Sunday, April 30, 2006

Middle School Math Text Debated

Registration Deadline For Parent Forum: MONDAY

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Anonymous said...
Why is the efficiency of a math method being determined by anecdotal evidence of the success of the fortunate children of very intelligent parents?See the article this am on the math method. Are there not other ways to judge the merit of a teaching method other kids did fine.The president of the board should not fall into these folksy traps when he forgets and allows himself to be interviewed.This district is definitely declining. No one is at the helm and it is obvious. The PR department world clsss section went south. And the campuses of the different schools are messy. If the PR and the grounds and the neatness have gone to pot, can this be an indicator of the activities in the administration in general. They are not up to the task. Help is needed. 4/30/2006 8:15 AM

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Could He Become Our Next Supt?

Is BOE Committed To Search Outside District?

Anonymous said...
Choosing Mr. Nadolinski is not a bad idea. He has experience with the district in a variety of capacities -- he is honest, calm and very non-judgemental. Mr. Nadolinski understands the history of Greece which is important in moving the district forward. Don't discount Mr. Nadolinski -- he just might be the savior we have been hoping for.
4/29/2006 5:35 PM

Friday, April 28, 2006


... the budget -- Is it too small, too big or just right?

... the supt. search -- Can this BOE get it right? What qualities are most important?

... technology -- Is Greece lagging behind other districts? Should this be a top priority? Why or why not?

... special education -- Is the Greece program on-track? What needs improving? How should we go about it?

... employee contracts -- Are these getting too much of the budgetary "pie ?" What can be done?

... BOE candidates -- What qualities must they possess to move this district forward? Should individual BOE members ever talk back to private citizens?

... legal fees, lawyers & lawsuits -- Could the BOE be more open with the community? Is it necessary to remain completely silent on these topics?

... other topics? -- tell us what's on your mind.

The Final Word On The Name Games

To Mr. Oberg & Mr. Moscato: PLEASE TELL US,

Anonymous said...
Where is your level playing field when you post the whining lies of the following two anonymous commenters. They name board members and put their names to others' comments and it is left undeleted. Hardly any content to their statements and I would certainly call it whining -

"Anonymous said... Moscato -- all day!!! 4/27/2006 9:06 AM

Anonymous said... Scats:I totally agree with this idea. I'm weary of listening to the moaning of two board members who prefer to BLOG instead of working on making the school district a better place. Maybe they could spend their time fixing their BOE meeting procedures instead. 4/27/2006 9:09 AM 4/27/2006 3:42 PM


SCATS said...

To 3:42Pm - First of all, what the first entry meant, is wide open for interpretation.

Secondly, only one entry of the two named anyone.

Thirdly, like it or not, BOE members are serving in a PUBLIC, POLITICAL arena, a choice they made when they decided to run for their seats. Public figures, especially elected officials must be open to the scrutiny of the public. Their character, morals, values, etc. are all subjected to a microscopic view - it goes with the job. Don't believe it? Ask Bill Clinton.

Fourthly, the second entry you referred to suggested something those two individuals might be doing instead, a constructive criticism in our book.

Fifthly, what evidence did you provide to show that those entries are "lies?" NONE!!

And finally, the field IS LEVEL because YOU just posted anonymously, didn't you?
4/27/2006 4:04 PM


Anonymous said...

3:42 what if I take responsibility for writing the first entry and tell you my name is Pat Miller? NOW WHAT?????? 4/27/2006 6:18 PM

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Community Input Sought In Supt. Search

BOE To meet With Castallo & Silky Consultants Next Week

From district website:
"... interested community members and employees can attend an open meeting where they can share their thoughts about the qualities Greece Central’s new superintendent should possess. The community meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3 in the Apollo Middle School Auditorium."


New BLOG Policy Starts Now

It's been 2+ months since our start-up and we're dedicated to keeping this avenue of communication going. There is a distinct, demonstrated need in this town for a level playing field where opinions count, despite who you are. That is our purpose.

We're nearing an election that may prove to be one of the most contentious in our school district's history. Emotions are already running high. We expect they will intensify. With that in mind, we're instituting some policy changes and reminding folks about the rules we established earlier. We don't like to enable Comment Moderation unless absolutely necessary. But we can and will as needed, to keep "order."

Also, we're adopting a new policy beginning immediately, regarding postings we may elect to delete from, or edit on this BLOG. From now on, we will no longer retain postings that merely serve to complain or whine about the existence of this BLOG, or the fact that its administrators and readers/contributors have chosen to retain their anonymity. The posting shown below is an example of an "unacceptable" entry (we're especially amused by the phrase "wrong opinions"). From now on, such entries will be deleted and we will state: "Entry deleted -- whining."

Why are we doing this? Well. it's not because we're "biased." In fact, we've been called anti-PTA, anti-BOE, anti-CARE, anti-administration, yada, yada, yada ... Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcomed here. However, we realize 4 or 5 of you are distraught by our sudden appearance and success. We know that you feel the need to attempt to discredit us without building a case. That's fine. Please feel free to go start your own BLOG if that's all you care to express or share. No one forces you to come to this website. No one forces you to read or know anything about what goes on here. It's our BLOG. This is our rule. Deal with it :)

An "Unacceptable" Entry:

Anonymous said...
How strange it is that comments are considered without substance and spewing hatred when they criticize what both of you regular writers here say, but everything else printed here is nothing but pure venom and lies, pure conjecture on the part of the writers, wrong opinions, etc. How can anyone believe anything written here as truth when it comes at us from snipers in the bushes.
You regularly shoot a board members who are known, but you don't have the courage of your convictions to sign your name, ergo, its all rubbish.Now you can edit this as being without content (in your opinion only, which doesn't count for much). 4/26/2006 10:21 AM

