Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust ...

"James Smith, who resigned as deputy county executive earlier this month, resigned from the top leadership post of the Greece Republican committee this week.

Ed Marianetti, who holds a leadership position with the committee, confirmed Wednesday that he read Smith's resignation letter to the committee on Monday night.

Marianetti, who is chairman of the town committee, will take over as leader for at least the next 30 to 60 days."
~~ D&C

SCATS ~~ Is it purely coincidental that Greece is building a new dog park? How nice we'll have some "green space" where all our former politicians and police officers can roam around and really step in "it!" !

Auberger Canceled Tuesday's Planned GPD Officer Recognition

Sgt. Chris Bittner & Officer Shaun Moore Will Have To Wait For Honors

“The dedication and commitment exemplified by these two individuals are what epitomize the determination of our Greece Police Department and their quest in serving our community and keeping us safe. I am honored to have the opportunity to recognize them publicly and thank these two fine officers”. ~~ Auberger (Press Release)

Greece Post editorial says the ceremony would have been "awkward."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How "Independent" Is Our Internal Investigator?

Anonymous said...
Check the County employment records for Loszynski's son - he works for Maggie in Public Safety. Must be a favor for the father, since Maggie's husband used to be with RPD. That's how Loszynski and Weisner are such good buddies. And we all know how "good buddies" and getting Nick Joseph and Gary Pignato worked out, don't we?
Auberger is GUILTY. The DA needs to move on this BS and end the circus. 4/29/2009 12:20 PM

SCATS ~~ Loszynski possesses remarkable credentials, but political ties usually TRUMPS expertise in the landscape of Greece politics ;)

Swine Flu Double-Speak

I've heard Dr. Andrew Doniger from the Monroe County Health Dept. say that face masks are "useless" in preventing the spread of swine flu. On the other hand, I've heard that anyone who suspects they may have swine flu should wear one of those masks if they need to go to the doctor's office or ER to seek treatment. I also know that doctors and other health care providers wear those masks when dealing with suspected swine flu cases. Add to that the fact that Mexico's govt is handing out millions of those masks to the public, just as the Chinese have done during bird flu epidemics in the past.

My question ~~ "If face masks are "useless" in preventing swine flu, why do health care workers, suspected flu victims, Mexicans, Asians and others wear them?"

By the way, I will NOT change from calling it "swine flu" to the politically correct A/H1N1 flu virus! I'm intelligent enough to know you can't get swine flu from eating pork, just as I know that pigs don't fly ... except in politics ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greece Republican Committee Meeting on 4/27/09

Summarized in anonymous email to SCATS (I put names in bold)

The Greece GOP met last night (at town hall) for their monthly meeting.

A letter was read by Chairman Ed Marianetti announcing the resignation of town leader, Jim Smith.

Auberger explained the decision to hire an "independent" investigator relating to the police department probe. He was about to take his seat when Ed Riley (brother of Donald Riley) questioned how Mr. Loszynski was recommended to the town. Auberger answered that high praise was recieved from many in law enforcement and then read Mr. Loszynski's resume (again). Not satisfied, Riley questioned Auberger again, as to who recommended Loszynski to Auberger. The supervisor answered that several high ranking state police officials recommended him (after he studdered several times).

Side note** Loszynski has ties to Maggie's husband, Bob Weisner. Notwithstanding, his resume as a professional internal affairs investigator is impressive.

The secretary of the Greece Republicans read the slate of candidates, as recommended by the screening committee:

Supervisor: Auberger
Taxes: Taylor
1st ward: O'Keefe
2nd ward: Bilsky
(county employee)
3rd ward: Conlon (auberger protege)
4th ward: Morris (Robach chief of staff)
Judge: Nitti and Campbell
7th legislative: Antelli (current 4th ward councilman)
19th legislative: McCann (deputy supervisor)

at which point, John Riley (Donald's son) stood up and questioned the "screening" process and how the list of candidates came to be. Sounds like the screening process was closed off to committee personnel. John Riley stated he was interested in running for office, but was not notified of the nomination or application process. This was quickly shut down by Chaiman Marianetti. A motion was made by Mr. Doug Dobson to approve the slate as presented - - - done.

Sounds and looks like turbulence in the local GOP!

Olympia: District Underdogs In Sports Facilities

“A lot of it is perception.” ~~ Julia VanOrman, BOE Prez.

