Monday, September 29, 2014

Reilich Says ...

Canal Ponds ~~  100 jobs are expected with a new photovoltaic manufacturing facility and it might  generate 400 additional jobs as other companies look to take advantage of the facility's resources.
"If that develops as anticipated I think we'll see a housing boom because people need a roof over their head."
Town-wide development ~~   about two dozen sites where new business or construction is in various stages of development.
"The commercial development is, for the most part, what pays the bills. They pay town taxes yet don't draw on very little, if any, town services."
West Ridge Road remains as the main commercial corridor in the town, but Reilich expects to see more growth in the Long Pond/Latta Road area.
"We're seeing areas that have maybe been stagnant in the past, like around the old Northgate Plaza (on Dewey Avenue) with Walmart opening there a couple of years ago. Now we're seeing the businesses all in that area really perk up and come to life with the new Dairy Queen that's there and Verizon, AT&T and all the activity that's occurring in that corridor."

(Excerpted from this D&C article)

Comments & questions raised by a BLOG reader:
  • Who owns buildings at Canal Ponds?
  • Who pays taxes on Canal Ponds? Specifically what Eastman Kodak Co. building is referred to in article (street address)?  
  • Who owns building now?  (References to buildings are always by who occupies vs who owns.)
  • Who paid taxes 2013?  
  • If facility is operated by State Univ. of NY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering as part of federally-funded efforts to develop solar energy-related projects, who will pay taxes 2014, 2015 and after?

SCATS ~~ If commercial development pays the bills, why are we giving away COMIDA reductions and other tax abatements in our attempts to lure businesses? Don't these businesses make use of police, fire & other services to a greater extent than the average residence?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

VADIR* Data By School 2012-13




ATHENA ~ 273

Longridge ~ 79

English Village ~ 26

West Ridge ~ 22

Holmes Rd ~ 17

Brookside ~ 15

Lakeshore ~ 14

Paddy Hill ~ 9

Pine Brook ~ 7

Buckman Hts. ~ 7

Craig Hill ~ 4

Autumn Ln ~ 2

*Violent & Disruptive Incident Reports  (Bullying statistics can also be searched by school)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oops! I did it again ...


John Casey III, TWC News

According to a criminal complaint and other court papers filed Sept. 5 but unsealed on Tuesday, John Casey III is accused of having images of child pornography on his laptop computer and sharing them via a peer-to-peer (P2P) downloading service.
The charges stem from a two-year investigation that included federal agents downloading videos from Casey's computer and a search of Casey's home on Long Pond Road.
Casey was hired by the Greece Police Department on Feb. 7, 2011 and resigned on May 23, 2014, according to department spokesman Sgt. Jared René.
Chief Patrick Phelan said he could not provide any details of a criminal investigation being conducted by another agency. He said he was aware of the investigation when Casey resigned.
The charges are apparently not linked to Casey's employment.
According to court documents, Department of Homeland Security investigators looking into peer-to-peer file sharing programs in 2012 identified a user making available numerous files with digital fingerprints linked to child porn with an IP address that traced back to Casey. While agents downloaded a file apparently containing child pornography from that IP address at the time, no judicial action followed.
However, in March 2014, when an agent was again investigating P2P file sharing services, the agent came across a user — with an IP address that also later traced back to Casey — who had 64 porn-associated files available for download. The agent downloaded five of the video files, and determined that four of them "contained depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct."
A search warrant was executed at Casey's home on Long Pond Road on April 22 and two laptop computers were seized, according to court documents. Investigators found the same P2P downloading program that agents had used on one of the computers, and they also found digital links and other traces showing that child pornography had at one time been present on the computer.
A second computer taken from Casey's home, which investigators say had registered user information that not only linked back to Casey but also to his profession, contained "multiple images depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct," including at least one image of a female infant being violated by an adult male.
Casey was arrested on Sept. 17 in Iowa and is scheduled to appear Monday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Jonathan W. Feldman in Rochester.

SCATS ~~ How ludicrous that the head of GCSD "security" (also a former Greece cop) claims parents want a system to keep Registered Sex Offenders out of the schools, especially when this had NOT been an issue. Plus, we had another Greece cop, the K-9 handler, who picked up young men from the internet, bought them drinks (illegally) ... etc. Now, we find another cop was allowed to possess child porn for 2 YEARS without intervention!! MAYBE parents should be more worried about the cops (SRO's) IN the schools! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MCDC's New Chair: Dave Garretson

Replaces Joe Morelle;
Gantt & McFadden Walk-Out

“We are Democrats. We’re already having differences, but when we do, remember what we have in common vastly outweighs our differences.” ~ Dave Garretson


You Aren't Alone!