Especially On Point

Anonymous said...
... Tolerance is the "indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own".Quite honestly, I think everyone posting here has been quite tolerant. Some speak favorably of the current board, and some have sharp criticisms of the board. Some express unwavering loyalty, some find a way to criticize everything.In the end though we all are "tolerant" of each other. We all seem pretty willing to indulge other views and beliefs.What some people seem to want though is "acceptance". Now that is really asking too much. I may be willing to tolerate your opinions, but that doesn't mean I have to accept them.If people want to disagree, in a respectful, tolerant" way - no problem. If your goal is to bang heads with someone until they "accept" your views - expect a headache in the morning. 4/26/2006 10:27 PM

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Perfect Example Of Intolerance

Today marks the 10th national "Day Of Silence" that the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) expects some 500,000 students from 4000 schools to observe. With that in mind, we've decided to try to get our readers to think about intolerance, in all its various forms.

Below, we're featuring what we believe is a very intolerant, narrow-minded posting that spews it's own version of hatred and criticism. It's insidious verbiage lacks specifics and facts. The author makes no argument to support his/her opinion and ends the ranting with an invitation to brawl. We think it's a perfect example of intolerance, since no one is forcing this individual to visit this website and read opinions they can't comprehend or respect. Although Comment Moderation (our version of "silence") has been enabled for the next 24 hours, we will post thoughful responses to this hostile essay as soon as possible after they are received. We will be "biased" ... but just for one day :) So, go ahead. "Take your best shot."

Anonymous said... Where is it written that when you are elected to public office that you give up all your personal opinions! Your opinions are what got you elected, stupid.Talk about pushing buttons, it doesn't take much to strike a nerve here. All the lightweights quickly come back like children and say, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah.Never anything constructive, just pure hate. This blog is so blatantly biased that nothing read here can be believed. Is suspect from the caliber of the writing, that its one or two people.Now its your turn, come back and take your best shot, stupid. 4/25/2006 7:13 PM

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Summit Begins, Focus on Morale Issues

Don Palozzi, president of the Greece Teacher's Association, noted that a survey of staff done by his union in 2002 found significant dissatisfaction with the district's teacher evaluation process.

Board member Frank Oberg said its members have worked hard this year to help restore community trust, but "you don't just flip a switch and it's fixed."


Many Hurdles Must Be Overcome In Supt. Search

"Nationally, the superintendency is aging out," said William Silky, senior partner with educational consultants Castallo & Silky in Syracuse. His firm specializes in recruiting new superintendents for school districts across the country and was hired last month by the Greece Board of Education to help find a new leader.

"It used to be that people would have to work in a small district as a superintendent before they could move to a bigger one," said Josephine Kehoe, Greece's interim superintendent. "But you don't find that to be the case now. The fit seems to be more defined in terms of having experience in a particular area of the country."

Kehoe, who led East Irondequoit schools from 1985 to 1998 and has since assisted numerous local districts in finding new leaders, said she believes the salary level for superintendents here is "comfortable," which makes Monroe County an attractive place to work.


Monday, April 24, 2006

How To Open A Legal BOE Meeting

BOE Still Doesn't Have It Right

Over the weekend, it came to our attention that the proposed agenda for Tuesday evening's BOE meeting contained numerous problems. Now that the date has been fixed and the meeting purpose has been stated, there are a few more little issues they need to deal with to meet the requirements of the law.

According to their agenda, they plan to go to executive session at 5:45 PM in Room E-50. Additionally, the agenda clearly states that the meeting agenda won't be approved until 6:30PM. THIS IS NOT LEGAL!

In order to have a legal meeting tomorrow night, the meeting must follow Robert's Rules Order (according to GCSD adopted schoolboard policy) as shown below:

1.) The meeting must BE CALLED TO ORDER IN PUBLIC AT 5:45 PM.
4.) Someone can then MAKE A MOTION TO GO INTO EXECUTIVE SESSION for the purpose of doing _____. Then, they must state what that topic is and stick to that topic only in their closed door session.

We certainly hope there is enough space in Room E-50 for all those who want to watch them munching their sandwiches while they CALL TO ORDER the meeting and MOVE & APPROVE THEIR AGENDA and begin discussion BEFORE CALLING FOR THE EXECUTIVE SESSION.

We're sure this Board of Education, who claims to be in favor of Open Government, wants to do it correctly :)

A Week's Worth of Meetings

BOE Special Meeting w/Exec. & Study Sessions
Tuesday Apr. 25 ~~ Rooms E 50 & E 46; 3rd Fl Apollo
Exec. Session @ 5:45PM ~~ negotiations, litigation, personnel
Special Meeting ~~ Vote on BOCES Board Member & Budget
Study Session ~~ Residency Issues
View Agenda Here

PTA Council Budget Meeting
Wednesday Apr. 26 ~~ 6:30PM ~~ Longridge School
(If you miss this meeting, they will have another
Wed. May 2 ~~ 6:30 PM @ Olympia HS)

CARE ~~ Budget Review/Meet the Candidates
Thursday Apr. 27 ~~ 7-9 PM ~~ Greece Town Hall;
Community Rooms

Sunday, April 23, 2006

"To the board: When we get left out we get suspicious"

Questions arise over meeting purpose & agenda

BOE Agenda Link Here

Anonymous said...
It seems the board has made a mistake in their posted tentative agenda for this Tuesday April 25. It says that a light supper will be offered at 5:30 ... They say it is expected that the board will go into executive session at 5:45, about 15 minutes into their epicurean delight. Then it says the agenda will not be approved until 6:30.

