Friday, October 24, 2014

Beware Phony School Fundraiser

No mention of needing to obtain a solicitor's permit

Door-to-door hucksters purporting a book sale to benefit Greece's Holmes Road School aren't legit, police warned Thursday afternoon.
In a news release, Greece police Sgt. Jared René said the Greece Central School District has fielded numerous calls from worried residents complaining of salespeople on their stoops hawking "Around the Town" books and saying the tomes are aimed to raise funds for the neighborhood school.
"There is NO such fundraiser going on for Holmes Road School; it is a hoax to obtain money from residents under false pretenses," he wrote.
District spokeswoman Laurel Heiden said there were reports of a mother-son team visiting residences near the Holmes Road school, telling their targets they were selling coupon books and asking for a $20 payment up front.
The police department is asking anyone who's been contacted by the sellers to call 911.
It is illegal to sell items door-to-door in Greece without a solicitor's permit. Rene said this group of sellers does not have a permit. (SOURCE)
SCATS ~~ Since when did Greece school students have to get a permit to fundraise for their schools, sports programs, music and drama groups or other activities? From now on we should ask to see their permits or else not buy ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Resident Questions Library Bookstore

Asks Same Questions SCATS Asked
For years the dedicated volunteers and those of us who look for used books were in the terribly tight space just inside the entry door to the library. When the library was renovated a lovely space was created for the used book department in recognition of the revenue it brings in, for its integral part of the library and for the many citizens it serves, young and old. Now the used books enterprise will be moved and the lovely space given up for a coffee shop.

Where did this idea come from? Were there public discussions as to why and to justify costs of renovations? Was this a unilateral decision or the efforts of a committee?

I am truly disappointed with this short sighted direction.

Sue Whan

Greece Post Editorial

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leo Carroll Responds To Letter

Greece Post Letter To The Editor, Oct. 22, 2014
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Town Board Meeting Tonight, 6PM

Zoning Board Meeting Tonight, 7PM ~~ AGENDA

Friday, October 17, 2014

Town Addresses Library Concerns

In response to the October 2 Letter to the Editor regarding the Greece Library –

Contrary to what the letter states, the used bookstore is NOT being closed down, nor is it being replaced by a coffee shop. The bookstore will be moved – right next door from its current location, and plans are in place to renovate the space to keep the area updated for library patrons and those choosing to browse and purchase the used books.

The plan for a coffee shop at the Library is two-fold. As we all have realized, the library has taken on a changing look and function with the advancement of technology. While there are indeed books still available, the usage of the computers and attendance of programs is the main draw of folks utilizing the library. We see the future of the library as moving toward a community based library – where patrons/residents can come not only for information access, but also for continued learning while utilizing access of the changing technologies.

One needs only to visit a Barnes and Noble bookstore to realize the popularity of the concept of beverages and light snacks being paired with books and learning materials, and how well it fits in with a model of a community gathering and reference destination. Our interest and goal is in getting the next generation of our residents to take advantage of the library and its resources. The coffee shop fits this vision.

It is important for town residents to understand that the only required financial support required from the town toward the operating of the Library is approximately $50,000. However, because of the Towns commitment to our library and our residents that utilize it, the 2014 budget included over $3 Million in funding.

As the Town continues to look for new sources of revenue through these difficult times, the leasing of this space in the library will serve as a financial benefit as well.

Additionally, we would like to thank the Friends of the Greece Public Library; they are a very generous group of volunteers who donate their time and energy to running the used bookstore and contributing approximately $50,000 per year to enhance programs offered by the library. After meeting with their executive board, they were indeed receptive and understood that in exchange for moving just over the wall from their current location that they would continue to have a dedicated “storefront” without cost to them to operate in the library.

So in closing, we envision our residents browsing the vast bookshelves of our library and proceeding to relax with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Book clubs and other organizations will be able to hold meetings in a central location that is naturally tranquil, and this will inevitably increase traffic to the library in the long run. The future of libraries is changing, and the Town of Greece public libraries deserve to stay on pace with these advances.

Michelle Marini Deputy Supervisor Town of Greece 


SCATS ~~ So then ... methinks this sheds insight on Reilich's poor view of Greece's Library operations!
  • It is true the CURRENT bookstore will be closed and moved. Is the new space smaller?
  • WHERE ARE THE NUMBERS to support the claim that library users want computers and programs over loaned materials??
  • WHERE & WHEN was the public discussion/input on this idea?
  • Are we trying to compete with Barnes & Noble? This concept did NOT work for the library before, even though it was already working for B&N at the time. What makes it workable now?
  • WHY would the Town tell us their only "required financial support" is a mere $50,000, unless that was intended as some veiled threat to REDUCE FUTURE FUNDING??
  • Is there ANY NEARBY TOWN that is only funding its library at the required minimum?
  • How much income does the Town anticipate it will receive from leasing this space for a coffeeshop?
  • What if there are no interested parties? Is there a Plan B?
  • Who will provide security services for this operation?
  • WHERE/WHEN will sufficient added parking be provided to accommodate the teeming throngs of the groups Reilich has KICKED OUT OF TOWN HALL MEETING ROOMS?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just In Time For Halloween ...

Now he has "answers" lol

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One Home Invasion Suspect Arrested

Clarence Lambert, 22,  is charged with obstructing commerce by robbery and with possessing and brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

Lambert and a woman tried to sell a $4,800 watch at a Rochester pawnshop. 

Lambert is accused of participating in a home invasion at a house on Polo Place in Greece on October 7. According to the complaint, Lambert and others took $200,000 in cash, diamonds and watches from the house. WHEC-TV

Greece Central Slips In Rankings

Buffalo Business First has published the rankings for 67 Rochester area school districts for 2014.

Greece Central slipped down to #38.

SCATS ~~ Great news! Raises for everybody!!