Many Homes Are Listed For Sale 
BENEATH Their Assessment.

Many Homes Eventually Sell For 
MUCH Below The Assessment.

Address                List Price         Assessment

149 St. Andrews St.               $122,000                             $133,400

47 Stonewall Ct.                      $89,500                             $118,000

39 Wheatfield Dr                      $112,900                           $142,000

184 Elmgrove Rd.                    $84,900                             $97,200

201 Black Walnut                    $124,000                            $131,700

195 Drumcliff Way                   $119,900                           $127,000

329 Sweet Birch Ln                $ 92,900                             $140,000

128 Stoney Path Ln.               $124,900                            $142,000

217 Andiron Ln.                       $185,900                            $215,000

278 Pepperidge Dr                  $84,900                              $100,500

80 Norway Dr.                           $183,000                            $200,000

160 Guinevere Dr.                     $115,000                           $143,000

235 Whispering Pines Cir.     $139,900                            $151,800

210 Kartes Dr.                          $120,000                             $127,000

34 E. Manitou Rd.                     $94,900                              $133,100

121 Grecian Pkwy.                   $105,000                            $119,500

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Special BOE Meeting Tuesday, 7:30PM


Veteran's Exemption Presentation
(Will shift tax burden to all other households)

BOCES2 Capital Improvement Presentation
(Vote Date 12/16/14 - Cost will add to taxes!)

Amended Employment Agreement - Deputy Supt.
(Another raise for fogging the mirror?)

District Safety Plan
(Of course, no info for what we want to hear about most!)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"You're A Hypocrite" ...

"No, You're A Hypocrite!"

Susan Galloway & Bill Reilich Exchange Words At Town Board Meeting

For full disclosure, the author of this article, Susan Galloway, was one of the litigants against the Town of Greece in the SCOTUS case, Town of Greece vs Galloway and Stephens.

On Sept. 16, 2014, at the Greece Town Board meeting citizens spoke out about the new written prayer policy. Some of the criticisms of the policy were lack of transparency, the infuence outside organization on authoring legislation and policies, the lack of notification that the policy was being voted on at the town board meeting and lack of community involvement in creating the prayer policy.

After the citizen, Susan Galloway, addresses the Town Board during the public forum part of the meeting, the Greece Supervisor, Bill Relich, makes the comments, " The hypocrisy, we won the lawsuit. We are allowing Atheists to come and pray because they want us to be tolerant, but their not tolerant of Christians, their not tolerant of others, the hypocrisy".

Here is some back ground on the issues addressed in this video. On August 18, 2014, at the Greece Town Board meeting, the board passed a written prayer policy, which had no citizen input and was almost word for word from an outside organization, Alliance Defending Freedom. This organization is a fundamental Christian Organization that's website states, "We must continue the fight for religious liberty, so that the life-changing message of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed and transform our culture. Each win for the Body of Christ is a loss for the opposition. It’s that black and white." The written prayer policy adopted by the town of Greece, NY is almost word for word the ADF's model prayer policy minus a couple of lines. ADF represented the Town of Greece in the SCOTUS case Town of Greece vs Galloway and Stephens. They have also filed lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs national and internationally against equal marriage for gays and lesbians, and women's reproductive freedom including abortion and birth control, and separation of church and state, Also, for school prayer, public education funds going to private schools and religious schools, and the ability to discriminate against LGBTQ people. This is only a sampling of lawsuits they have filed.

In the SCOTUS lawsuit, Town of Greece vs Galloway and Stephens, the litigants argued that the town of Greece violated the establishment clause of the constitution and aligned itself with Christianity with regard to their opening town board meetings with overwhelmingly Christian sectarian prayers for over 10 years. During those 10 years, only 3 token non-Christians ever gave the prayers , which coincidentally occurred at the time the lawsuit against the town was being filed. This new prayer policy will effectively make two of the three token prayer givers ineligible, despite the town holding up these tokens as examples of how open and inclusive they are during the lawsuit. The town of Greece did win the lawsuit in a 5 to 4 decision. Which Supervisor Relich states during his comments after Susan Galloway spoke.