score getters on the test). Moscato was number one because he already lived in the Town of Greece, the other two were hired with the stipulation that they move into the Town within 6 months.

They never met with their ward leaders, I think you're thinking of the Sheriff's Department. That was and still is made up of political appointees who probably did have to meet with their ward leader.

The Chiefs of Police are a different matter, although in Greece they did have to come up through the ranks and pass Civil Service exams in order to be promoted, again the Town having to pick one from the top three scorers, they had much greater leeway in picking the Chief and you will remember they did it by appointing a Commissioner and forcing out the Chief and many other typically political maneuvers. That's why we've had some really bad Chiefs of Police.

The Civil Service exam is the best way to pick police officers, you get the most qualified, there are no politics involved and those hired had to live in the Town where their families resided and they cared about what happened in the Town. Not like today where they put in their 8 hours and go home to Livingston County, Wayne County, etc.

Those who remember history, should remember it correctly!

Anonymous said...

Senile, I think not. I also well recall Phil's appointment. Yes, it was from the Civil Service list, and Phil was appointed because Albert made a phone call. I do not think Joe came on at the same point Phil did around 60.

If you worked in Brewer's office you stood directly above Chief Paul's clock at least once every day, and should recall Paul's little trips off to the happy farm as well as Jerry's term as Comish.

Meanwhile, on the basement level Basil hid the 9 ball for the pool table so nobody could play on it unless he personally aproved, and on the second floor Leo did wills for his clients who didn't want to drive downtown.

How many hours did you sit on the South side of Stone Rd in campaign headquarters waiting to answer the phone that never rang?

Thinking back, what ever became of sweet MaryAnn who lived over by Dewey and the Parkway? Damn she decorated the Clerk's counter nicely.

Do you remember Patty from the Building Department, Bob the dog catcher, Ursula, the deaf lady who answered the phone for the Health Dept on the second floor you could hear in the Assessor's office?

Sorry, I'm a long way from senile, at least for today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

The old town hall became a LA-Z-BOY which went out of business. Then there is PIER one cheap and distressed foreign imports. Kind of emblematic of the new crew. What other town would demolish its history for third rate furniture store. These folks have no respect for our past and little concern for the future.

The bottom line is that we need an open and honest government, and need to boot the current lazy boyz to the curb

Anonymous said...

1:52 -They had to evacuate the old town hall once we started bussing city folks right into the food court at the mall. It was a matter of fleeing the criminal element that some think won't reach NW Greece. They are wrong, but then they believe denial is a river in Egypt..... speaking of which, I see our Shamber of Commerce is sponsoring a trip to Egypt in September. Let's send our politicians and the people who think Golisano has done nothing of substance.

Anonymous said...

SCATS: I watched that tape and nowhere on it do either Mrs. Strehle or Mr. Moscato say they want an end to the GPD. Where did you get that information?

I think your thread is very misleading and incorrect. Check it out!

Mr. Moscato talked about the hiring methods of the Town and Mrs. Strehle talked about not getting a proper report on the investigation from Supervisor Auberger. That's it!

rj said...

When one party controls the town we will once again have problems. Their needs to be a balance of democrats and republicans. So having all Democrats win in November is NOT going to give us an open government.

Anonymous said...

If one Democrat gets in with a can opener, we'll have more of an open government than 20 republicans in the room.

SCATS said...

To 5:06PM ~~ Apparently, this issue is one of timing. When I posted this thread yesterday evening, it was strictly based upon a written news report titled: "Greece P.D. – Too Corrupt to Save?" The first two sentences in that report are: "While the Greece Police Department which is under criminal investigation, its chief, Merritt Rahn, is suspended. Now there's a call to disband the department altogether." That leads into the cost of the investigation which is followed by Strehle's comments. At the time I posted this item, there wasn't a video posted on the website. After reviewing the video that is posted there now, I can see your point, if I were to rely solely upon the video because it presents things in a different order. It certainly wasn't my intent to mislead.

