Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NY Budget Will Be Felt In YOUR Wallet

New Taxes, Fees To Raise $5.3 Billion For NYS

"You have the biggest tax and fee package in state history by any standard." ~~ E.J McMahon, Dir. Empire Center for NY State Policy

Utility Bills ~~ Tax to rise from one-third of 1% to 2%
Cell Phone Bills ~~ New $1.25 "Public Safety Communications" Surcharge
DMVCharges ~~ Registrations up by $11, licenses up by $12.50
Car Rental ~~ Sales tax rising from 5% to 6%
Wine & Beer ~~ Tax up 2 cents/12 pack or bottle of wine
Bottled Water ~~ 5 cent deposit imposed


Brizard Cuts Budget, Slashes 287 Jobs

251 Teachers Cut

Union President Criticizes Plan ~~ "This is the worst budget proposal for this community. This is worst thing any superintendent could do to the children in the city because that decreases their prospects for learning." ~~ Adam Urbanski, RTA

Brizard Responds ~~ "There are classrooms in our district with 8 students and 2 teachers, we have classrooms in our high schools of ten to a teacher. We've had the best class size ratio in New York State yet we've had the lowest graduation rate in New York so do the math."

Urbanski Intends To Fight Cuts ~~ "Teachers are getting the sense that this superintendent thinks that they are part of the problem rather than part of the solution."


Greece Cop Injured In Crash

Car Hit With Lights & Sirens On


Monday, March 30, 2009

District Officials To Pander Budget To Community Groups ...

Including ~~
Rotary, Kiwanis, the Chamber of Commerce, the Greece Youth Board, Town of Greece Senior Council, sports and music boosters, the Northgate Neighborhood Assn, and members of the local senior citizen community

Two community meetings will be held:

Monday, April 13; 7 p.m.Arcadia Middle School, cafeteria

Wednesday, May 6; 7 p.m.Olympia High School, large cafeteria

State Budget Up 9%, School Aid Stays Flat

"We have produced a budget that provides a solid foundation to move forward and address the challenges ahead." ~~ Gov. Paterson

"The end result of the most secret budget process in state history is a plan that taxes too much, spends too much and does nothing to create jobs. The New York City Democrats went nuts on taxes and spending." ~~Sen. Minority Leader Dean Skelos (Rep.)

$131.8 billion budget total
$5.3 billion in new taxes and fees
$6.2 billion in federal stimulus money


Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Sudden Increase In "Transparency"

Audit Committee Meeting Posted!

Is This Because Julia Is Running For Re-election?


Audit Committee Meeting Planned for 3/30/09 @4:30PM in Rm E-40, Apollo

Exec. Session planned 3/31/09 @6:30PM
"It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session to discuss the employment history of a particular person(s), or matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person(s)"

Julia ~~ After 3 years on the BOE, do you realize that calling a "Special Meeting" just to have a closed door session is not technically legal ?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

ATTN PARENTS! Get Informed!!

It's Youth Risk Behavior Survey Time

GCSD Plans To Ask Your Kids About Behaviors Ranging From:
"In a typical day, how many servings of vegetables do you eat?"

"How old were you when you had oral sex for the first time?"

Sample Survey

SCATS ~~ It is YOUR RIGHT to opt out your child's participation, if you want. Your children do NOT have to answer ALL questions. Discuss this survey with them!


Roger Boily (NO surprise there!)

Michael Trippe (Took out a petition in 2007, but never turned it in)

Bob Schroeder
(Better hold onto your wallets!)

Julia VanOrman (No surprise here either!)

"Joe" Grinnan ( Advertising specialist )

AnnMarie Stenglein (Watch out Sarah Palin!)

Jim Loewke (Loewke Brill fame?)

*I'm told that petitions are still out until later in April. The 7 named above have taken out a petition, so it's not definite that each will turn one with the needed signatures in. It's not too late to get some signatures and run ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Golisano: Teachers' Union To Blame For Part Of NY's Financial Mess

Pledges His Support To Those Who Take On Powerful Teachers Unions


Words of Wisdom ...