They must open the meeting in public and approve an agenda. That would be at 5:30 when they convene. Then when that is approved they start attending to that agenda. Only then can they go into executive session. And it must be during the oral or written action or information surrounding an agenda item. It is not like Valdemort. It can be spoken. What is the mysterious agenda item that they don't want us to witness, anyway?So people, let us take our coffees and box lunches and join the board as they begin their light supper and we will see them properly call the meeting to order. They can save the pledge and the prayer ...oops...silence...until 6:30. But we have to be allowed in as they start their togetherness which is called open government... Is the press invited?

To the board: When we get left out we get suspicious. And do not tell us that you did not want us to be inconvenienced by being asked to leave. You will not be discussing the confidential material for 45 minutes. And if you do so be it.

To all those interested in open government:Worst case if we all show at 5:30: They start the meeting properly and approve an agenda and go into executive session and we have to leave. We will know the topic.I hope the room can hold all of us, if only for 5 minutes. (If it is too small then it shows they do not want to include the public.) Then they will have to find somewhere for us to go while they discuss the exec material. We can then return to the meeting when they are not discussing specific exec material. We might have to watch them eat but we will be there. 4/22/2006 11:14 PM

Saturday, April 22, 2006

BOE Special Meeting Planned; Other Updated BOE Info ...

The BOE Plans To Meet Tues. April 28th
Exec. Session: 5:45 PM - Topic NOT given
Special Meeting: 6:30PM - To vote on BOCES Budget & Board Member
Study Session to follow: "Residency Issues"

Regarding the Supt. Search - Minutes from the April 4th meeting state: "Motion: That the Greece Central School District Board of Education will hire the search firm of Castallo & Silky Consultants. President Walsh will make the initial contact with the firm." Adopted 7-1 (Sweet opposed) ??Has it happened yet??

WE MADE A MISTAKE & WE ARE SORRY: Regarding the question we were asked several days back concerning the number of propositions on the ballot -- the April 4th BOE proposed minutes shows that there WILL BE a proposition for buses in addition to the Budget Proposition. There was a roll call vote on the following: "Motion: Change the Busing proportion to include the dollar amount of the finance charges and add the amount of State Aid the District will receive on the money spent." Adopted 7-1 (Sweet opposed)

BOE Race Begins; Let's Focus On the Issues

The "Boily Bunch" vs. CARE ... plus a spare??

Seven candidates returned petitions this week providing us with two apparent (yes, we've assumed some here) slates of contenders ... plus a spare. In the "pro-district" side of the ring there is the "Boily Bunch," comprised of Former Town Supervisor Roger Boily, PTA Council President Julia VanOrman and homemaker/parent Carolyn Hauer. In the other side of the ring are "The Comrades of CARE" (we REALLY hope they avoid the obvious & cutesy "LLP" slogan to replace the "HMO") who may include Greece Policeman James Leary and parents Christine Latus and Carla Piccarreto. Seeking a BOE seat on his own is attorney Phillip Hurwitz.

Meg is gone. The budget has been adopted. A new Supt. is needed. Our votes will soon be tallied (but will they REALLY count??). Let's focus on the issues that may make this one of the most important BOE races in years. Here's what some readers want to know:

Anonymous said...
Again: where do we as a District stand on the EEOC complaints in civel trial and is Ms. Luther BACK in front of our children? What do the candidates have to say about the potential losses and insurance claims thathave been pushed under the table but are LOOMING? Don't we have a few more : Baldasarraie and Huckall out there? What will happen to our Insurance costs should they setle for years to come? What do the candidates think about removing the BOE's recently hired "personal attorney"-where in the Budget book is the comparison of his fees in 05/06 to his expected expense in 06/07. Might that be another way to find the dollars to do some of the capital improvements that were asked for initially by the interim Super's team?
4/22/2006 8:11 AM

Anonymous said...
Good questions.Maybe SAT could make a list of those questions and invite board members and candidates to answer them.Some ideas. Who is suing the district? It is on the county web site and is Hucknall not the other B name. The other 3 EEOC have not filed at the county level. The one that is going to the justice dept is unknown. This was in the Washington Post. Which EEOC case has been referred to the justice department?Will a board member get a job in the district?As a candidate will you ( if and when you get elected) try to get a district job? Do you think that is ethical? 4/22/2006 9:59 AM

Friday, April 21, 2006

5 Teens Arrested In Kansas For Plot Found on

Planned On Columbine Anniversary


Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Prediction About the Next BOE?

Anonymous said...
It used to be you could ask a question of a government agency and someone would give you an answer. Sometimes just over the phone. Or they would send you the information.Then there came a time when they either did not answer or stalled and put people off. So the average folk started using the FOIL in NYstate and the FOIA for the federal government. Now whenever you ask them any little thing you are told you cannot see the info until you file a FOIL. So we got smart by forcing them in some cases to give up documents and they got smarter. So that is why some activists at all levels are having to use the freedom of information to get records and documents. It is the only way in Greece schools and the town of Greece. Even at the county level they have their fussy requirements. The form must be official and they make you wait the prescribed number of days. At one end the government wants to know everything about us with the patriot act. And they want us to know as little as possible in the interest of security and confidentiality. So stop complaining about a person using the right to have documents available. The district was playing a game and trying to stall so he could not get the info. They would whine and say look at the staff struggling to find time to honor the requests. That info should not have been so deeply buried that it required a dig to unearth it. GH was just more persistent than most and took on the task of aquiring the info as a challenge. They are not used to someone with that tenacity. And the behavior of the board this past year was a big surprise to them also. Prediction though is for the board to become of one mind with the former town board supervisor and the number of policemen on the board. The Fab 5 will join with Boily and Leary for a group of 7 that Russell will align himself with. It does not matter who the 3rd winner will be in this love fest. Just a guess.
4/20/2006 12:40 AM

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Reader Asks Some VERY GOOD Questions ...