“(Olympia’s) locker rooms are not in good shape. I think when you compare to Athena’s facilities, there’s a huge discrepancy.” ~~ Dave Ferington, BOE


SCATS ~~ Julia, "perception" IS the reality in GCSD. Ask anyone who didn't win "the lottery" ;)

Auberger Plans Press Conference On GPD Investigation

Will Discuss Document Shredding At 1PM

Update By SCATS Following Press Conference ~~

Auberger explained why the suspended employees are "suspended with pay" (it's due to Public Employee laws, the need to conduct a hearing, etc.)

Loszynski brought help with him ~ Retired Staff Inspector from NY State Police John Wood; he will be paid $375 per diem; extra help may be brought in if needed

Loszynski will conduct the INTERNAL investigation into procedures, etc.
He can compel sworn testimony from all sworn PD employees including the chief
He can access records; Can recommend charges of insubordination if officers fail to comply

Loszynski ~~ "I can guarantee there will not be a rock left unturned ..."
"... I want to create as clean a slate as I can for the new chief."

Asks for media to give him "two to three weeks of breathing room."

Says he has reviewed local BLOGS; wants to help restore public's confidence in GPD which he sees has been eroded

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lonsberry's Revelations on Greece PD ...

"The last time I spoke to Merritt Rahn, he told me that if he went down, he was taking John Auberger with him."

"... it is also understood that three off-duty Greece police officers – including two sergeants – were involved in a disturbance at a local movie theater in which one of the officers stood up and urinated. Though aware of the incident, the Greece Police Department has made no public reference to it and it is unclear if it has conducted any sort of investigation."

"Perhaps not coincidentally, Merritt Rahn, Nicholas Joseph and Gary Pignato are all officers who came out of the Rochester Police Department with bad reputations. They are also all officers who got their Greece jobs because of political pull. Each was recommended to John Auberger by a person with strong ties to the Republican Party."

"Merritt Rahn was boosted for the Greece chief’s position by Monroe County Conservative Party Chairman Tom Cook. John Parrinello, the prominent lawyer who asked John Auberger to hire Gary Pignato, said that he did so because he believed people should have second chances."

SCATS ~~ Greece residents, please consider volunteering your time to help paste back together all the shredded documents. The Iranians did it when they seized the American embassy in Tehran. I'm sure we could accomplish this in Greece, too. Call 723-2311 now and offer your services :)

Greece Dems Unveil Full Slate For 2009 Elections

Supervisor candidate ~~ Dan Maloney
Receiver of taxes candidate ~~ Loretta Fedele
Town justice candidates ~~ Bill King & Deborah Indivino
1st Ward Council candidate ~~ Karen Byfield
2nd Ward Council Candidate ~~ Absent
3rd Ward Council candidate ~~ Shawn Lavin
4th Ward Council candidate ~~ Karl Nielsen

“You can’t read or watch the news without seeing some new scandal coming out of Greece town government. The citizens of Greece deserve better. We deserve to be proud of our town. I will bring integrity by providing the oversight and accountability that has been so lacking in this current administration.” ~~ Dan Maloney (press release)


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who "Snitched?"

DA subpoenaed GPD personnel files on Friday including those of Rahn, Mackin, Ball, Officer Gary Pignato & former Sgt Nick Joseph

News 10NBC is told someone inside the Greece P.D. saw the shredding and contacted New York State Police.

Chief Rahn & Deputy Chief Mackin met with lawyer John Parrinello following their suspensions


SCATS ~~ Auberger (via "I am him" Firkins) wants you to know that the global spread of swine flu is in no way related to the spread of corruption within the GPD ...

Rahn, Mackin & Ball Suspended From GPD With Pay

"State Police responded Saturday morning to claims that Rahn, Deputy Chief William Mackin and Sgt. Brian Ball were at the department destroying documents." ~~ D&C

Watch the Press Conference

Lt. Uhrmacher Named Acting Police Chief

SCATS ~~ Shredding documents at police HQ? Sounds like they were helping to "Spruce up Greece!" Mr. Auberger perhaps you need to step down, too ;)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Upcoming: Study Session, Candidates Night

Study Session Tuesday April 28th @ 6:30PM
Topics ~~ Facilities & BoardDocs

Candidates Night Wednesday April 29th @7PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

Boily & Auberger Go On Camera Regarding GPD Scandal

Boily ~~ “These are good people in this town. It is an excellent community to work in and I think that's the way it should be judged, not on two men who may have done something wrong.”

SCATS ~~ He thinks this is about "two men who may have done something wrong?" I guess Rahn gets another free pass!