“We need to declare a war. Writing, arithmetic and reading — that should be our schools. We shouldn’t be cutting the teachers. We should be cutting the activities. We don’t need an activity for every child.” ~~ Parent, Joanne Carbone, regarding the proposed budget


SCATS ~~ If you know of an offbeat stipend-supported activity at one of our schools, please bring it to our attention. People like me need to be educated about all the amenities the students are provided. I had no idea this district has a "dance team." I'm sure there's other gems just awaiting discovery ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raises & Health Care Contributions Keep GTA Contract Negotiations Stalled

"We're no closer today than we were a year ago, and whenever you have protracted negotiations, you know somebody gets hurt." ~~ Don Pallozzi, Greece Teachers Association Pres

"School districts and unions are at a stalemate right now and it's going to take much longer for deals to be made than in years past. You have school districts facing financial hardships and you have school district employees facing financial difficulties in their families." ~~ Richard C. Iannuzzi, NYSUT Pres.


SCATS ~~ I'm going to wager that after all is said and done it won't be the teachers who "get hurt."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kudos To Mrs. Carbone!!

She told the BOE that core academics, not the extras, should be our priority in the budget and in the classroom. And she did so quite eloquently :)

Will ANYONE Speak About The Budget Tonight?


Preliminary Budget Hearing TONIGHT @ 6:30PM

SCATS ~~ My thoughts on bussing costs: MANY parents whose kids could enjoy a busride to school opt, instead, to drive their kids to school daily. Has anyone ever surveyed parents (or students) to see how many do not use district transportation services despite qualifying for them? I bet there would be some eye-opening numbers for the Transportation Committee to ponder after such a study ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Were YOU "Counting On" A STAR Rebate Check This Fall?

"People were counting on those rebate checks. People budgeted for that rebate check. It was a commitment that we made; it's a commitment that we would like to honor." ~~ Senate Finance Chairman Carl Kruger, D-Brooklyn


SCATS ~~ Actually, I was counting on Auberger to LOWER my property taxes ... but then I woke up!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Another District Cut Its Budget


In our local Press Journal this week there was a major article about the school budget cuts proposed by the school supt. of
Port St. Lucie County. He needs to cut $30 million dollars from the budget for next year. Port St. Lucie County a bit more than double the size of Greece.

Across-the-board 1 percent salary reductions. Savings: $3 million
QUESTION: Could you ever see that happen in Greece Central?

Reducing its 4751 work force by 331 jobs through layoffs, reorganizing departments, resignations and retirement. Teachers represent 157 of those positions. Savings $18.6 million.

QUESTION: That reduction is approximately 7% of the work force with the teacher reduction approximately 50% of the total reduction. Greece has approximately 2,000 employees. That would be a reductions of 140 employees and a reduction of 70 teachers.

Question: Could you ever see Greece make these hard decisions?

Closing one elementary, one kindergarten through eight-grade school, and one alternative school. Savings $1 million.
QUESTION: Could you ever see Greece even DISCUSS the closing of Schools of Choice, Signature Schools, closing of an elementary school and a return to neighborhood schools?

Reducing high school and middle school sports. Savings $1 million
QUESTION: Could you ever see Greece reducing high school sports especially hockey?

Fewer bus stops for magnet schools and changes in routes. Savings $900,000
QUESTION: Could you ever see Greece to increase walking distance even to 50% of the state walking distance recommendations?

Get the County Commission to absorb the district’s share of school resource officer expenses. Savings: $2.7 million.
QUESTION: Could you ever see the Monroe County Legislature or County Executive Maggie or Greece Supervisor Auberger or the Greece Police increasing their support for Greece Central?

With Greece School Superintendent and BOE President giving lip service to “Everything is on the table” while maintaining Schools of Choice, Signature Schools, with no discussions of a return to neighborhood schools and no changes in busing other school districts are tackling difficult decisions.