Anonymous said...
"...What are the places on the ballot? Will there be a separate proposition? When is candidates night? How do we submit questions? Can candidates night be in a room where all of the audience can sit and not be ushered to the crying room? When do we get any information through the mail from the district? The tax report card? No glossy sheets with vote information? Is there no happy medium between what we used to get and now which is nothing?This will be the first time that the board appeared so apathetic about the budget vote. Do they not care if it passes? Should we bother to vote if they do not care? "4/19/2006 8:36 AM

Our partial UPDATED answers are: The positions on the ballot were determined by the District Clerk & candidates yesterday. Lever positions are posted next to the candidate's name in the entry beneath this one. There is just one proposition on the ballot this time, the budget itself.

Candidate's Night is planned by PTA Council & their website says it will be held on May 8th at 7 PM; 3rd Floor Apollo - Room E-46. Perhaps you'd like to address questions about that to your school's PTA President who should know the details. PTA Council also plans two community meetings to discuss the budget. The first meeting will be: Wed. April 26, 6:30 PM at Longridge School. The second meeting is planned for: Wed. May 2, 6:30 PM at Olympia HS.

Voter registration can be done through the Monroe County Board of Elections prior to May 16. You may also register to vote on Tues. May 2 from 9AM-1PM at your voting location or between 4 & 8 PM at Apollo MS.

The rest of your questions might best be directed to the District Clerk, Lynne Armstrong whose phone number is: 966-2311.

Seven In Running For Three BOE Seats

Encumbents Won't Run

It seems likely that former Town Supervisor, Roger Boily will win a seat given his name recognition. Whether his name can help Carolyn Hauer and Julia VanOrman win seats remains to be seen. Results of the draw that determines each candidate's position on the ballot (lever number) could make or break the outcome of this election for CARE.


Roger Boily ~~ Lever #7

Carolyn Hauer ~~ Lever # 6

Phillip R. Hurwitz ~~ Lever #4

Christine Latus ~~ Lever #5

James Leary ~~ Lever # 1

Carla Piccarreto ~~ Lever #2

Julia VanOrman ~~ Lever #3

Monday, April 17, 2006

District Plans Middle School Math Textbook Forum

Interested Parents Must RSVP By May 1
Meeting planned for May 4th -- 6:30-8:00 PM;
Arcadia Middle School Cafeteria

Info Here


Anonymous said...

"...What will they do if parents DO NOT support the new CONNECTED MATH ? Will they offer alternatives? Parents get a chance to review the final choice. Will Mr. Mariano or Dr. Buckshaw reconsider their choice or is this just input from parents for appearance sake? "
4/15/2006 12:35 PM

Anonymous said...

"Connected math has got to go! It started in California years ago, and many of the distrixcts that started using this program saw their test scores fall through the floor and have since dumped it.I hope we don't keep it just to try and make a point and refuse to admit our mistake. "
4/16/2006 9:40 PM

J-Mac To Meet Oprah;
Show To Air Next Monday

Candidate Petitions Due By 5PM Today!

If you know of someone who has returned their petition to the District Clerk, tell us about it :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bullying Prevalent Among 10-14 Yr Olds

"... overall rate of incidents in suburban middle schools actually was higher than it was in suburban high schools — eight incidents per 100 students versus six per 100 students in the upper grades."

"In Greece, the largest suburban district, programs aimed at promoting a safe and secure environment and improving student behavior appear to be paying off."

"I'm frequently in the halls of Apollo," said Donald Nadolinski, the deputy superintendent. "Over the last couple of years, I've seen a dramatic improvement in kids in the hallways. The hallways are quieter. You don't see the pushing and shoving and fooling around as much."

D & C Story Here

Friday, April 14, 2006


Anonymous said...
... I wish it were as easy to explain the divisions in our community in a few words. But it is not that easy... While I respect some of the changes that that BOE has made, I am also troubled by some of them... More troubling than the differences of opinion I have with many of the school board members, is my concern for the lack of transparency in government that this BOE displays. They are doing the work of our community and need to share their decisions and the rationale for them with all of us, not just a chosen few. In addition I am very troubled by the way that many BOE individuals present themselves as representatives of our school district in public forums such as the BOE meetings and even on blogs such as this. I do not feel that they are at all open to listening to those whose opinions may differ. And, through their blatant public disrespect to many citizens in our community, in person and in print, they have emboldened others in our community to act aggressively and disrespectfully as well. This only furthers the divide in our community. At a time when we need leaders who are role models for civility and progress, we as a community lose out when our representatives fail to demonstrate these fundamental traits.
4/12/2006 7:47 PM