Auberger ~~ “Yes I'm disappointed, but we need to move forward and conduct our investigation and get to the bottom of it. If there are individuals we deem worthy to be disciplined, we will do so.”

SCATS ~~ Jack is merely "disappointed" !! And he suggests "we" ("I am him" and him?) might not deem them worthy of discipline. How nice it is to be one of the good ole boys ;)


100 MPH & Weaving On Parkway ~ Who Was Driving Nick Joseph's Truck?

Visitor reports incident & license number to police 1 month before accident on I-390;

Police "called him later in the evening to tell him they had not located the vehicle on the parkway."

Today ~~ "Mackin said he and Greece Chief Merritt Rahn were unaware of the incident before the questions from the Democrat and Chronicle but would now investigate how it was handled internally."


SCATS ~~ So the cops couldn't figure out who owned the car when given the plate number? That's TWICE for Nick Joseph! He has better than average "luck!" And for an agency that is supposed to be capable of investigating crimes, the GPD seems to be "unaware" of too much ;)

Auberger Goes Into Hiding, Let's McCann Talk ...

“Our goal with this investigation is to ensure that Greece residents have faith and confidence in the Greece department.” ~~ Jeff McCann, Deputy Town Supervisor

SCATS ~~ Isn't it time for Greece residents to clean house from the top down, and demand some true leadership, instead of more politics?

Robach Comes Out of Hiding

Starts Online Petition To Bring Back STAR Rebate Check

SCATS ~~ Thanks Joe!! We need our attention diverted away from the activities of the man behind the curtain again ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


*** UPDATE *** (4:08PM)

Auberger appoints retired state cop as Greece's Public Safety Director effective Monday; hires independent investigator into GPD

"Following Joseph’s conviction, Town Supervisor John Auberger said he had asked the state police to investigate the Greece Police Department." Story

SCATS ~~ How "convenient that Auberger was all ready to go with this just when those subpoenas went out. I think I know what Auberger, Rahn & Mackin were meeting about at Town Hall several weeks back ;)

New Investigation Seeks Taped
Interviews Conducted After
Nick Joseph Accident

Rahn Claims He's Unaware
Of Any New Investigation Story subpoena

"News 8 has been ordered to turn over all interviews with Rahn regarding the case, dating back to June of 2008. That and evidence from other media outlets will go to a grand jury, who will decide if there is enough evidence for a case to move forward." ~~ News8

News8 Video (I wonder if he will regret this!)

SCATS ~~ Now we know why Rahn has been MIA throughout the Cervini/Scott circus ;)

Graduation Rates Missing From NYS School Report Cards

"Holding up the data is the successful segregation of the number of graduates from the number of students who comprised the cohort of students that entered ninth-grade four years earlier, said state education spokesman Tom Dunn."

Data expected to be released in May or June


SCATS ~~ Let's be SURE to wait until we know how low we've dropped BEFORE handing out any more raises to the Supt. Let's also be sure that we don't set his goal for graduation rates NEXT TIME so far along into the school year that everyone can predict them ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ballot Positions Determined

Julia VanOrman Lever #1

AnnMarie Stenglein Lever #2

Roger Boily Lever #3

Joe Grinnan Lever #4

Candidates Night April 29th @7PM

Is End Near For Print Version of D&C?

Democrat and Chronicle to Launch New Web Site
(Rochester, N.Y.) - The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is launching a new Web site, possibly as early as next week.
The site,, will have more news content and databases.
Like other news outlets across the country, the paper wants to generate revenue in different ways. The site will be free at first, but the newspaper will eventually charge users for access.

SCATS ~~ Would YOU pay to read the news online?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over School Strip Search

Scats ~~ If they decide strip searches are "reasonable" and not an invasion of Constitutional rights, will body cavity searches be next?

"There would be no legal basis in saying that was out of bounds." ~~ Justice David Souter


Four To Run For BOE Elections

Roger Boily
Joe Grinnan
AnnMarie Stenglein
Julia VanOrman

Budget & BOE Vote
Tuesday May 19

Budget Proposal Seeks To Approve A Budget of $195,486,351

Monday, April 20, 2009

10 Years After Columbine ... What's Changed?

Weapons of all sorts are everywhere. ~~

"Shawn Tantillo, 19, of 263 Applewood Drive, Greece, was charged on April 10 with unlawful possession of a weapon on school grounds after he was allegedly in possession of a paintball gun on the campus of Athena High School, Long Pond Road." (MPNNews)

"Bayonet, other items taken from vehicles: Police received reports of items taken from vehicles between April 6 and 13. The cars were parked on Mt. Read Boulevard, Harmony Drive, Affinity Lane, Stone Road, Elmgrove Road, Ayer Street and Merrick Street. Stolen items included car stereos, GPS systems and a bayonet." (D&C)

Violence takes many forms ...