Doug Skeet

Budget Hearing/BOE Meeting Tuesday

The Board will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30 pm to discuss student discipline, collective bargaining & the employment history of particular person(s).

Budget Hearing @6:30PM

BOE Budget Review

SCATS ~~ Despite declining enrollment & other changes, it's clear there would be NO proposed reductions without reductions in aid. The status quo is alive & well, despite the Supt.'s promise that "Everything is on the table." Let's put schools-of-choice, transportation and extracurriculars "on the table," instead of teachers ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Three-Way Confab Spotted At Town Hall Today ...

Supervisor Auberger, Chief Merritt Rahn & Lt. Bill Mackin

SCATS ~~ I can't imagine what they might be discussing ...
OK, OK, I CAN imagine ;)

To Fund ... Or Not To Fund?

Can We Afford To Fund Technology In Public Schools?

Can We Afford NOT To?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The History of "Schools-of-Choice"

Due to so much continued dialog and "confusion," I'm reposting an amended version of what I wrote about a week ago for everyone to read and pick apart ;)

Here's how the first school-of-choice came to be:

Rollback to the late 1980's. John Yagielski is the Supt. District enrollment is bulging because: 1) the town is building tract housing at a rapid pace to satisfy demand by the Baby Boomers who seek new homes AND 2) these Boomers have caused a "boomlet" population explosion that is hitting the schools. Space is needed so badly that hallways are used in some buildings. GCSD is strongly criticized for needing space when they recently sold Britton Road school to Wegmans. West Ridge School is no longer being used by GCSD (the YMCA, a daycare and other groups are using it), but the district still owns the property. Parents are upset about frequently changing boundary areas that cause students to be moved from one school to another.

Two questions arise: 1) If GCSD reopens West Ridge (an old building) to help alleviate the space crunch, how can we entice parents to send their children to school there when the building is viewed as out-of-date, out-of-repair? 2) How can we maximize the impact of reopening it to reduce enrollment at the schools that have the biggest space needs and ease the impact of boundary changes?

The answer: 1) Improve and expand the facility by removing asbestos, making some repairs & modifications and adding on the West Ridge Community Center portion to house an on-site daycare (a new home for the existing daycare) and a facility for senior citizens who will be welcomed into the classrooms for reading, etc. 2) Offer a new educational program (The Learning Lab concept) based on the latest educational research and provide something no other school offers to lure people into voluntarily enrolling their children in an older facility. 3) Make this the only K-5 school in Greece. 4). Instill the "Sibling Rule" to ensure families can keep their kids together under one roof instead of splitting them up the way a K-5 program does. 5). Eliminate boundaries for this school (except for the nearest interested students who would walk). Distribute the remaining enrollee slots based upon the space needs within the district's other elementary buildings. Example: allow 30 students to enroll from Holmes Rd (where space issues are more minor) vs 50 students from Paddy Hill (where space needs are deemed critical). 6). Utilize a lottery where/when necessary for selecting the "lucky" families whose children will be "chosen" to attend.

The first school of choice: West Ridge reopened as an "Elementary Learning Lab" in 1990 with the promise that successful programs tried there would be replicated elsewhere in the district. From its inception, the school was oversubscribed, thus the need to do publicly held annual lotteries to fill even the first slots by grade level and create ongoing waiting lists for the others who wanted access to the new program, daycare and senior center amenities.

What's changed since West Ridge reopened? PLENTY!!