Anonymous said...
... PTA is going against its own charter if it is fundraising any more money than is needed for the operation of the PTA unit. It is not the job of the PTA to make up the difference between what is wanted for the children and what the school budget provides. How will we know what the community will fund unless we give them the chance. Oh I forgot, we have to enable the dysfunctional system by being the heroes to save the poor schools. And the PTA's GROSS on average at the elemntary level about 30K. The net could be half to 60% of that. It is still more money than the needs for a unit. Speakers could be brought in about parent education, learning styles, safety and health and other issues that PTA national suggests. I'm sure that is done. but it still does not come close to 15K of need per school. They could pool the money and bring in Clinton for that. Let's face it. PTA national tells the units about the parameters for fundraising but let's them get away with it. In fact they just let them do it. It keeps them happy and busy and let's them feel worthwhile. The fundraising companies and salesmen are well paid. The people at the top of PTA are well paid... Just like the people at the top of the teachers union. In fact is there any difference? ... If they did not pay for the school field trips the district would pay. They would just put it into the budget. At the high school level some schools pay for the chaperones...12 per student....and some chaperones pay their own way... The chaperones are either teachers or parents or both... 4/11/2006 9:31 AM

Thursday, April 13, 2006

BOE Contender Shuns Public Schools?

From The Comments :

Anonymous said...
This is comical - Jim Leary running...what interest does he have in the public schools while his children attend private schools. Obivously he doesnt support them enough to place his kids into the system...Sounds like a "Bill Clinton" , throwing money at the school system yet sends his own to private. Funny and interesting, dontcha think?
4/13/2006 9:27 AM

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Petitions & Candidates Update!!

*** Thirteen Petitions Taken Out,
Eleven Potential Contenders ***

Mona Francis has informed us today (see below) that she has dropped out of the running for a BOE seat in the May election. George Hubbard previously stated he has no intentions of running this year either. Sources tell us that a total of 13 petitions have been taken out, including the aforementioned two. The field as we know it has narrowed to include:

Roger Boiley

Don Bowen

Carolyn Hauer

Phillip R. Hurwitz

Christine Latus

James Leary

Joe Mammino

Eric Peterson

Julia VanOrman

Carla Piccarreto

Larry Sweet


We wish you well, Mona!!

Mona said...
Hi Everyone,As some of you may have heard I am not running this year. I am moving and do not want to limit my search to just Greece. I still support Carla and Christine fully, that is why I along with Connie went around getting signatures for them. I am so sorry that I had to drop out and leave them like this hopefully they will find a good third. To everyone that supported me thank you.Regards,Mona
4/11/2006 5:33 PM

The Buzz About BOE Candidates

not a fan said...
things here keep getting more and more interesting. a friend from the board has told me that the 3 women ticket has now changed. 2 women and a man. mona francis got the boot. leary is taking her place. francis took petitions around my street for picareto and latus. not her own though. i would not sign because i will not support latus. francis is better off without them anyway. what is the deal with j mascato and gerry? i found out these guys are plotting together.all this drama is so bad for our town.
4/10/2006 11:20 PM

We're here to stay :)

Anonymous said...
Blog Meister:Don't look now but your fangs, claws and hair balls are showing. This site is the same stupid junk that was on the kitty litter site. You are probably the same blog meister. There is nothing smarter about the dialogue on this site. The same CAT people continue to defecate here. So simply "SCAT" once and for all get over it, you are a loser catering to losers.
4/10/2006 6:21 PM

Posts such as the one above are to be expected in creating a BLOG like this. We understand and we expected that a few would prefer we just "scat." In reality, such posts tell us we're doing our job well.

We know some of you are terribly frustrated. Maybe feeling a bit jealous, probably feeling terribly threatened. Losing control, especially control related to communications, is very difficult to accept.

It must seem as though we've come out of nowhere. We leveled the playing field by allowing everyone anonymity, even the BLOGmeisters. We've refused to give any hint of who we are, how many we are and why we are doing this. We've refused to lose our tempers when confronted by adversarial postings. We haven't commented on the simplest things ranging from our ages to our numbers to our sexes or even our "status" within the Greece community.

Suffice it to say that we saw a need for EVERYONE to have a voice about Greece schools. The only way to be fair is to provide the same privileges to all. We know we've done that :)

We know that when we receive posts such as the one above that we've struck a nerve. It's very likely that we've come close to exposing some "truths" that a few wish to keep hidden. From that, we obtain a sense of purpose that moves us forward. We're here to stay :)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

"If You Put A Good Person Into A Bad System, The System Will Win"

Will Hiring A New Supt. Into Our Dysfunctional School
System Make Him/Her Dysfunctional, Too?

While researching some articles of interest about educational systems, several statements seemed to jump from the page. The way they apply to GCSD may make or break our "success" in hiring & retaining a Superintendent in the long term. A few passages from "Process Thinking" are quoted below for your reading pleasure. What do you think? Tell us!

"The 85-15 rule, as taught by Edward Deming, states that 85% of a worker's performance is determined by the system they work within, and the remaining 15% by their individual effort. The conclusion is unmistakable. Improving organizational performance must address the work system as well as the individual worker."

Deming -- "All that happens comes from the system, not the workers. It's absolutely frightening, just frightening."

"Teachers are management in a classroom and the principal is management in a school. When the 85/15 Rule is applied to education it is at odds with the widely held belief that teaching behaviors can be separated from learning behaviors. And that schools would have few, if any, problems if only students would come better prepared and do their jobs correctly. The 85/15 rules sees student achievement as work process outcomes not individual student effort. Thus, the grades of A, B, C, D, and E and standardized test scores describe more about the work process of which they are an outcome than the efforts and abilities of individual students who function within the work process! "

Friday, April 07, 2006

A New Plan Unfolding?? Is This Legal??