"Elementary school targeted: Someone painted graffiti at Craig Hill Elementary School, 320 W. Craig Hill Road, on April 6. A window was broken at Craig Hill Elementary School, 320 W. Craig Hill Drive on April 14." (D&C)

...and lives ...

Jiverly Wong ... Officer DiPonzio ... Chris Cervini ...

SCATS ~~ Can we really say our schools are safer today than 10 years ago?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Faith Committee Directory & Direction Questioned

ACLU says Youth Directory crosses a line in separation of church & state

"having any one single religious leader sign a document that is going out in the public school is troublesome." ~~ Gary Pudup, ACLU

"There are Christians in Greece, and non-Christians in Greece; we are a wonderful, diverse melting pot." ~~ BOE Prez. Julia

She claims "the district tried to reach out to all the faith communities in Greece. But the town offers little diversity in houses of worship."


Youth Directory

SCATS ~~ I wonder if either Julia or the Town of Greece has invited the Korean church that meets at Lutheran Church of the Concord. It's been there for decades.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

BOE Member Explains "Prayer Team" Error, Faith Committee, Day of Silence

I thought I would provide you with the "straight skinny" (a naval term you may be unfamiliar with) on Prayer Teams.

This matter WAS discussed three months ago in a Faith Committee meeting which I attended. At that time it was a proposal raised by a few of the pastors. This is something that is being done in other school districts around the country. There was no decision made on whether or not it could be done.

At the next committee meeting (March.....I was unable to attend) the group was informed that the school district legal counsel advised AGAINST this idea. The matter was dropped. I was not personally aware of the decision made to drop this matter until just two days ago.

Unfortunately "someone" did not get the word. A church prepared and published in a church bulletin an announcement seeking prayer team members. The bulletin was brought to the attention of the committee and was discussed in the most recent Faith Committee meeting (Thursday April 16) which I did attend. All agreed that the church erred in publishing the item in their bulletin. There will not be Prayer Teams in schools BUT churches will be encouraged to pray for the schools within the context of their church services. Clearly the churches have every right to do so!

Steps are being taken to notify the media and to make note of it on the school district website.

I should also explain that the Faith Committee consists of area pastors (open to all but typically ten or twelve actually show up), several BOE members (Boily, Van Orman, Oberg and Ferington), and District Superintendent (and some of his staff members as appropriate to the agenda). The purpose is to build and strengthen a better relationship with a significant segment of the community (i.e. churchgoers), identify projects that could be collaborated on (food drives, youth counseling services for "at risk youth", etc) and to have a dialogue on issues of mutual concern. The committee is open to ALL faiths. The formation of the committeee arose out of serious concerns raised by area pastors about surveys taken in local schools having sexual content questions and the so called "Day of Silence".

They (pastors) were upset about a specific survey sponsored by RIT that was taken in many Monroe County schools including GCSD. The survey asked many questions about youth behavior and practices including some on sexual behavior. Some objected to the graphic nature of the questions and thought it "inappropriate" to be administered to school children.That survey was completed some months ago. There was another survey just recently administered in area schools including GCSD. This was the CDC survey (Center for Disease Control) that is accomplished every two years and is used by the government to formulate policy in the targeted areas.

The district did provide for an "opt out" procedure for any student (or objecting parent) that found either the survey in total to be objectionable OR limited to the questions on sexual practices. This process was in place for the recent CDC survey.

A further note on Day of Silence. That took place yesterday (April 17) in the high schools. As this was NOT an official district sponsored event but one promoted by student members of the gay community, the district could not prevent it provided it did not interfere with normal classroom activity. I am informed that the number of students participating was much less than 100 out of the total student population. The BOE and Superintendent were nonetheless "bombarded" with letters from the church community demanding that it be stopped. Unfortunately, (from their point of view) the Constitution provides a legal basis for such a demonstration to be enabled.

I hope this helps to inform your readers.