SCATS said...

To rj ~~ I agree completely!! It's all about a balance of power.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Dan Maloney getting lots of press time on the news this week. I'm not sure any of it will help him win in November. He needs to find a way to get some coverage WITHOUT using the union backdrop. I'd like to see the Dems start doing some community forums where they invite the Reps to come out and have a REAL TWO-WAY discussion with residents about the problems Greece faces. And I don't mean one of those phoney meetings where the questions are all printed on cards ahead of time either.

Anonymous said...

Once again to treat union members as if they are criminals ans somehow unqualified because they represent the views of workers is really disgusting. I really object to that.

It is a prejudice in the true sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell us why CARE has decided to talk on camera about the Town and GPD problems? They all but disappeared from view on school district troubles. All I can think of is this is their way of backing Moscato for election, right?

Anonymous said...

The only way there will be open government is when it is forced by the people. Grecce once had a couple Democrat councilmen by my recollection, Antelli replaced one, and the second became a Republican after years on Council. Oddly neither ever did anything other than go along to get along.

I'd seriously start looking at D candidates if and when they attended Council meetings and got in the current member's faces on issues. Just getting on camera and spouting the Party line from Schumer's mouth really ain't makin it in my book.

HINT for Meloni, say something relevent to the Supervisor job you're running for in Greece. I ain't Johnboy is only going to get you so many votes. The INVESTIGATION won't be done before election day. Get in the damn game and tell the rest of your slate to get in too.

Anonymous said...

Actually Dan in on the TV and media more than any other Greece democratic candidate in recent memory

Anonymous said...

Agreed, and he's not even elected yet.

And not for nothing, its nice to see something on the news about Greece thats NOT attached to a criminal investigation, a house of prostitution shooting, an "accident" involving officers, or trials and indictments over assessors and crooks who shall remain the "Friends of John Auberger" Club.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Malony or the rest of his team stands on eliminating the Greece PD?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymouse 8:17 A.M. what you have stated hit the mark. Thank you. These behaviors have gone on for a long time and it is not funny anymore.
Town Board meetings are over with quickly because matters are discused before hand behind closed doors. Town Board members are John A's rubber stamps. They would not dare to open up dialogue at a town board meeting and suggest opposition to how John A told them to vote on an item. When was the last time we saw a vote on an item where the votes were not 5/0?

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 12/28 12:45 p.m.
Dan Maloney is not for doing away with the Police department nor is Joe M. What they are for is to have a professional quality police department where the true meaning of "serve and Protect" the community is the number one priority.
Dan is for holding employees accountable including Department Heads.
Dan feels that Department Heads who have been hired through the professional civil service process, who possess the educational degree and level of experience necessary to mange effectively their area of expertise should be the ones facilitating the hiring, interview and recommendations for hire with imput from the supervisor and other distinguihed Department Heads. John A's micro management style and no all attitude would not be a carry over into Dan's administration.
Dan's philosphy of managed government is to give the constituents a say in the happenings and to allow elected town board members the opportuinity to make their thoughts and understanding known so that information from a broad base of constituents drives the decisions not the thoughts of the chosen few sitting next to John A's office in town hall.
Today we find our town as diverse as some of the large cities but yet we continue to allow the elected officials to facilitate our government matters as if we were a small one horse village.

Anonymous said...

@3:14 - Are you an official campaign spokeman or just some anon making a baseless statement that we can't trust or are you truly coveying Dan's views? Moscato has come out personally and said he doesn't want to get rid of the GPD but we've heard nothing from Dan himself. What's he hiding from? I'll reserve judgement on what Mr. Maloney believes until I hear from him directly.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous @3:14 I am neither, but unlike you, instead of waiting to hear from Dan I went to the source. You might ask how come? well for one I am very concerned for the future of our community where I like others have a great deal of personal investment.
The other is I want to be as educated as I can be when pulling the lever in November.