Can anyone refute/substantiate this?

Anonymous said...
Overheard in a hallway during the break:Gerry Phelan believes that he can hold on to his board seat until the 21st of july when he says his particular "seat" is up. His plan is to not allow the third vote-getter to take office at the organizational meeting on the 12th. Then he can vote for the new president and vice president. That will be Moscato for sure. Ken Walsh won't care because he will have to give up his seat anyway when he gets the district job. Then that will open up a seat on the board so that when phelan finally turns over his seat to the 3rd vote-getter he can be named as the replacement for the year. Phelan is mistaken.Phelan was elected to a board seat and did not take over for the remainder of Lisa Swatz's seat. Even if he did he has to give up his seat at the organizational meeting. In fact the new board can be sworn in any time after the 1st of July as we have seen from the HMO swearing in. Also there are not seats that are voted on unless someone who comes in 4th is the one that takes a remainder term. We sound like a third world country like in those old Mission Impossible shows where a dictator decided to ignore the election and the military took over. The police are a close second to the military. So bottom line....why bother voting.
4/07/2006 8:56 PM

Unedited & In the Order Received ...

Point ...

Anonymous said...
Bashing the PTA is more than just a campaign ploy. It is part of a larger effort from those in our community to take control of our school district away from the people of this community and put it in the hands of a few individuals with an agenda. The first step was to gain control of the school district through the Board of Education. That took a tremendous amount of planning and a lot of years. In order to do so, this group, (let's call them SCARE, for the sake of argument, shall we) needed to find individuals who felt mistreated within the school district. They did, through the teachers union, a few teachers, and some special education parents. Now, I am not saying that these individuals who felt abandoned and abused by the district were not rightfully upset. They most likely had very good reason. And something needed to be done to help these individuals. However, it does not change the fact that they were being used for someone else’s political gain. They were approached and told that SCARE will make everything all better. And in fact, some improvements were made; some of the teachers’ demands were met. Some were not. The reason that some improvements were not made is that SCARE never had any intention of making those improvements. The improvements were not actually their focus. Using these people to get what they wanted, and sometimes even throwing them a carrot to keep them happy, was their focus. Next, after working to get SCARE members onto the Board of education and with a BOE majority in place, they moved on to gaining control of the administration. Whether Dr. KC ever did anything wrong (and she may well have, we will ever know for certain), did not matter. They would have worked to get Superman or Mary Poppins out as well. The person didn't matter, the position did. Now, there may be an attempt to gain control of the HR department with a SCARE supporter, who just so happens to be a BOE member who has been very happy to implement SCARE’s plan. Now that SCARE is finished with the teachers union (for the time being) we are starting to hear rumblings of how teachers are making too much money and teachers' health benefits are too high. They will compare the teacher’s contract to anything that will fit to prove their point - Kodak contracts from the 1970’s, Crocodile Wranglers in the Australian Outback, etc. They won't compare it to other teacher contracts though. Because, that wouldn't support their position. They will push their supporters on the BOE to start cutting little bits here and there. Switch money allocated for one item to another. Not amounts that are enormous enough to cause community outrage. Small amounts that seem a bit troubling when seen alone, and shocking when combined with all of the other “little budget reallocations.” However, SCARE has one little problem – the PTA. Besides all of the crucial volunteer work they do (which 10:33 is obviously unaware of), the PTA is charged with making sure that parents are aware of what is going on in their school district. They need to make them aware of the findings of studies conducted by the school district, “budget reallocations,” and the budget as a whole. They have always been considered partners with the school district, the BOE, parents, teachers, and community members. But, that relationship must not continue if SCARE is to have its way. SCARE wants to be the ONLY mouthpiece for what is happening in the school district. If you control the dissemination of information, you control what information is available and how it is spun. Just like a government run media. A government that controls the media, only wants the information that they create and spin, out in the community. SCARE needs to stop the PTA from providing information to our community. They will do so in every way possible. They question the PTA members motives, their fundraising efforts (how terrible to raise money for our children), and now their candidate’s night is being attacked. Let’s be perfectly clear, they don’t want the PTA to have a candidate’s night in any way, shape or form. And if they can’t stop it, they certainly want to try to encourage as many people as possible not to go. Attending would mean that information is being given to our community without first going through the SCARE filter. They don’t actually hate the PTA. They just need to discredit them so they can gain control of every information stream in this community. That is also why they try to discredit blogs such as this one. The SCARE purpose is to obtain information, figure out how it can be twisted to suit its purposes and disseminate it into the community through their established channels. That is why the reaction to what I have just written will be swift and strong. What tactic will they choose this time? Will they claim that I am making this up? Will they pretend that they can’t see the connection between SCARE and another community group with a similar name? Will they say I am a district employee or a PTA minion? Will they claim it is a work of fiction? Will they ask “Where were you..?” questions in an effort to dilute the importance of what I have to say? Will they pretend to know who I am by my writing style and throw out controversial names in an effort to try to suggest an agenda? Will they circle their wagons and get their few to start responding as many? Will they focus in on an unfortunate spelling error that my spell check was unable to detect? Will they say that it does not dignify a response? Or, will they ignore it completely in the hopes that by not responding, no one will pay attention? As a community dedicated to achieving the best for our community members, including our children, we must start to pay attention to what is happening in our school district. There is a political group in our community, who does not care about the education of the children in our community, who is now in control of that education. They have control of the legislative, executive, and judicial (they did this when they appointed their own hand picked lawyers) branches of or school government. There are no checks and balances. They only thing that we have control over still, is the information in our community. Don’t be duped into turning against those who work to provide information to you. Are you sCAREd yet? You should be.
4/06/2006 10:46 AM