1) Development of the town is essentially "completed" as little land is left for new housing. The need for frequently shifting boundaries has all but evaporated with this halt to new development.
2) The Learning Lab concept is no longer mentioned, the "successes" were never shared.
3) Fuel to transport students has become much more costly, as has busses and drivers' salaries..
4) Most other schools in the district have added to their facilities with new classrooms and other amenities, so they can hold more students (1993 added many new classrooms and the infamous CIP of 2000 expanded libraries, gyms, etc).
5) Two more schools-of-choice have opened (Pinebrook & Odyssey both in 1993).
6) Lotteries are no longer conducted in public AND boundaries are no longer an issue at elementary.
7) The West Ridge Community Center no longer houses either the senior center or the daycare.
8) Creation of Signature Schools and the secondary option in addition to schools of choice have created huge demands on bussing at great expense to buy and fuel busses or to contract for bussing services.
9) The economy both locally and nationally is pinching everyone's wallet causing many more to question the cost of continuing to offer "schools-of-choice."
10) Based upon the above items, schools of choice are no longer needed for any of the reasons they were created to resolve.

What's stayed the same? The three schools-of-choice remain both controversial and oversubscribed 19 years after inception of the first program!

A Master At Understatement

“Our expenditures are outpacing our revenues.” ~~ Lou Alaimo regarding tax levy projections

Projected tax levy:
$90.9 million for the 2009-10 school year;
$98.2 million for 2010-11
$105.8 million for 2011-12
$109.9 million for 2012-13


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Only Three Speak To BOE About $192 Million Budget Proposal

One from PTA, One Employee, One Former BOE Member

SCATS ~~ Diagnosis for an ill, dysfunctional district:

Godfather: Merritt Rahn?

Investigation Into Joseph
Case Brings Up Ghosts Of
GPD's Past For Rahn & Others


Visconte Deposition Part I

Visconte Deposition Part II

Rahn/Scamerhorn Deposition

Settlement Agreement

Editorial Nicely Sums Up The Greece PD


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chris Lee Unveils Student Protection Act of 2009

District office swarmed with politicians (Boily, Auberger, Achramovitch) and law enforcement (O'Flynn, Rahn & others) as Chris Lee hyped his new tool for combating sex abuse in schools.


SCATS ~~ We already have sex offender laws, databases and reporting capabilities. What we really need is a law forcing schools to call the police when such offenses occur!

Nick Joseph Verdict

*** GUILTY ***

DA's Office To Investigate Greece PD's Handling Of Case

“Now that the trial is over, we do intend to sit down and look at everything from start to finish, to see what was done and what wasn’t done. If we find any evidence of official misconduct or illegality, we intend to take the proper steps.” ~~ Mike Green, DA

Calls Joseph's Behavior An Embarassment;
Asking State Police To Perform Internal Investigation Into GPD
Wants Joseph To Be Fired Tonight At Town Board Meeting

"I am personally very troubled by the appearance, brought to light during testimony at Nicholas Joseph’s trial, that proper procedures were not followed. I assure all Greece residents that there will be a complete and thorough investigation of the events of June 7th and if warranted disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who did not follow proper procedure.”~~ John Auberger, Greece Supervisor

Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn Scheduling Press Conference


SCATS ~~ It's time for some MAJOR CYA, Mr. Auberger & Mr. Rahn ;)
Until Greece stops hiring other police departments' rejects and begins to pay to send newly hired young officers to the Police Academy, history will keep repeating itself within the GPD.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preliminary Budget Hearing Tuesday @ 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30pm to discuss collective bargaining

Agenda Items
Preliminary Public Budget Hearing
Board Review of Budget


How Open Is YOUR Local Govt?

Sunshine Week ~~ In-Depth Look At Websites Offered By Local Towns, School Districts & Monroe County

"For our audience, we like to provide as much information as possible. The school board's goal is to be more open with our community and we see the Web site as an opportunity to do that." ~~ Laurel Heiden, GCSD Spokesperson

"Our site was state-of-the-art when we rolled it out in 2000, but technology has moved on so much that there's so much more we can do now." ~~ Kathryn Firkins, Greece Dir. of Constituent Svcs


Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th ... Part Deux 2009 !!

Unless you suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, friggatriskaidekaphobia or triskaidekaphobia :)

There will be three Friday the 13th days to "celebrate" in 2009. This happens only once every 11 years!

