Thursday, May 28, 2009

ADA: Pignato "A Sexual Predator With A Badge"

Pignato's Attorney Calls Statements From Alleged Victims "Lame"
Judge denies motion to ban media from courtroom
Jury selection begins Monday
Testimony from 11 other women not allowed


ADA: Pignato "used his badge as a dating service."
10 Other complaints from women with professional contact with Pignato on duty
One woman met him at a funeral; he followed her home uninvited; told her the fastest way to get over her grief was to have sex with him


Pignato arraigned on charges in second case
It will be tried separately


SCATS ~~ Just when you think things couldn't get any worse, they do ...


Anonymous said...

He has an addiction. Wonder if he will use that defense.
Dangerous with a badge.

Anonymous said...

ADA: Pignato "A Sexual Predator With A Badge"

Rahn: A Chief of Police without a "unit"

Firkins: A "I am him" without a life but with a fat bank account

Nick Joseph: a "Cocaine user without a loaned vehicle or a Badge"

Auberger: "A Napoleonic type with a control issue"

Loczynski: An "expensive CYA with a gig"

Charles Schwab: An "Assessor without a assessee"

Tom Schammerhorn: A cop with a "broken wrist" syndrome

Greece Taxpayers: "Suckers no matter how you look at it"