... Counterpoint

Anonymous said...
Saying that a community group does not care about the students in this district is a narrow minded and misinformed generalization of all of the members of that group. One of the major causes of division in this community is the "us vs them" mentality that seemingly intelligent people continue to promote by making false generalizations. It is the same as bashing the PTA. The PTA is not defined by the leadership. Some of the things they do are good and others contribute to an elitist and superior attitude that does not feel welcoming or in the best interest of the student population. The political paranoia that is conveyed in the message of post 10:46 is meant to use fear to motivate people. This is a very dangerous way to communicate to the community. It breeds anger and hatred and ... well if you watch Star Wars...leads to the dark side. Please refrain from making genralizations and spreading false information. "SCARE" may have needed to find the mistreated teachers etc. to validate their claims but they did not manufacture the mistreatment and they have tried to help. Unlike the people who denied it or claimed it was perceived when, in fact, it was REALITY. Some heard , some helped and others continue to deny the importance of the teachers in this community. They say they support the school and the students when in reality they are self serving individuals who are afraid of losing positions that are more about establishing self importance than actually improving our district or advocating for students. This disrtict has money. It can afford to make some cuts and continue to provide quality education. A win/ win scenario is what is best for this community. People who cry that we are a poor district or that programs will be cut, should find out why it would happen. It is not due to lack of money. If you want facts look at the Budgets past and present. Those are the facts. The imaginary evil community group that you speak of is not responisble for duping the public year after year and using fear to get people to vote for tax levies that resulted in cuts to the building budgets, with no good explanations as to why this would happen. Don't allow FEAR to lead your decisions, be educated and find out facts. Talk to " them" and see what they have to say before you make judgements.
4/06/2006 5:04 PM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PTA -- The Season of Discontent??

Council Leadership Needs New Blood??

"change PTA Council leadership soon! said...
We do not agree with the current PTA Council President ...(one might even say-some fear her because they know if they cross her they won't be asked back to volunteer) ... it is ok for her to ask a direct question and criticize the BOE and then to expect for those that she once attacked to show her some respect.BUT Mr. Hubbard's question to her appeared to get asked by him only to "trap" her."What do you think is more important, technology or the teachers." is what he tossed her way. EVEN more alarming was her so called educated response: "well I SAID both of them."Here's what many, who have to suffer her elitism, might have expected her educated, self to say:Technology and educators go hand in hand. Unfortunately today, technology advances are being made very very quickly: many industrries are struggling to keep up and to afford them. However-would you as a Board, be willing to look at a long range plan to keep the District as closely aligned to advances as possible? That plan may just show you the importance of teachers and their professional development and even the support staff that will be necessary. That plan may show cost savings that can be had by continously imporving on schedule, maintaining within house and maybe even employ more people at a less expensive cost.What did she do: if my listening skills served me correctly-she snipped back!When is her term up?-its time for new blood(not employees of the district but parents) on the Council!"

4/04/2006 10:39 PM

Anonymous said...
"No PTA leadership member at the council or building level would "not allow" someone to volunteer. Most schools/PTA's go begging for volunteers. I have had teachers not want parent envolvement. Mrs. Savino had answered Mr. Hubbard and he seemed to either not hear her or ignor her just to set not only her but the district up. You only quoted her last responce to him. He ask the same kind of trap question to someone else last night as well. He then refused to answer why he voted no to tenure and equally valid question. Mrs. Savino is a parent not a teacher. She was blindsided by a trick question... I am sure even she wishes she said things more strongly. Technology and Teachers are both invaluble in education today. Technology at the high school level is a requirement. there would be no school, no education without teachers.... Why are you so anti PTA? Have you ever even been to a PTA council meeting? Has someone from a PTA done something to you? Do you go to you building PTA meetings? Do you volunteer or just participate in the events they spend so much time and engery into planning for the benefit of the students and families?If the answer is no to most of these questions you should try a meeting or an event as a volunteer and became part of the solution not the problem you seem to think it is." 4/05/2006 2:12 PM

Anonymous said...
"WE have been volunteering and participating in the schools alot and had several occassions to witness the PTA Council and its current and past president in action in the schools and around town. While the last one may be more likable on the surface she willingly spreads rumors and gossip and just happened to do so in our ear shot several times. THOSE types of parents are not what is needed interfacing with the Teachers, Administration nor even our children-for they do not practice what they preach. Its time for a change on that Council and it needs to begin at the top-the Presdient of that council needs to be able to handle themselves in those situations and be more prepared plain and simple Please do not defend this leadership style with more of the same-well what have you done or have you ever-forunately their are alot of parents who do participate in the schools alot and CHOOSE not to be involved with the PTA and their forced fundraisers and dues collecting because of this leadership!" 4/05/2006 5:39 PM

PASSN Meeting W/Supt. Kehoe

PASSN -- (Parent Advocates for Students with Special Needs)

Thursday April 6, 2006 --- 7:00-9:00pm
1250 English Road (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

Anticipated Topics include:
Preliminary Plans For Special Ed; The Proposed 2006-07 Budget; 2020 Summit Update
Questions Welcomed --- Deb Hoeft will also be attending to help answer questions