Frank Oberg

Friday, April 17, 2009

CSX Train Parked In Residential Area Riles Neighbors

Town Officials Get Nowhere In Attempt To Get Answers Two Weeks After Arrival;
They Have NO Authority

Grand Jury Reduces Scott's Charge To Manslaughter

Manslaughter Charge ~~ alleges that Scott killed Cervini while intending to cause serious physical injury;
Is Punishable By A Prison Term of 5 to 25 Years


Contribute To His Defense Fund

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time-Warner Scraps The Cap & Tiered Plan

“They're withdrawing their plan. They are not going to use Rochester as a guinea pig for any tiered pricing plan, period.” ~~ Sen. Chuck Schumer

“We want and have the benefit of our customers’ views as part of our testing process.” ~~ Time-Warner


GCSD Investigating Wrong Bus Stop Incident

News10NBC reports that a Greece 4 yr. old was forced to exit the bus at a stop 1/2 mile from his home on Monday. Because the child knew his address, a "good samaritan" was able to walk the child home. A substitute driver and the regular aide are both on suspension while the district investigates.

SCATS ~~ I can't understand why/how the aide made such a mistake this far into the school year!

Auberger Must Distinguish Between Streamlining & Filtering

MPNNews Editorial Encourages Supervisor To Make Contact With People

"Supervisor Auberger would do well to remember that Greece residents are constituents not of an office or an appointee, but of him."

Greece Teacher Plans To Run For County Legislature

"Jo Meleca-Voigt, a teacher at Greece Arcadia Middle School, said Wednesday that she plans to run for County Legislature in the 19th District this fall. Meleca-Voigt, Greece Democrats' town leader, plans to challenge Jeffrey McCann, Greece deputy supervisor and a six-year incumbent. She ran for town council in 2005 and did not win." D&C

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are We Moving Towards Prayer In Greece Schools?

The GCSD Faith Committee:
Creates "Greece Directory For Youth Services" (10 of its 20 pages are church listings)
Begins Praying For The Schools (announced by BOE Prez. Julia VanOrman recently)
Churches Advertise Looking For "Prayer Team" Members (Dave Garretson's BLOG)

Anonymous said...
"Why in the world is my oldest child bringing home religious literature from our public school? After a phone call inquiring about it, I was informed it was meant to be sent home with the youngest student within the family. When I further inquired why it was being sent at all, I was met with a secretary's studdering. She attempted to claim it was more than that, but the signatures inside of the front cover explain it quite clearly Julia's, Steve's & a Pastor's. In a PUBLIC school this is unbelievable!" 4/15/2009 4:25 PM

SCATS ~~ I'm amazed that it appears that some of the same people who didn't want the BOE to take a stand on returning Christmas celebrations to the schools are activily promoting prayer in the buildings!

Achramovitch & Firkins To Appear Together

Northgate Neighbors Meeting

April 22 at 7PM
Our Lady of Mercy Community Center
Corner Denise & Armstrong Rds

Achramovitch ~~ To present Budget Proposal

Firkins ~~ To Discuss Senior & Community Center Services & Facilities

SCATS ~~ But Will She Do Her Best Imitation of Auberger??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Posted To Craigslist ...

paying state taxes

"I worked in Greece as a teacher for the last 3 years. I am wondering why I have to pay NYS tax every year? Why don't they deduct? They take money out for retirement, but why not for state taxes? Are they not aware that it must be paid somehow?"

SCATS ~~ I'm wondering how this person got hired!

Fact That's Stranger Than Fiction ...

Rescue Crews Called To 58 Baneberry Way (Yes, it's that same address);
Man Pinned Under Lawn Roller Freed By FD; Hospitalized

Roderick Scott Finally Gets Bail Around The Same Time
"A grand jury indicted Scott on a felony charge Thursday, which replaces the previous charge." Story

SCATS ~~ Sounds like the Grand Jury may have changed the charges from second degree murder to manslaughter. I hope Scott gets some well deserved peace & quiet.

Has The Time Come For A Curfew In Greece?

D&C Blogger Asks Question In Light Of Recent Events

Parents Wakeup!

"It’s 11:00 PM on a Saturday night in the Town of Greece. Do you know where your teen is? Probably not. Perhaps your 15 year old is out with friends breaking into cars or your 17 year old is enjoying a few beers at a house party before getting behind the wheel.

Spring has barely started and already I am seeing groups of young teens in the 13-17 age range walking the streets way past their bed time. Where are the parents and what are they thinking allowing their kids out at this hour? It’s time for parents in the Town of Greece to step up to the plate and start being parents. They need to stop being a friend to their kids and do the real job of being a parent. They need to stop thinking only city kids get in trouble or only bad things happen to kids from the city. They should know where their kids are 24/7. They should know who their kids are hanging out with and stop making excuses. Take responsibility before another tragedy occurs."

