Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BOE Votes NO To Reappoint Coach

By a 5 to 4 decision, they vote to NOT rehire the coach.

NO Votes         YES Votes

VanOrman           Oberg
Crandall               McCabe
Cristoffel              Melore
O'Toole               Maloney

Will A "Do Over" Matter?

Gift Idea For Greece BOE

Will The Vote On Hueber's
Appointment Be Different?

Friday, July 25, 2014


Tuesday July 29 @6:30PM 

Hueber's Atty. Jim Maslyn: "It's clear to me nobody at the meeting understood the rules. It's in everybody's best interest that (the board members) realize they made a terrible legal mistake and they (revote on) him as coach."

Maslyn questions whether it was proper for two BOE members to abstain from voting which left the opposition to rehiring Hueber in the minority.

BOE Prez. Sean McCabe claims he was "blindsided" by Julia VanOrman's request to vote on Hueber's reappointment separately.

SCATS ~~ I wonder if we could get this fellow Maslyn to monitor future BOE meetings for additional blunders, bloopers and bungles ... despite our highly paid clerk, Robert's Rules, district policy & NY State Education and other laws are routinely bastardized!

Greece Govt Employees Top Pay Charts

THE PROBLEM: From  April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014 the Town of Greece's 298 general employees had an average pay of $45,868, while the town's 98 police had an average pay of $97,716.

A SPECIFIC EXAMPLE:  The Empire Center's top 10 list of highest-paid government employees in the region includes Greece's Deputy Police Chief  Richard C. Downs at $151,703.

THE EXCUSE: "This is what I inherited." ~~ Bill Reilich, Greece Supervisor

THE IMPACT: Sky high assessments that frequently do NOT reflect current real estate sales prices.

Anonymous said...
Now I understand:

My attempt to have my property tax assessment lowered was rejeceted. 

Now I get it. The D and C today (Friday) published data showing Greece has the highest paid public workers in the area. 
Of particlual note was the pay of the Greece police. Their average annual pay is just under $98,000.
At least when I get pulled over for speeding I know I will be ticketed but a serious professional. 

So why was my attempt to have my assessment reduced rejected?? DUH!   7/25/2014 4:27 AM

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Print Media "Payback" GCSD

GCSD "Pays For" Dropping Local Press 
As "Official" District Newspapers

I saw this coming, a very predictable response to a still curious "business decision" (or was it??)  that carried a nasty financial sting to two struggling newspapers. The Greece School District dropped both the Greece Post and the Democrat & Chronicle as their "official" newspapers a number of weeks ago. That means thousands of dollars in lost business for both papers who can no longer count on the annual income provided by publishing legally required notices for school district budget votes, elections and other such business. And now, the backlash is felt. The signs are quite prominent in both media.

First, it was the D&C's turn to reveal that the carefully orchestrated ballet between the district and the media had been interrupted. I thought it a bit odd that it took them ELEVEN DAYS (purposeful foot-dragging??) to get out the story about Kirk Rd. School becoming another Rochester City Charter School. Even more strange was the fact that the reporter was left to admitting she'd been left out in the cold over the specifics of the deal: "Details of any pending lease agreements were not provided by the Greece Central School District. Minutes and agendas of Board of Education meetings posted online do not reflect any specifics of the arrangements with Renaissance." 

When I read that, I thought, "Welcome to MY world!" and laughed. But I knew it was a sign that the relationship between the district and the D&C had changed. I'd never read any such admission in my many years of district-watching.

Then yesterday, the Greece Post published an even more bizarre item: an "editorial" composed by the school district's PR person that supported the school board's decision to thumb its nose at the Supt's recommendation to retain a longtime soccer coach! 

This unusual posting brings up a number of questions. Since when do District Office staffers write editorials on behalf of the district while on the clock??  Hint: They don't! 

Are we to assume the content was merely "opinion" or are we supposed to realize this is the district's collective "position" going forward? It appears to me that the Greece Post decided to be uncooperative in getting the "message" out, leaving the District to choose between using the "editorial" route ... or getting nothing published at all.

And then there's the misleading title: "Board of Education Reaches Out To Community" ... it doesn't reflect the message contained within! But then GCSD doesn't get to choose the title on an editorial, the Greece Post does!

I've seen tiffs like this play out years ago when a former Supt. "punished" one local TV station by making them cover a meeting from the sidewalk on Maiden Ln. instead of from inside Olympia HS where their colleagues were able to get the story up close and personal. In the end, it proves what most of us knew all along: there is an attitude of "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine" between the media and those they report about. In other words, "unbiased media" is an oxymoron, something we should frequently remind ourselves when reading or watching paid media coverage.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Babs Backs BOE Vote on Coach

Fear of facing widespread community backlash at the August BOE meeting causes GCSD's top administration to make the unprecedented move of having their PR person submit an editorial "supporting" the BOE's vote on the Athena soccer coach choice.

CLICK IMAGE to enlarge. From Greece Post 07/23/14

SCATS ~~ Exactly WHO is really "reaching out to the community?" Is it the BOE? Is it Babs? Or is it Laurel Heiden? Looks to me like Laurel Heiden at the behest of Babs! She must fear what caused the demise of Steve Achramovitch who dared to oppose the district's sports supporters!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

GCSD Posts Dreaded School Supply Lists


This year, you will need a computer with internet access and the ability to access Adobe Acrobat Reader and/or Microsoft Word files to view MANY of these lists.

So much for a "free" public school education ... KA-CHING!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

What We Don't Know CAN Hurt Us

Anonymous said...

Even a broken old fashioned clock is right twice a day. Our board is broken. They have closed sessions for "real estate" when that should be open. They keep information off the agendas so we don't know the whole story. They are confused about Roberts rules in general. They don't know that a request for separation when there are sequences of resolutions does not require an "amendment" of all things. At least they may know that request doesn't require a second or that was just a fluke. They bully new members as they try to orient themselves.
The choice of this man as coach was vetted at the building and the administration level. We have shared decision making. Basically the superintendent used the counsel of the school community as she presented her list of choices. They chose to unwittingly (or not) thumb their noses at the superintendent. Apparently the main crusader to oust this man knew she had the proper number of votes going into the meeting and they only flubbed it up because she didn't get her choice of board officers and the man who did become prez wasn't aware of her plot. Hence the aura of confusion over abstentions and amendments. In the end she got her way. This was not just. But we in Greece get our just desserts for being unaware of what is going on at our very closed school board meetings.    7/18/2014 1:09 PM
SCATS said...
To 1:09PM ~~ Yup! On top of that, they either don't know or don't care to follow their own policies, State laws, District Regulations, etc.

I sum it up by calling it ARROGANCE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

Frank Oberg should be ASHAMED! He DOES know better, but has sold out to the closed, clubby and corrupt group's methods for doing business.

As a result, the next HUGE SCANDAL is just waiting around the corner!    7/18/2014 1:15 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2014

R.I.P. Steven Derooy


Churchville: Suddenly, July 15, 2014 at age 50. 

Predeceased by his father, Gerald. He is survived by his loving Mother, Gerda; brothers, Dan (Vickie), Don (Stacy), Jeff (Jennifer) DeRooy; Nieces and nephews, Brianna, Jacob, Andrew, Nicholas, Valerie, Christian, Joshua, Alana, and Emma.

Steven leaves behind countless students friends and coworkers whose lives he has touched with his dedicated, humble and generous spirit.

Family will receive friends Friday July 18th 3pm to 7pm at Greece Assembly of God, 750 Long Pond Road. Where his service will be held Saturday the 19th at 11 am. 

In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to Autism Speaks in Steven’s name.

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