The Face Of Innocence?

Nick Joseph Grand Jury Testimony
Does It Indict GPD For Incompetence?

Q. Do you have an accident reconstructionist or collision expert in your force?
A. I've never seen him utilized. I've been told that Sgt. Brian Ball is our accident reconstruction expert ...

Q. So wouldn't you agree with me that generally there is a technician who would be available on call to respond to a scene if needed?
A. No.
Q. That's not the case with the Greece Police Dept?
A. No. No. Being under oath, I have to be honest with you, sometimes that place runs very questionable, and we don't have a canine dog, and there's numerous evenings where we don't have any technicians working. We have to call one at home.

Read It All Parts I-IV

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Smoke 'n Mirrors ...

78 Job Losses Becomes 53.2 For 2010 Budget

Funding To Shift To General Fund For 25 Special Ed Positions In 2010


SCATS ~~ Shifting 25 to the general fund and paying for them with entitlement grants this year means they will likely shift BACK next year at budget time ... thus NO REAL REDUCTION now or in the future!

Another BOE Meeting Quote To Note

"There is a disconnect between the district and the community. This disconnect is growing." ~~ Larry Baldasare, Transportation Committee regarding cost to transport students to schools-of-choice

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Budget Q & A Of The Night ...

Question: "WHAT do we value?" ~~ Don Palozzi, GTA Pres. regarding budget related school staffing decisions

Answer: "... relatively expensive sports programs." ~~ Gale O'Toole, BOE regarding budget related school staffing decisions

SCATS ~~ GCSD values bussing students to "choice schools" and the sports programs & extracurricular activities over academics and everything else. I know this because we NEVER discuss (seriously) cutting back those programs/services, even in light of laying-off dozens of teachers, increasing class sizes, eliminating field trips, reducing electives/AP classes in the high schools, watching graduation rates plummet, failing to keep all our schools off the NY State "watch list" and sinking to the bottom performing district in the county while spending the fewest number of days in school.

Student learning may be the goal, but the only goal Greece Central ever scores routinely is on the ice rink, soccer field, football field and not in the classroom.

Interesting Tidbits ...

School Services Theft Case Waived To Grand Jury
No court date set yet for Miranda Hill
Probation violation charge to be heard March 11


SCATS ~~ And we're STILL educating her kids at Greece taxpayers' cost, right?

Greece Chamber plans
Dewey Ave. Business Roundtable
8PM Thursday @Barnard School

SCATS ~~ Will they pay to use this facility? Do they get to use the gym, too?



SCATS ~~ Greece BOE take note!! You CAN make athletes perform in school ;)

Monday, March 09, 2009


What's Your Opinion Of The Greece Chamber?

The Greece Chamber of Commerce is inviting members & the general public to take a short survey. Use the link on the GCC Homepage to get your opinion of them heard.

Textbooks Lacking From Current $194 Million Budget!!

Anonymous said...
Julia is NOT riding high in popularity and was NOT correct in saying it is helpful to have a book. Books are NOt a problem in greece. Students have the appropriate texts needed for course work. Other than supplemental resources that are wise to share, students are each assigned the books they need for their classes. How uninformed to suggest otherwise. If you want to challenge this... Please site specifically (school(s) and discipline(s)) where textbooks are not provided to each student and only class sets exist. 3/08/09 9:32 PM

Anonymous said...
To 9:32
HR no math no spelling or ELA book of anykind
No workbook for writing
BH gr3 no MATH text or workbook Not one text book or work book or anykind ELA no work book/ text only photo copies ( NO HOMEOWRK either)
No book for cursive or printing one photo copy sheet to date.