Monday, April 13, 2009

11 Things You Won't Learn In School

Rule 1: Life is not fair - get used to it!
Rule 2 : The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.
Rule 3 : You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.
Rule 4 : If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.
Rule 5 : Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity.
Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.
Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.
Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.
Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time.
Rule 10: Television is NOT real life.. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.
Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Apparent Heart
Attack Struck Down
Former GOP Chair


Saturday, April 11, 2009

This 'n That

Community Budget Meeting Monday April 13
7 p.m. ~~ Arcadia Middle School, cafeteria


Maggie Accepts Another Resignation
Deputy County Exec. James P. Smith resigns for personal & family reasons, effective Friday


From the Email ~~

Visiting Smarter Cats has become a part of my morning routine here in PWC, VA!

I dream of the day our Math Dept gets canned along with Walts & his minions! The $$'s saved would go toward remediating ALL the children in this County (to the tune of 30,000+ elementary students and rising). The time, effort and $$'s saved for wasted professional development would go toward rebuilding the damage to the morale of our teachers, staff and parents. I remain optimistic that one day soon this will come to fruition..

What Walts left behind in Greece, I fear, will be pale in comparison to what Prince William County taxpayers will surely face IF and WHEN his contract is not renegotiated. The entire school system is in lock step with his administration. It's mind boggling to us! Are folks really in awe of this man? Or, are they intimidated by strong-arm tactics behind closed doors? PWCS's dynamics have certainly changed for the worse: here it's painfully evident the fish rots from the head down!

It's my hope that justice will prevail for the Greece taxpayers and all those who are behind this effort. Let's hope PWC will ultimately benefit as well, sooner than later..

Thank you for all you do!

With best regards,
One of the MANY concerned parents of Prince William County, Virginia

Friday, April 10, 2009

"I AM HIM." -- Firkins Says She IS Auberger At Work

Residents Blast Auberger
Complain of Lack of Direct Contact
With Residents With Concerns

“It’s nearly impossible to reach the supervisor.” ~~ Linda Stephens, resident

“There are some things I would like to get directly from the supervisor. The public has a right to know what’s going on.” ~~ Susan Galloway, resident

“We’re being treated like customers when we should be treated like residents or participants.” ~~ Brian Caterino, Edu-Cable

"It’s simply about calling your elected representatives and having a chat." ~~ Ed Croteau, resident

“Why is it that Greece residents are blocked by the town of Greece constituent services from communicating directly with our town officials? Is it town policy that forbids town officials to directly respond to residents’ concerns?”~~ Ed Croteau, resident wrote in letter to editor

“In a municipality as large as the town of Greece, you have to streamline.” ~~ Kathryn Firkins, Constituent Services

"I am one of the most accessible elected officials in Monroe County.” ~~ John Auberger, Town Supervisor


SCATS ~~ This story is a MUST READ!! It contains lots of truth :) I'm still awaiting his promise to return my call from SEVEN YEARS AGO!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Grand Jury Indicts Scott

UPDATE ~~ Scott gets Bail Set At $25,000

Monroe County's pretrial release program recommends Scott be released on his own recognizance
Exact charge/s to be revealed next week

“He’s been sitting in there (jail). He needs to get back to work. In my judgment, he’s absolutely no risk of flight.” ~~ Attorney John Parrinello


Scott's Girlfriend's Statement (partial) ~~ Describes hearing voices; seeing three people in neighbor's driveway; hearing shots; call to 911 and conversation with Scott afterwards

Neighbor's Statement ~~ Saw three males going car to car on Buttonwood Dr; yelled at them

Cervini friend #1 ~~ statement to police about what happened

Cervini friend #2 ~~ statement tells of late night walk, trying car doors; the two 15 yr olds went back to the house after Cervini was shot and fell; they heard sirens, saw police cars had arrived; they didn't know what happened to him; they went to sleep; heard about shooting on news in the morning; he has opened cars before

Cervini Doesn't Fit "Innocent Victim" Model

Self Defense Cases Can Be Tricky To Defend Or Prosecute
Scott must convince a judge or jury that he reasonably believed his life was at risk

"In a case where you have someone who didn't do anything wrong, you often hear the term 'innocent victim. In this case, the victim isn't innocent. If he'd been home at 3 o'clock in the morning, he wouldn't have gotten shot. If he was breaking into cars, then he was committing a crime." ~~ Laurie Shanks, law prof. Albany Law School regarding Cervini's role