Visit us on the web at or
E-mail us at

Comments That Seem Especially On Point


"... they're (BOE) entitled to have differing viewpoints. What worries me is this "meet me on the street corner" mentality and the personal attacks instead of remaining focused on the issues. If they said those things to people of certain ethnicities, there'd be a veritable war over the chosen words! Words like these divide communities.Maybe it'd be best if they reserve their comments for the time they're given at the BOE meetings so they can keep more on topic and less focused on "getting in a punch." 4/04/2006 4:26 PM

" ... isn't it ironic that that a board member would advocate meeting someone on the street? It sounds like something out of West Side Story! ... " 4/04/2006 6:44 PM

"... a few board members wear very thin skin. Public scrutiny is an important factor in the democratic process. Anyone would agree that being scrutinized for your actions and/or words often leads to greater debate of the topic at hand. That's good - It's healthy. Barking back at those who disagree is childish, at best. "4/04/2006 9:09 AM

"Joe is just experiencing first hand what the previous board had to put up with. Anne Miller commented last year that George was a victum of horrible abuse on the board. Well, Anne, now Joe is verbally abusing George. Are you going to say anything now about Joe's tongue lashing of George?? Now who are you going to defend, George or Joe???" 4/04/2006 9:13 AM

"Apparently if they know your name they will come after you. Someone on the board refers to us as being like the KKK. Yeah, I am gonna let them know who I am. Jeesh. "
4/04/2006 4:09 PM

"... One of the things that HMO did not like was the cruel treatment that they claim poor George received at the hands of Gerry. Looks like Joe now knows what Gerry had to put up with. At least Gerry didn't bash George on the web site. Joe, better watch what you say . . . George may be sitting next to you next year on the school board! " 4/03/2006 4:19 PM

Budget Adds PCs, Cuts HVAC Work & Tax Increase

Parents Asking About Curriculum Changes

By a 6-2 vote (Russell absent, Sweet & Peterson opposed), the BOE adopted a $180.3mil budget. It puts $1.7mil intended for HVAC work at 2 schools to use to reduce the tax increase to 3.16% and purchase new computers for classrooms.

Parents have begun asking questions about changes to the curriculum, particularly the foreign language offerings. Some cite their students' claims that specific languages have been dropped from their schools offerings starting next year.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is This Appropriate Board Member Behavior ?

Should BOE Members Ever Censure Citizens?

In the last week or so, several individual members of the Board of Education have taken it upon themselves to try to "set straight" individual community members. These BOE members seemingly acted alone, loose cannons who wrote and posted online their blazing criticisms of some who may have been considered their constituents previously.

Among their attacks, this BLOG was likened to the KKK. Postings on a different website show that other individual residents have been attacked verbally, in a manner that is at best unbecoming to the person doing the censuring and humiliating to the intended recipient. Only yesterday, an elected official wrote and posted his scathing remarks directed at a specific individual where he used such phrases as "it's people such as you ... your kind ... before you go back into the weeds ..." in a signed "letter" expressing his apparent rage.

We're wondering ... Do they (individual BOE members) have firm legal standing when they attempt to verbally punish those who differ with their opinions? Are they speaking for the School Board as a governing body? Are they entitled to freely express their opinions or debate community members once sworn into office? Should they exercize care in the words they choose, especially the ones they put into print with a signature attached? Should they expect to tolerate criticism and/or scrutiny as part of their job?

From the Comments:

Anonymous said...

"Please Mr. Moscato-start acting like a Board officer and STOP writing on Greece Schools, and here. Political Officials will go nuts trying to respond to everyone that disagrees with them. please go back to being silent but deadly-many are losing respect for you at this fork in the road."
4/04/2006 7:49 AM

Tell us what you think!

Prince William County Parents Upset

Principal's Absence, Teacher's Suicide Cause Concerns


Monday, April 03, 2006

The Value Of Anonymity ...

The following remark struck a certain chord
that we think hits the nail on the head!

From the comments:
Anonymous said...
"I'm wondering something. What if one of us, let's say me, showed my face, told my name, only to find none of you knew me? How does that make my opinion "better" than someone who is anonymous? I don't think it should change a single thing, unless you just want to judge me. "
4/02/2006 11:34 PM

BOE To Adopt Budget Tuesday

BOE Regular Meeting --- Tues. 6:30PM

Exec. Session @ 5:45PM - to discuss litigation

Agenda Here

Budget Links Here

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Calling all BOE members!!
(We know many of you read this site)

Joe Moscato wrote: "I have a problem with people who use this site to spread unsubstantiated rumors and attack individuals simply because they can. Baseless inuendos and gossip do a disservice to this community."

Well Joe, no other rumor has persisted quite like the one about whether or not Board of Education President, Ken Walsh, is currently seeking employment within the Greece Central School District. The nugget of "truth" that seems to drive this one along is the fact that Mr. Walsh attempted to gain employment in GCSD in the past and failed.

Following that, he ran for BOE and won. As the President of the BOE, he is privy to much knowledge about jobs available within the district. He has a relationship with the Superintendent who may hire his/her own staff without BOE approval. He can use his position of power as President to help "guide" the rest of the school board to consensus on matters related to others' employment status, too.

Given all that has transpired in the past year, speculation about his motives has taken on a life all its own. That's where we are now. Amidst the muck of rumor, innuendo and speculation. And that's where the BOE's help comes in.

All that's required to put this issue to rest is for one or more Board Members, preferably Mr. Walsh himself, to come forward and say publicly "Ken Walsh is not currently attempting and has not attempted to gain employment in the GCSD since taking a seat on the Board of Education."

Which of you wants to go first??

If none of you respond, we'll know this "rumor" is fact ;-)