ATMS 6thMath no math text or work book
ELA no text or workbook only photo copies
AIS math is computer supported by ALEKS, which is good but no written work or structuresd math recovery like the reading recovery program.
One social studies book
( also to date we have spent 80 on supplies note books paper folders and pencils pens...just for the 6th grader.) 3/09/2009 8:37 AM

Sunday, March 08, 2009

BOE To Ponder Preliminary $193.8 Million Budget

Up To 40 Positions Axed As 0% Tax Increase Is Sought

"To turn out good students and model citizens, we have to give our children the appropriate tools to get there. If you want to teach a child to read, it's helpful if they have a book." ~~ BOE Prez, VanOrman


SCATS' Interpretation ~~ If you want to turn out "model citizens" we must give a puck and enable their coach to drink and still remain employed.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Regular BOE Meeting, 6:30PM Tuesday 3/10/09

Exec. Session 5:00PM ~~ to discuss collective bargaining & pending litigation

Board Committee Reports
Finance Committee (Pssst! There's NO BUDGET INFO on the GCSD website)
Transportation Committee
Audit Committee
Community Faith Committee

Supt's Reports
Supt's Budget Presentation
Approval of Resolution - Annual Meeting
EXCEL Project Update

Old Business
Former Supt's Health Care (Are we supposed to believe the Clown Posse really wants this to move forward?)

Financial Oversight
Finance - Treasurer's Report & Budget Status Report
Resource Report
Extraclassroom Activity Funds Financial Audit Report
Single Audit Report
2008-09 School Tax Refund

New Business
2009-2010 School Calendar (Beware those pesky test dates!)
Report on Fact Finders Recommendations

Second Read Policy 5120
First Read Policy 5250 Sale and Disposal of School District Property
(Are we still storing those risers Walts bought?)
First Read Policy 5421 Procurement of Goods and Services
First Read Policy 3210 Visitors

First Read Policy 5550 Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title I Programs)
Conduct while Supervising Students Discussion, Policies 6150 & 6151
(This is where they must try to explain to the hockey team that drinking on the job is a no-no ;)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Retired Greece Officer Testifies About Deception

From 13WHAM.com
"A retired Greece police sergeant said he may have been deceived not only by former colleague Nick Joseph, but perhaps the police chief.
Joseph is accused of smashing his brother's sport utility vhicle into the back of a stalled car on Route 390 on June 7, 2008. A woman in the car, Alexis Sharp, had an emergency C-Secton that night. Joseph is charged with leaving the scene of the accident, driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, perjury, possession of cocaine, and assault.
Sgt. Andrew Elmore, who retired in December, testified on the third day of Joseph's trial that he talked to Joseph hours after the crash. Elmore was under the impression that Joseph's brother had been the driver. "I assumed he wanted to get the car back to his brother," Elmore testified. "He said, 'Well, I gotta tell you something. I was the driver.'"
Elmore said Joseph told him, "'I blacked out. I really don't remember anything. I remember having an accident on 390...smashed my head pretty good...I hadn't been drinking.'"
"I didn't ask. He offered," Elmore said following his testimony. "It was as though he was trying to get points across, as though he was going down a number of items that he wanted to enumerate and emphasize."
Elmore said Joseph told him that he couldn't remember how he got home. Elmore testified that Chief Merritt Rahn told him later that day that Joseph's wife took him home.
"Merrit Rahn said on camera before and said that nobody knows how he got home, and yet he told me that day he knew the wife picked him up," Elmore said outside the courtroom. "I don't know where the deception starts and where it ends."
Reached on his cell phone, Rahn said that Joseph told him that he "called his wife to pick him up." Rahn said that he assumed his wife then picked him up, but was mistaken. Rahn said he still does not know how Joseph got to his house, miles away from the accident scene.
Elmore said he also interacted with Officer Gary Pignato on the day of the crash. Elmore said Pignato called him before he could get in touch with Joseph.
"Pignato asked if there was an accident. He knew there was an accident already. I said, 'Well, why are you asking me?' At that point Pignato says, 'Don't mess with me. You know there was an accident and it involved the Joseph vehicle.' I said, 'That may be.' He said, 'Was anyone hurt?' I said, 'Yeah, whoever's driving the Joseph vehicle, they've got a severe head injury.' He goes, 'Other than that?' I said, 'No, not as far as I know, I don't know of any other injuries.' And he told me he was able to contact Nick. 'I've got a number. I'll be able to call Nick for you.'"
Elmore said he had been unaware of Sharp's injuries at that point.
Pignato has since been arrested and charged with accepting a bribe, coercion, and official misconduct, for allegedly accepting sexual favors from a woman in exchange for not charging her in connection with a domestic dispute.
Elmore said he felt lied to the day of the crash.
"(Joseph's) claiming he's got a head injury, and he had quite a severe head injury, but beyond that, there's a lot of deception. Whether it's intentional, or if it's because he truly doesn't understand the circumstances, certainly he's trying to skirt responsibility here," Elmore said.
Several police officers testified earlier that the SUV Joseph had been driving wasn't taken into police custody until four days after the accident. The defense maintains evidence in the car, specifically blood on the airbag that the prosecution claims tested positive for cocaine, could have been contaminated."