Citizens In Action Documents Show "Misspending"

Walts, Imon, Johnson Took District Equipment Without Authorization Using "Memorandums of Understanding" Between Themselves

Walts Signed To Give Himself Cell Phone & Laptop
Imon Signed To Give Himself Docking Station, Cell Phone, Aircard, Laptop & Printer
Imon & Johnson Signed To Give Johnson Cell Phone & IBM Think Pad

Equip returned to GCSD lacked ID numbers to match what was taken

"There was no policy in existence or regulation that allowed them to take district property when they left the employment of the district ... It's unique to Greece. Greece has a habit of doing this stuff, it's the arrogance of power that causes this." " ~~ Joe Moscato, CIA

Investigation Into Walts To Continue


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Scott To Testify To Grand Jury Thursday

He'll get an opportunity to tell his side to this story.

He's due in Greece Town Court for a preliminary hearing Thursday evening.


RNews Update ~~ Parrinello Describes Scott's Actions in Shooting

"My client didn't go out there with any intent to shoot anybody. He's remorseful about the fact that it turned out that this person was a 17-year-old, but he didn't know at the time what the age was, he was concentrating on somebody running at him ... As far as I'm concerned this is a self defense all day long. The Greece Police should have seen it that way; the DA's office should have seen the potential and just let him go about his business.” ~~ Attorney John Parrinello

Greece PD Spews Double-Speak In Cervini/Scott Case

From today's D&C: "Though police say the three teenagers were entering vehicles that morning, they do not anticipate they will file any charges against the two 15-year-olds. "We don't know if it was the two of them that were entering (the vehicles)... we have no information that anything was stolen," Wise said.

SCATS ~~ What kind of BS is this?? The police say it's the same kids BUT the police don't know if it was them?? Huh!? This is the SAME Lt. Wise that Joe Moscato pegged as "political" during Residents' Forum at last night's school board meeting ;) Looks like Joe is right on target.

Since our police dept. is useless, I'm going to say what many others feel (numerous polls show that some 63% to 75% of the respondents think Scott should NOT be charged with murder) ~~ A lesson from this case that should be pounded home to all teens/young people is that IF YOU CHOOSE to engage in illegal activities, YOU MAY PAY A HIGH PRICE, including injury, permanent disability or even death.

BOE Marathon Meeting Nets $195.5 Million Budget Proposal

Olympia HS *might* get locker room makeover & other upgrades;
Details TBD

Joe Moscato reported that his complaint filed with DA Mike Green over Walts' health care has been kicked back to an investigative unit in the Greece PD. "The investigative division is totally politically controlled outside and inside." Lt. Wise is in charge of that unit. Joe asked the BOE to discuss this item and "get this topic off the back burner."

The meeting ended near midnight.

SCATS ~~ Julia Proved She Can Lead A Three-Ring Circus AND A Dog & Pony Show ALL At ONCE! She also proved that whispering does no good at all when it's done into an open mic ;)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dina Alexander Mobilizes Jazz Band Supporters!

Plans to bring "dozens" of parents, students, Girl Scouts to BOE meeting;
Says a "club" wouldn't "serve the students"

Reported at 6PM on News10 NBC

Julia Breaks BOE Policy 3220 " Public Participation at Board Meetings" by allowing a speaker to transfer their time to Dina Alexander! The BOE policy states: "g) Speakers will not be allowed to transfer all or part of their allotted time to another speaker."

SCATS ~~ Way to go, Julia! Could YOU be any more political? Amazingly, yes!! You broke it twice! After the whole Doug Skeet debacle, I would *think* you would be familiar with this policy by now! Of course Julia, we know you only apply policy when YOU see fit ;)

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Scenario 1 ~~ High school seniors attend a party. They drink alcoholic beverages (illegally due to their age) to excess. They get into a car and take off. The driver hits a tree, overturns the vehicle and plows into a porch. A passenger (Joseph Mueller) dies. The driver is charged with drunk driving. The driver (Tia Gerstner) remains free while awaiting the wheels of justice to work.

Scenario 2 ~~ A homeowner (Roderick Scott) hears noises outdoors at 3:30AM on a windy, rainy night. He directs someone to call 911 after seeing people going from car to car in neighborhood driveways. He grabs a legally registered handgun, goes outdoors planning to hold the suspects until police arrive. He yells to three figures to "stop" and announces he has a gun. Two of the three flee. The third person charges towards him. He fires and strikes the person twice, killing a young man (Chris Cervini). The homeowner goes to jail, is not given bail and is held on murder charges.

