Tuesday, February 28, 2006

News just in ...


candidacy for Greece BOE

Former Greece Town Supervisor, Roger Boily and Carolyn Hauer (Eckert family member) announced their intent to seek positions on the Greece Board of Education during the May elections. Hauer, a long time schools-of-choice advocate, and Boily, a former teacher, have been the subject of much speculation concerning their run for office on a shared slate.

From the Comments: Anonymous said...
"Now that Boily and Hauer have tossed their hats into the race we have the senior citizens well represented. Again, where are the young parents? "

Monday, February 27, 2006

The tasks before us ...

Soon, we'll be selecting new BOE members and hiring a new Superintendent of Schools.

What advice do YOU have for the voters to consider about the BOE candidates they vote for? What qualities should new BOE members or the Superintendent possess? What are the specific skills needed for each position? What about personality traits? How can we be sure we are getting what we want before we hire a new schools chief? Should background checks be done? Site visits to their current school district? What should be avoided and why? Tell us what really matters about those who will fill the shoes for these positions.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Post Spurs Administrator Response Concerning "Editorial Policy"

From the comments:

"To the new Blog Moderator:

Congratulations to you for setting up this new blog site. Too bad the D&C wasn't made aware of it. In my opinion if monitored properly, this venue will give responsible community residents a forum to express their opinions in a positive, constructive way. I hope you will endeavor to keep it that way and not allow the mudslinging that is prevalent on the CAT site.

I, for one, will choose to post and read comments on this site as well as GreeceSchools,com and refrain from posting and viewing the non-factual material on that site. Good Luck! 2/26/2006 9:29 AM "

We really appreciate such welcoming posts like this! Thank you!

The D&C was informed of the creation of this BLOG via email. Perhaps it was a bit too close to the deadline for publication to be included in their story. Whatever the case, it appears we're doing quite well in our first few days here! Please feel free to tell your friends, family members, colleagues at work, other media outlets, anyone who might be interested to check us out.

The promise we make to our readers that we hope sets this site apart from the "other" BLOG is: editing can & will happen when there is solid justification for it. This means that posts that merely spew hatred directed at individuals will not be tolerated. Perhaps the name/s will be deleted from the entry (likely). Perhaps the entry itself won't be posted at all (unlikely but not impossible).

If someone submits something FACTUAL that they can back up with a source and method for seeing the information that anyone can verify (say the Town of Greece's website or the County Clerk's website with specific search terms provided), it will very likely be posted. They need to tell us how to locate that specific information in their entry. If it can be verified, it will be posted. If you're running for BOE, maybe it's time to pay those parking tickets and return your overdue books to the library ... unless you want it discussed during your campaign.

When an entry is deleted, you'll see a comment made by the BLOG administration so that you'll know something inappropriate was omitted and in what way it was offensive. This happened once already.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Featured Comments

Tell us what you think about this opinion taken from reader comments:

"Things to look for in this year's School Board election:

* Incumbents Gerry Phelan and Larry Sweet will not seek reelection.

* Incumbent Eric Peterson will seek reelection.

* The Greece Rotary will run a slate headed by Roger Boily, Carolyn Hauer and Eric Peterson or Testa.

* Look for Pat Tydings to jump in late in March as a stealth candidate as he did last year. He will align with his golfing buddy, Roger Boily, if someone stumbles."

Friday, February 24, 2006

Who's Running for Board of Education in Greece?

As March 1 looms within view, the slate of potential (rumored?) candidates for the Greece Central School District Board of Education election continues to grow. Expected contenders for the three seats include encumbent Eric Peterson and parents Christine Latus & Mona Francis. Speculation that former Greece Town Supervisor Roger Boily will run as part of a slate of three is causing quite a stir! Residents wonder why Boily would want to leave his "retirement" from local politics to jump into the frypan of BOE issues that are sizzling within the school district. Perhaps there's belief that name recognition alone will help him and any "chosen" running-mates to grab up a seat ... or three ... on the schoolboard! Maybe residents will "forget" who hired Charles Schwab, the former tax assessor for the Town of Greece who is currently undergoing FBI scrutiny for his practices in setting assessments for local companies like Kodak, IBM and RG&E. Time will tell ...

Thursday, February 23, 2006


At SCATS, we believe you should hear the WHOLE TRUTH, not just the part of the truth we decide to let you learn. When factual information available to the public through a search of public records or acquired from a Freedom of Information Law request is provided to us, we will publish it. It's that simple!

With an upcoming Board of Education election and school district budget vote on the horizon in May, we'd like to hear from the candidates too! Let us know where YOU stand on the issues. Tell us YOUR ideas on topics like: the budget; the search process to obtain a new Superintendent; GCSD lawyers & legal fees; textbooks, materials & supplies for the classrooms; lighted athletic fields; BOE ethics; conduct of District Resident's Forum ... and anything else that's on YOUR mind!