Economic Crimes Task Force Investigating Walts

Greece police & county's economic crimes unit evaluating whether Walts' behaviors are considered criminal

BOE asked for a second investigation


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Home Sales & Prices Both Fall Sharply

Monroe County Home Sales Down Nearly 50% Last Month
Average Prices Down 16%

Rochester Homepage

Can You Guess ...

Who was the first person called by Sgt. Nick Joseph following his accident on I-390?

Answer inside ... ;)

Tuesday BOE Meeting Raises Questions ...

GCSD has awarded a contract (amount wasn't stated that I heard) to Christa Construction for work on the West Ridge Community Center to provide a Family Services Center.

1 ~~ WHEN was this location chosen AND discussed publicly (before last evening)?
2 ~~ Is the purpose of this center to replace the services lost when the Town of Greece shut down the Youth Bureau? (I wonder how many of you didn't realize Auberger took away that entity without reducing your taxes ;)
3 ~~ WHO will be able to use this center & its services?
7 ~~ WHAT is being done to monitor the project to prevent troubles like those raised in the audit?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Residency Arrest Case Causes Flurry Of Tips, Calls

Nadolinski ~~ GCSD Spent $28,000 Educating Hill's Five Kids AND

It Costs $15,000/yr Educating A Child In GCSD


SCATS ~~ Did he use "Math Investigations" to come up with that $28,000 figure? When I do the math, I get:

5 x $15,000 = $75,000 ... and that's for only one year!

GCSD Budget: Exactly What Is BOE/Supt. "Willing" To Cut?

Achramovitch has repeatedly stated that "EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE" but is that REALLY true?

“There are some programs we’re not putting on the table (to be cut) at this point.” ~~ Lou Alaimo, regarding specific Contract for Excellence programs

“One of our lobbying efforts (to legislators) will be at least a suspension of the programs for the Contracts for Excellence.” ~~ Supt. Achramovitch


Monday, March 02, 2009

Some Sage Advice To Prevent Becoming A Sheeple ...

Anonymous said...
Well folks, here's the deal; Greece assessments are once again all HIGH thanks to the way the computer program works.Way too much data from the pre collapse sale prices skewed the program high.
NY ORPS has published all the true information on line that you need to chalenge. Greeceny.gov links you directly to the county database and you can get your property inventory to double check. Many are incorrect, Greece knows but the errors favor the assessor. YOU LOOSE!
Bear in mind, even if you chalenge and loose, your assessment cannot be raised by the board. YOU do NOT need an independant appraisal, NY Law says so, Greece lies! The Board Members are "experts" and are required by law to use their experience. MAKE THEM!
Get off your butt, do the research and get your assessment reduced. There is no need to hire anyone to do it for you. I know because I whupped em a couple times now.
Be prepared, or get screwed! 3/02/2009 2:32 PM

SCATS ~~ I'd also point out that the D&C has a tool for finding recent real estate sales: LINK