SCATS ~~ I believe a case can be made that drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is a pre-meditated act that takes on a calculated risk of ending in disaster, possibly death. How can Ms. Gerstner be free, but Mr. Scott is in jail without bail? Is DA Mike Green using this case to try to deflect attention from the politics within Greece, the ills of the GPD and doing so at Mr. Scott's expense?


Monday, April 06, 2009

Annual Whiners Plan Complaints To BOE Over Proposed Budget Cuts

Parents To Present Petition To Keep Music Programs Intact;
District Says Changes Will Bring Equity

"We are defining what are the core components of elementary music. We're not saying you can't have a jazz band, we're just saying that all schools need to provide the core: concert band, chorus and orchestra." ~~ Carol Pallas, Supt. for Elementary Schools


SCATS ~~ I'm tired of parents who only get involved for self-serving reasons at budget time!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

BOE To Adopt Budget At Tuesday Meeting, 6:30PM

Exec. Session planned for 5:30PM to discuss employment history of particular person(s), collective bargaining & pending litigation.


Board Reports
Finance Committee
Transportation Committee
Audit Committee
Community Faith Comittee
Discussion of potential topics for the April 28, 2009 Board Study Session
Legislative Updates

Supt's Reports
Budget Adoption
Tax Report Card Approval
EXCEL Project Update

Old Business
Former Supt's Health Care

Financial Oversight
Finance - Treasurer's Report & Budget Status Report
Resource Report

New Business
APAC Usage Fees
Conduct while Supervising Students Discussion, Policies 6150 & 6151
Discussion of re-naming Apollo MS to Olympia MS
Board Discussion of taping & radio broadcasts of Board Study Sessions

Second Read Policy 5250 Sale and Disposal of School District Property
Second Read Policy 5421 Procurement of Goods and Services
Second Read Policy 3210 Visitors
Second Read Policy 5550 Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title I Programs)
First Read Policy 5635 Energy Management Conservation

Saturday, April 04, 2009

GPD Called After Male Shot Dead In Street In N Greece

Police Charge Homeowner With Murder

D&C Overnight Editor Gives More Details ~~ victim had no ID


Sheriff's Canine Unit Called-In To Look For Group Of Possible Intruders


SCATS ~~ Lessons learned from Nick Joseph Case appear to be paying off ;)

RCD Cuts $5 Million Cost By Reducing Bus Stops

Staggering Elementary School Start Times Allows Buses To Do Double Duty;
Cuts Busses Needed by 44%


SCATS ~~ This is a sign that GCSD Needs To Reduce Bussing Districtwide To Control Non-Contractual Spending!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Nine Area Students Qualify For Geography Bee



SCATS ~~ We're the largest suburban district in the area and we can't qualify even ONE student of our 13,000 for this? Why not??

Thursday, April 02, 2009

GPD: Taser Teen, Arrest Counselor In Melee At Mall

St. Joseph's Villa Residents Get Unruly While Shopping With Counselors;
Mall Security Summoned;
Group Told To Leave;
Tasered Teen Appeared Ready To Punch Officer;
Counselor Nikia Washington Throws Perfume Bottles At Police;
Washington Charged With Assault, Harassment, Resisting Arrest

Side note: The Second Counselor (present, but NOT charged) Was Alexis Sharp, The Victim Of The Nick Joseph Hit & Run Case


Police Report

SCATS ~~ Spring fever must be hitting Olympia HS students, too. GPD has been called to neighborhoods surrounding the HS at least 3 afternoons in the last 8 days.

A Great Idea!

Anonymous said...
Will the public have a chance to hear from and question the finance committee before the board votes on the budget?????I hope so! 4/02/2009 8:31 AM

SCATS ~~ This idea is much better than letting the suits from District Office try to "sell" the budget!


And A Great Explanation!

Anonymous said...
The Greece technology plan and many of its efforts... The Greece technology plan and many of its efforts put the cart before the horse. It purchased items without considering how it would be implemented and used. It was driven by a desire to obtain a ratio, rather then obtain results. In retrospect, Greece should have started with the curriculum and then integrated technology into it. The needs of the curriculum should have driven instructional investments in technology. That was never done. The needs of the average everyday classroom were not considered. AS a result, too much time, effort, and money was wasted.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"Don" Rahn Quits GPD To Become Judge!!

Accepts Offer To Join 'Dancing With the Stars' ... developing!!